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Current Events 02-23-2018

The Problem Isn’t Guns I Bought A Military Rifle At Age Nine. That Was Normal, And There Were No Mass Shootings The Problem Is Our Dysfunctional Culture The Mass Shootings Aren’t About Guns, They’re About Our Culture Anti-Gun Hysteria Is a Smokescreen to Deflect Blame From the Massive Failure of Government The Government Repeatedly Failed To Stop […]

Current Events 02-22-2018

End of an Era The Billy Graham I knew Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Communists Classify Anything They Hate As “Mental Illness”. They Think We Need Re-Education. Christians Should be Alarmed by ABC’s Anti-Christian Rhetoric The NRA Is Harmless. Fascism Is Not. Why do we hate the NRA? We Have Rights. Inalienable Rights. Those Include Gun […]

Current Events 02-20-2018

They Have Long Since Ceased Being an American Political Party Time to Rebrand the Democratic Party as Socialists State’s Rights – Still the Best Defense Against Abuse of Federal Power Immigration, Internet,…: The Left’s Warped, Ridiculously Fake Federalism Only Black People MSM Cares About Are Ones That Might Vote Democrat Why Don’t We Care About the Slaughter of […]

Current Events 02-16-2018

It’s really sad that I can step away from the news for a week to work on a ridiculously tedious and time-consuming project, come back a week later, and nothing has really changed. Trump is still “bad”. Christians are still hated by the Left. The MSM is still yammering on about Fake News stories THEY […]

Current Events 02-05-2018

Of Course They Do, Almost As Much As They Hate Us The Liberals and Their Conservative Chump Pals Hate Democracy It’s a Fight We Must Win The FISA Memo is Just the Beginning of Fighting the Swamp

Current Events 02-04-2018

Multiculturalism is a Lie – All Cultures Are NOT Equal Immigration Lies And Hypocrisy Dems Don’t Really Want Amnesty – They Want Chain Migration, Unending The Practical Side Of A Reasonable Compromise Patriotism Is Not Divisive. And That Right There Shows How UnAmerican Dems Truly Are. Democratic Leaders, Why Do You Find Patriotism Divisive? Tip of the Iceberg A […]

Current Events 02-03-2018

This Narcissist, This Self-Absorbed, Utterly Corrupt Terrible President Has Defiled Our Government House Intel Memo Shows Just How Politicized The Obama Administration Had Become And now, these Obama-era embeds are working to overturn an American Presidential election. They all need to be jailed for treason and sedition. Indeed Thank God That Trump Won None Dare Call It […]

Current Events 02-02-2018

Inferior Thinking Produces Inferior Cultures – Poverty Starts in the Mind Why Trump Pooh-Poohed “Sh*thole” Countries (Part 2) Silent Coup How the Establishment Undermines American Democracy Real Americans won’t accept rule by a foreign power, which is what the Deep State is. Since they are clearly committed to overturning the 2016 election by any means necessary, and […]

Current Events 01-30-2018

When Everything is Racist, Nothing Is Everything Is Racist — DACA Deal Edition Racist Democrats Nancy Pelosi: Racist-in-Chief; House Dem Leader follows in party’s tradition of judging by skin color. Any Republican That Votes to Oppose Limiting Abortion is No Republican (Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski) America Remains One Of Just Seven Countries With Abortion On Demand […]

Current Events 01-29-2018

Us vs Them Real Americans vs. Our Effete Elites They have formed a shadow monarchy with all of us regarded as peasants. This article is worth re-reading from time to time: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly. These People Are Involved in a Coup With Our Elected President – We Must Fight Back, And Fight Harder Shoving […]