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Current Events 12-11-2017

It Was Principles, Not the Abandoning of Them, That Made Me Vote Trump Republican Trump Critics Missing the Boat So spare me your sanctimonious condescension. I am actually quite intelligent, and made an informed, intelligent, strategic decision in 2016 that has thus far paid off in spades. One has to, on the contrary, question the intelligence […]

Current Events 12-06-2017

Sometimes I get bored of the news. It all gets to be so very repetitive. Anyway, this is the space where I post things of interest to myself, and I guess I finally read some stuff worth commenting on after two weeks. If You Can Force a Christian Business to Violate Its Beliefs, It Renders […]

Current Events 11-11-2017

We Have to Take Our Stand Now, Or Surrender Our Republic The First 3 Phases Of The Downward Slope From Freedom To Communism; Communism first requires a vigorous program of preparing people to absorb its rhetoric, through laying groundwork in education, propaganda, and agitation. Babies and Bathwater America Is Full Of Deviants. Maybe We Really Shouldn’t […]

Current Events 11-09-2017

Why Does Taxation Have to Be Hard? Tax Code, Like Mad Dog 20/20, Induces Unusual Behavior His Name Was Seth Rich Does Donna Brazile Know Who Killed Seth Rich? Hope she’s feeling okay, doesn’t shoot herself several times in a fit of despair. CRISPR For the Win The future is here: Genetically engineered stem cells save a […]

Current Events 11-07-2017

Businesses Must Be Allowed to Fail, Or Succeed, Without Tax Subsidies The All-Electric Car Fairy Tale Electric Cars Are Yet Another Obama-Era Government Boondoggle – They Are Unsustainable Ban Gas-Powered Cars? California Is Thinking About It Facts Matter Bushwhacking History; Lying about history is one of the Left’s crudest weapons. The Left Hates Christians; This Latest Shooting […]

Current Events 11-06-2017

67 Words That Changed the World A Century Since the Balfour Declaration The Left Is In Open War With Christians – It’s Time We Defend Ourselves It’s Past Time for An Armed and Trained Congregant at Every U.S. House of Worship The ChiComs Don’t Play Here’s What Happens If You Disrespect The Anthem In Communist China […]

Current Events 11-02-2017

Mengele Would Be Proud Eugenics 2.0: We’re at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos by Health, Height, and More Because Eugenics 1.0 worked so well. I mean, why tolerate the drama of gas chambers when you can engage in invisible genocide in the womb? Yep Christianity Is Just A Better Religion Than Islam You Know, I’m Starting to […]

Current Events 10-31-2017

Women Have No Use For Pajama Boys ‘Checking Your Male Privilege’ Is Hollow Virtue Signaling. To Help Women, We Need More So-Called ‘Toxic Masculinity.’ No, don’t cower from your maleness, embrace it if you actually care about women. If They Had Anything, They’d Be Indicting For It NO CHARGES OF TRUMP COLLUSION: Here’s What You Need […]

Current Events 10-30-2017

The Reckoning is Coming It’s Not Too Much To Ask That Our GOP Hacks Show Some Loyalty To Their Voters Pussies GOP Would Rather Lose than Fight What A Despicable Human Being JFK Files: Documents Show Democrat President Lyndon Johnson Was KKK Member One of many reasons, for me, they will always be #RacistDemocrats.

Current Events 10-27-2017

That’s the M.O. For Fascists Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee Sure Hope The Guy Doesn’t Become Despondent, Throw Himself Down an Elevator Shaft Onto a Bunch of Bullets Obama Admin Told FBI Informant His ‘Liberty Was in Jeopardy’ If He Didn’t Drop Case Against Govt There Is Only The Effort to Purge the Party […]