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Current Events 08-21-2017

I Believe You Would Be Hard Pressed to Find Anybody in America That Doesn’t Have Both Slaves and Slave Holders in Their Family Tree Kindly Reminder: Barack Obama’s Family Owned Slaves #RacistDemocrats Take The Left’s Race Card, And Shove It In Their Faces Leftism = Fascism Trump is the real Antifa Hypocrites These Big Name Tech Companies Shout […]

Current Events 08-18-2017

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, MR. DONALD J. TRUMP: Greetings to you, sir. I know you are very busy, so I will come right to the point. Charlottesville. There has been a storm of Fake News lately in an attempt to paint all of President Trump’s supporters as “alt-right”, racist, […]

Current Events 08-17-2017

Out of Many, One E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One – A Love Letter to This Nation and to Old Glory Give Peace a Chance Chaos in Charlottesville: No One Gave Peace a Chance, Including the Police I Will Not Stand By While The Mob Proceeds to Destroy My Nation, Remove A Lawfully Elected President for […]

Current Events 08-16-2017

Why Do Democrats Continue to Support Racism and the Extermination of Blacks in America? Planned Parenthood founded on racism, belief in protecting society against ‘the unfit’ The Left and the ACLU, Champions of Nazis Skokie and Charlottesville: Compare and Contrast Nazi marches Apparently It’s Okay to Be Violent, Racist Thugs As Long As You’re Not White Where Is […]

Current Events 08-15-2017

Same Song, Different Verse Democrat Party Has Not Changed in 150 Years – Nothing Has Changed Except the Hood Hypocrisy From a Morally Bankrupt Left That Does Not Believe in Moral Absolutes Hypocrisy at Charlottesville; So is violence from the left acceptable? It’s Not About the Klan. It’s About Allowing the Left to Decide What is […]

Current Events 08-14-2017

We Can’t Suppress So-Called “Hate Speech” Without Threatening All Other Speech It’s 1984 At Google; Almost as troubling as the left’s policing is its apparent obliviousness toward its own hypocrisy and the danger it poses to the liberal exchange of ideas. Mission Accomplished Trump is filling the courts! He Fights Why Believers Support Trump All This #FakeOutrage Over […]

Current Events 08-12-2017

Boys and Girls Are Different Google it: men and women are different, and that’s okay Google Stopped Being a Tech Company When It Became a SJW Thinktank James Damore Confronts The Nagging Harridans of High-Tech (& Loses) Sorry Progressives: America Isn’t Buying It Anymore Intolerance? Just google Google! Pain Management Shouldn’t Have to Result in Addiction These New […]

Current Events 08-11-2017

The Tech Industry Has to Be Brought to Heel Tech is at war with the world The Populism That Elected Trump Will Turn Against the Gated Cities of the Coasts Next Big Tech’s arrogance is creating a new appetite for trust-busting. Google Exists Because of the First Amendment, and They Are Now the Enemy of Free Speech Google […]

Current Events 08-09-2017

Groupthink Will Tolerate No Dissent The Evangelists of Tolerance Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy James Damore’s Only Crime is Wrongthink “Google Rushed To Fire Damore So Fast, They Didn’t Stop To Think How Full Of S**t They Are” Google Thinks It Can Engineer Better People – It’s Soft Despotism Could This Man Work At Google? Of Course They Do […]

Current Events 08-03-2017

Cultural Suicide America Abandons Marriage at its Own Peril Repeal and Replace the GOP Oops, Republicans Did It Again; The GOP predictably fails to deliver on their small government rhetoric. Tearing Down the Bureaucracy Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears