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Current Events 01-26-2018

I found much that was interesting to me today, so today’s list will be a bit long, contra-normal. I Am Tired of Being Lectured on the Quality or Veracity of My Faith Because I Voted Trump Why evangelicals stand by Trump: Those calling out the hypocrisy of Christian conservatives ignore the scars of recent history […]

Current Events 01-25-2018

He Could End This Right Now What Trump Can and Must Do About Mueller We Must De-militarize Our Law Enforcement Henrico incident shows militarized police events are now routine How Many Geniuses Have Been Murdered Since Roe v. Wade? Abortion Almost Deprived The World Of Andrea Bocelli Sane Immigration Policy White House To Reveal Its Own DACA Bill […]

Current Events 01-24-2018

It’s Pretty Basic, Really – America First Here’s A Crazy Theory: Maybe Americans Just Want A Rational Immigration Policy; Voters have nuanced views on immigration. The shutdown is proof. End the Invasion Thoughts for Opening a Serious DACA Discussion; We need to go back to the future when immigration was done the right way. We […]

Current Events 01-23-2018

There Were Lots of Females, But No Ladies, at the Women’s March The Vile, Awful Women’s March Is A Symptom Of The Spiritual Disease That Infects Our Culture No. We Do Not Have to Agree With Or Support Your Vile Choices. The Right Prescription; Trump Moves to Defend Religious Rights of Doctors It’s Hard To […]

Current Events 01-20-2018

Too Much of America Looks 3rd World Of Pothole Countries And The Sh**hole, That Ill-Begotten Epithet It’s Been a Good Year President Trump’s First Year In Office Has Been A Blessing For The American People; Whether on the economic, military, regulatory, or judicial fronts, President Trump has made major progress for all Americans Identity Politics is […]

Current Events 01-17-2018

The Sexual Revolution Was a Lie. It Hasn’t Liberated Anyone, Only Degraded and Ruined. You Feel Violated After Casual Sex Because You Degraded Yourself. Not Because It Was Rape. The Age of Elitist Rule of America Is Finished Trump to PC: “No More!”; However crudely, the president explodes shibboleths. The Judiciary Was Never Meant to Make […]

Current Events 01-16-2018

It Is Not Racist to Point Out Where Numerous Countries Have Failed, Desire To Keep America From Following Suit The Unpleasant Truth About Africa And Haiti Trumps Liberal Lies And Hypocrisy Propping up dictators with billions of dollars of foreign aid is not working, is making the problems in these countries worse, and prevents real change […]

Current Events 01-15-2018

With One Question, Which Was Misquoted, Trump Shined a Laser Right on the Real Issue Borders aren’t racist, and some countries are sh—holes The globalist lie of worker’s paradises and noble bone-crushing poverty have been advocated by the Left for 50 years. The truth is, we don’t owe the world anything. If these nations are poor, […]

Current Events 01-12-2018

We Don’t Want America to Become One Too Importing The S***hole; A quote attributed to President Trump horrifies our snowflake intellectuals, but accurately reflects the sentiments of much of America. This is another red herring. It ducks the real issue – the Left want to import the 3rd world to the 1st world so the […]

Current Events 01-10-2018

By All Means, Party of “Science” #Oprah2020 Remember, Oprah Winfrey Is Our Premier National Snake Oil Salesman; Oprah Winfrey is responsible for promoting a whole variety of quack medical nostrums and launching the careers of questionable experts. Of Course #MeToo Is a War On Men Too Close for Comfort; Tenuous accusations of sexual harassment against […]