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Current Events 04-29-2017

#Groupthink is the Enemy of Liberty Sean Hannity: ‘Media facism’ is coming after you next Liberals are only feeling burned because up until now, they were never called on their fascism. Now they are. When they hit with their hate, hit back harder with truth! Never go along to get along! This Revolution Will Take Time. […]

Current Events 04-19-2017

They Wish There is no real evidence that Trump voters are turning on Trump Still Don’t Know Why They Lost Democrats begin to wonder: When do we win? We Don’t Need Syrian Refugees – We Need To End the War So Syrians Can Go Home How the U.S. Can End the Syrian Civil War Teachers Unions Are Hindering […]

Current Events 04-10-2017

Nobody Has a Right to Live Here Except Citizens Sanctuary Cities and States Have Seceded from the Union Local Wildlife Said to be “Jittery” Pepsi mops up ‘unusual’ Mountain Dew spill Self Surveillance We Need More Alternatives to Facebook

Current Events 04-01-2017

All news today guaranteed real. Although, with most mainstream news, how could you tell? 😉 Sheesh. Talk About SAD. Seattle has had almost no sunny days since October They Don’t Make Terrorists Like They Used To That Time I Hung Out With Carlos The Jackal — Wearing My Yarmulke So Cool The decade-long, $6M effort to put […]

Current Events 03-07-2017

Energy Independence – the Key to Economic Growth America’s Path to Greatness: Border Adjust Oil The Russian Hacking Narrative is a Joke Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”; Another Snowden Emerges

Current Events 03-02-2017

It’s All Fun And Games Until the Zombies Come Hackers take over Randolph County radio station’s alert system, send out messages about fake zombie attack Witches Be Crazy The Powers of Hell Take On Trump

Current Events 02-17-2017

Well, Then. Good Thing We Elected A Guy Who Has Rebuilding American Infrastructure As Part of His Platform. Nearly 56,000 bridges called structurally deficient The Failing New York Times Bogus Times scoops on Trump, Russia are recycled propaganda I’ve Got My Six That I’m Developing The student Left’s culture of intolerance is creating a new generation of conservatives […]