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Current Events 10-26-2017

None Dare Call It Treason Why doesn’t Hillary’s ‘dossier’ trick count as treason? The Sexual Revolution Caused This How Our Pornified Culture Produces Harvey Weinsteins I was nearly 13 years old. I had received a once-in-in-a-lifetime opportunity by way of the U.S. Navy’s Tiger program to accompany my Navy father for a week at sea on the […]

Current Events 10-22-2017

A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath Black Man Gets Past Nazi’s Hate With Unusual Step: He Hugs Him The Hobbits Are Getting Organized What Steve Bannon’s Up To: Hobbit Midterms Trump Country is the Best Place to Live Living in Trump Country, USA We Shouldn’t Need the Supreme Court to Weigh In – We Already Have a First […]

Current Events 10-19-2017

If You Can Find a Way to Make #MeToo Be About Justice For Victims, Not Be a Crusade Against Men, Then Go For It – But I Doubt It Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon You can’t trust the #AltLeft. Not ever. They claim to have solutions to problems they created, but what they do in an […]

Current Events 10-16-2017

I Just Love How the #AltLeft Projects Their Failures On Us Is Harvey Weinstein a cultural pivot point? If there is legitimate abuse going on, then obviously these “people” need to be dealt with in the harshest possible terms. However, and this is critical, at the same time we cannot allow this to become some kind […]

Current Events 10-13-2017

If All Dissent Is Suppressed, You Don’t Have a ‘Consensus’ Don’t Call Climate Skeptics ‘Deniers,’ Call Us ‘Correct’; If it’s totalitarian and unresearched, it’s not a consensus. Believe The Victim, Unless the Rapist is Powerful and Connected to the Political Class Rose McGowan says Weinstein ‘raped me’; Harvey denies #AltLeft IS Rape Culture The Perverted Left: #RAPECULTURE, […]

Current Events 10-12-2017

The Status Quo Will No Longer Go Unchallenged America Divided: It Starts With the Democratic Party This Is OUR Country – We’re Taking It Back The GOP Becomes the Party of the Little Guy Our Reasons For Voting Trump Are Much Larger Than Trump Message v. Messenger: The Trump Enigma We Don’t Have to Put Up With Their […]

Current Events 10-10-2017

The Truth Is Hollywood Is Full of Sexual Predators and Deviants – And These People Are Protected The Real War on Women How dare they lecture the rest of the nation on anything? Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, are all perversion. They’re wrong, and Hollywood glorifies them. Any attempt to speak truth, to truly love and protect women, […]

Current Events 10-09-2017

They Only Care People Believe They Care If Democrats Really Cared False Flag Operation? The Possible Las Vegas Motive That Only Mark Steyn Is Talking About Fine. But Don’t Ever Think You Pervs Can Harass a Christian Baker or Shop Owner Ever Again. A Lesson In Free-Market Economics: Gay Shop Owner Kicks Christians Out Of His Business Because […]

Current Events 10-06-2017

The Problem Is Sin, And a Society That Permits and Encourages Perversion The Dead Soul of Stephen Paddock Pesky Constitution Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Rights You Know Who Else Wanted Gun Control? The Jim Crow South. So, Normal Behavior For RacistDemocrats. How the Second Amendment Helped Civil Rights Activists Resist Jim […]

Current Events 10-04-2017

Too Many People Have Been Conditioned to Ignore Facts, Make Emotional Decisions I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise. Don’t See Jimmy Kimmel Crying About THAT GUN CONTROL? The Las Vegas Death Toll Happens Every MONTH In Chicago