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Current Events 09-14-2017

Hurricanes Are Caused By Weather The Climate Alarmists Are Wrong; Two big storms don’t mean much. RacistDemocrats Can’t Win Without Cheating Why Democrats fear voter fraud investigations; Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity leaves the left in a panic The Left Has Consumed the Democrat Party – Liberals Need Not Apply Leftism Is Not Liberalism; […]

Current Events 09-13-2017

The #AltLeft ARE Nazis, and They Will NOT BE MOCKED Stephen Colbert and Me; CNN, CBS, and the liberal media double-standard for mocking Nazis. #RacistDemocrats and Progressives Have Always Been The Enemies of Liberty Two Presidents Named ‘Johnson’ Tried To Stop Civil Rights In America What Was Seized In the Name of “National Defense” Must Be […]

Current Events 09-12-2017

GDP. It’s All About the Benjamins, Baby. The Trump boom arrives; The president has shifted the economy and wealth creation into a faster gear There Were Three Great Leftist Movements of the 20th Century: Communism, Fascism, and American Progressivism. Communism Was By Far the Bloodiest. A century of ghastly Communist sadism Fakebook Why Nobody Can Trust Facebook

Project Post-Apocalypse

One of my husbandly duties is watching shows my wife likes (she watches buttloads of stuff I like). So, for nearly our entire married life, I have been watching Project Runway. Usually on Sunday nights after church (I long ago stopped watching live TV). Being the male that I am, I find myself constructing scenarios […]

Current Events 09-08-2017

Want to End Prejudice? Jobs. People Need Better Jobs. Markets, Not Government, Improve Race Relations Hurricanes Are Caused By Weather Hurricanes, Climate Models, and Wild Guesses National Voter ID Would Prevent Democrat Cheating 5,300 Fraudulent Votes May Have Been Cast In NH In 2016

Current Events 09-05-2017

Illegal Immigration is Illegal For a Reason – It Siphons Resources Away From an Already Weak Economy Arguments For DACA Put Americans Last Corporations want access to cheap foreign labor whom are slaves in all but name. They have no rights. No legal standing. Business can grossly underpay them. They aren’t required to pay them benefits. […]

Current Events 09-01-2017

Fascinating The Opening Lines of Romeo and Juliet Recited in the Original Accent of Shakespeare’s Time The #Techopoly Represents a Clear and Present Danger to American Liberty Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them. #AltLeft Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis We Must Oppose All Attempt From the #AltLeft […]

Current Events 08-30-2017

White People Aren’t Racist ‘White Supremacy’ Everywhere! A Challenge to ‘Anti-Racists’ What’s racist is the very notion of “race”. It’s an old idea, created to justify slavery. The Bible teaches we’re all one blood. That’s the only acceptable definition of “race”. #RacistDemocrats – The Party of Hate Hateful Democrats Had Their Klu Klux Klan (KKK) – Now […]

Current Events 08-26-2017

Stay on Target, Mr. President Mr. Trump is on the right track. Keep Chasing Those Laser Pointers, #FakeNews Trump is winning the statue war No Brakes on This Train 2018 Will Be A Bloodbath – For Democrats When Will We Be Tearing Down Statues to Nazi-Lovers? What about monuments that honor Nazi-lovers? These People, These #AltLeft Bigots, Are Exactly […]

Current Events 08-25-2017

Ultimately, We Have to Vote the Bums Out Take It to the People, Mr. President Antifa is the Militant Wing of the #AltLeft Antifa is the new KKK Black Lives DON’T Matter to Liberals Baltimore’s Leaders Admit They Know How To Reduce Murder Rate, But REFUSE To Do It Mystery Solved Confederate sub’s weapon killed its own crew, researchers […]