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Current Events 10-02-2017

The Left Hates You, and They’ll Destroy You If They Can The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly. Don’t Tolerate the Lies Everything (That’s Not Sexism) Is Racism Welcome to Hell If You Fell Asleep in 1961 and Woke Up Today The Only Racists Are the Ones Who Hate America Unfair Charges of Systemic Racism Get On Both Knees, […]

Current Events 09-30-2017

Pornography is a Drug – Hefner and Flynt Were Drug Czars Hugh Hefner and Leftist Hypocrisy It’s a drug business that makes women and children into product, and hooks countless millions of men. Support porn? You are supporting human trafficking, terrorism, rape, and pedophilia. Greatest of All Misogynists Hugh Hefner was the ultimate enemy of women […]

Current Events 09-29-2017

Electing Trump Was the Opening Salvo in a Revolution The Establishment GOP’s Meaningless Majority The GOP Is Ours Now Vexing Question for the GOP: Whose Party Is This? 2018 Is Coming – Better Update Your Resumés The Never-Trump Triumvirate; What do Rand Paul, Susan Collins and John McCain have in common? Very little. Slavery Did Not Do This […]

Current Events 09-28-2017

Cash Strapped Municipalities Create Laws That Fleece the Poor, and Make Them Criminals and Debtors in the Process Too Broke to Drive; States have trapped millions of Americans in crippling debt by taking away their driver’s licenses. Can the damage be undone? Worse still, the automotive and oil industries have been allowed to create and […]

Current Events 09-27-2017

This is Bigger Than the NFL – It’s the Opening Salvo in Trump’s War Against the Leftist Media and Its Anti-American Propaganda Trump’s Unintended Consequences: The Turn of the Culture Wars Trump-Pence 2020: They’re Doing the Work For Him Calling Trump’s remarks on NFL anthem protesters racist is what drives people to him Tell Us Again How […]

Current Events 09-25-2017

The RacistDemocrats Cannot Abide Runway Slaves ‘Uncle Tom’ Is More Destructive Than the ‘N-word’ Socialism Is a Failed Ideology Greedy Capitalists Didn’t Rape Venezuela, Greedy Socialists Did We Don’t Have to Tolerate the Attack On American Civilization the Left Represents Conservative, Inc., Is Being Replaced By Us Militant Normals If the Middle Class Falls, The Oligarchs Will […]

Current Events 09-23-2017

There Was a Definite Conspiracy Trump is Right: 65 MSM Reporters Met With or Coordinated with Hillary Camp – 91% of Media Reports Trashed Him This Election Wasn’t Only About Defeating the RacistDemocrats – It Was About Defeating the Deep State, and the GOPe America’s First Post-Partisan President Won’t Be Our Last It Might, If the Deep […]

Current Events 09-20-2017

Can’t Trust a Romney Night of the Living Mitt — Wasinger: Trump Movement Should Make Romney Senate Defeat ‘Top Priority’ Imagine That Don’t look now, but Donald Trump’s strategy is beating ISIS in Syria Happy Birthday, CIA Happy Birthday CIA: 7 Truly Terrible Things the Agency Has Done in 70 Years

Current Events 09-19-2017

The People Who Ban White Supremacists Today Will Wield the Same Power Against You Tomorrow Free Speech Social Network ‘Gab’ Threatened with Termination from Domain Provider Do We Really Want to be Peasants on Google/Facebook’s Plantation? Are Facebook and Google the New Colonial Powers? Black Lives Matter are #AltLeft Brownshirts As St. Louis Erupts, Democrats Own It RacistDemocrats […]

Current Events 09-18-2017

Environmentalism (Communism) Is Destroying Our National Parks and Forests Biggest Threat to the Environment Are Environmentalists Go Ahead. Boot Trump Off Twitter. See What Happens. Without Donald Trump, Twitter Would Be Nearly Worthless You Don’t Really Appreciate How Remote Some Places Can Be Until You’ve Been to Barrow In Alaska’s Far-Flung Villages, Happiness Is a Cake Mix The […]