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Current Events 01-05-2012

  End of the year news is so tedious. Hence the long delay. Also Skyrim.   Starting to Wonder If This Is NOT Just a Tinfoil-Hat-Conspiracy-Theory New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows   Of Course It’s Fake. One of the Worst Hoaxes of Recent Memory, Except Maybe for Evolution Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!   […]

Current Events 12-15-2011

  Among the Many Other Ways Hollywood Offends FIVE-O CREW DISGRACEFUL TO WWII PEARL HARBOR SURVIVORS   ‘News’ In America Is Just Thinly Veiled Propaganda Not All ‘Protesters’ Created Equal   Flaming Hypocrites Sony, Universal, Fox, Google employees caught pirating TV, movies, music   By the by, enabling encryption and using peer blocking will eliminate […]

Current Events 12-13-2011

  That’s Good, I Guess Newt takes no-adultery pledge   It’s not that I approve of Newt’s infidelity. I do not. However, he says he has repented of it. Rush has been married thrice, and folks still listen to him. He, Newt, is without a doubt a flawed man. However, and here’s the thing, he […]

Current Events 12-12-2011

  Wow. Is There Nothing Coke and Mentos Can’t Do? Junk Food-Powered Car Sets New Record   Psssttt… It’s Because There IS No Difference. Porn = Rape Can You Tell The Difference Between A Men’s Magazine And A Rapist?   Imagine That. Nuke Plant Helps the Environment. Croc Boom At Turkey Point Boosts Species   […]

Current Events 12-09-2011

  That. Is Nasty. Fecal Transplants: They Work, the Regulations Don’t   Cows With Shuriken Cowboys round up ‘ninja cow’   That Bhumibol Adulyadej Is Really The Son of a Motherless Goat American gets 2 1/2 years in prison for defaming Thai king    

Current Events 12-07-2011

  Behold the Mighty Potato! How the Potato Changed the World   Yeah. That’s Hilarious. (Sick) White House–Laughingly–Declines to Comment on Senate Vote to Repeal Military’s Ban on Sodomy and Bestiality   Meanwhile, Facist Obamerica Intends to Export Their Evil to the 3rd World, Whether They Want It Or Not Obama Seeks Protection for Homosexuals […]

Current Events 12-06-2011

  Indeed Steve Wozniak: Android Is A Failure Just Like How The Apple III, LISA And Macintosh Were   It’s Still a Brilliant Idea. We Need to Find a Way to Help The Poor Have Things Wealthier Nations Take For Granted. The Trouble With India’s People Car    

Current Events 12-03-2011

  Matthew 5:40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have [thy] cloke also. A Victim Treats His Mugger Right   Freedom of Information, Because Google Isn’t Free YaCy: It’s About Freedom, Not Beating Google    

Current Events 12-02-2011

  Well, Obviously, We Have… A Gorilla, Dumping Sand in Lincoln Park Person in gorilla suit dumps sand in Little Caesars and runs away … numerous times   You Do Not Talk About Fight Club, and You Do Not Mess With Coke A Frosty Reception for Coca-Cola's White Christmas Cans   TSA, Making the World […]