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Current Events 09-26-2011

What’s Really Eerie is the Realization That I Am The Last Generation That Experientially Knows What the Phrases “Dialing a Phone”, “Winding a Watch”, “Taping a Show”, “Rewind, Fast Forward” Actually Mean. Cartooning vs. Technology: How Steve Jobs Ruined Comics   This Has Nothing To Do With Not Offending Other Religions – It’s Just Hatred […]

Current Events 09-25-2011

Barbaric, But Not Surprising From An Already Barbaric Country With Mandatory Abortion The Soup That Is Killing the Ocean Parasites Study: patent trolls have cost innovators half a trillion dollars Did We Not Say That Once ‘Gay’ Marriage Was Forced Upon the Voting Public, That Stuff Like This Would Follow? Kody Brown, His ‘Sister Wives,’ […]

Current Events 09-08-2011

Unlike the President, Big Oil Actually Creates Jobs Big Oil: To create jobs, let us drill more Being an Adult Harry Potter Fan Just Makes You Creepy The Top 10 Geek Axioms I Concur Rush Limbaugh predicts: Marco Rubio will be president Sounds A Bit Like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion The Dominionist […]

Current Events 08-30-2011

Cows With Guns  Freedom For Yvonne, Germany's Runaway Cow: Search Is Called Off Welcome to the Club  Generation of homeowners stuck in first houses It's Only a Model  King Arthur's round table may have been found by archaeologists in Scotland The Matrix Has You  IBM Builds Biggest Data Drive Ever

Current Events 08-16-2011

And the War on Meat, and the War on Sugar, and the War on Fat, and all the Other Stupid Vegan Nonsense Let’s Put a Stop to the War on Salt Hero Among Heroes World War II veteran who survived Bataan Death March, built legacy of hope dies in Ill. at 105 Nothing Beats Spock […]

Current Events 08-11-2011

Pfftttt…. Stupid Nazis Trojan horse t-shirts trick neo-Nazis WELL!!?? Lovely Future We’re Making For Ourselves. Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters Pucker Factor: 37 Moment collapsing glacier nearly swept away tourist boat Silly Elder Scrolls vs. Minecraft dev: “scrolls” is our word ‘C’ is For Communist […]

Current Events 08-02-2011

Preparing For the Zombie Holocaust Internet Archivist Seeks 1 of Every Book Ever Written Also, Don’t Wear Dresses Made of Meat (Although, This Could Fix Other Problems) How to avoid being eaten by lions The MAN Meet Comex, The 19-Year-Old iPhone Uber-Hacker Who Keeps Outsmarting Apple Ha Ha Ha HA Ha! Woodpecker-Saving Daughter Costs Mom […]

Current Events 08-01-2011

That You, Coop? Is the mystery of DB Cooper about to be solved? FBI reveals it has new suspect 40 years after America’s most elusive fugitive parachuted from a hijacked plane I Have No Problem With People Who Excercise Their Liberty of Conscience to Not Believe – It’s the Fundies That Are the Problem… Stop […]

Current Events 07-29-2011

It’s All Microsoft’s Fault (Makes As Much Sense As Efforts to Characterize the Nutbar as a “Right-Wing, Christian” Idealogue) Oslo Killer Was a Microsoft Word Fanatic What They Needed Was a Giant Poster of Rita Hayworth Vigilant prison staff foil inmates’ jailbreak plot It’s Exactly What Happened to Me (Oh Yes, I Wants One of […]