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Current Events 03-14-2011

Unbelieveable. Pray for Japan.  This Is the Scariest First-Person Video of the Japan Tsunami Yet That's Some Brazen Thievery, That Is  Malaysians make off with all — including house You Know, There's Tall Trees and Lengths of Rope Which Would Be Effective In Wiping the Smirk Off That Scumbag Face of Yours  Woman Charged With […]

Current Events 03-03-2011

Google Goes Medieval High tech gadgets used to trigger medieval weapon Can We Just Call This A Border War And Treat It As Such? America's Third War: Texas Farmers Under Attack at the Border Maybe We Should Make This An ACTUAL War on Drugs One U.S-Mexico Border Town Had More Civilian Casualties Last Year Than All Afghanistan What […]

Current Events 03-02-2011

Somebody Call Nicholas Cage – Cracked Mayan Code May Pave Way to Lost Gold I For One Welcome Our New Robot Hummingbird Overlords – DARPA's Robot Hummingbird Takes War on Nectar to a New Level

Problem Solved

As you can see, I solved my "blog on the front page" problem. Think I'll go to bed now. Anna's in some kind of labor, but whether or not it makes it through the night remains to be seen. I'm praying she has the baby soon, for her sake. At any rate, we get to […]


Welcome to the new Hucksworld! I decided it was high time to convert to Joomla, and start blogging with WordPress. There are still some kinks to work out, but the bulk of the site is working. If there’s anything weird, let me know. Anyway, enjoy!