Current Events 04-01-2017

All news today guaranteed real. Although, with most mainstream news, how could you tell? 😉

Sheesh. Talk About SAD. Seattle has had almost no sunny days since October

They Don’t Make Terrorists Like They Used To That Time I Hung Out With Carlos The Jackal — Wearing My Yarmulke

So Cool The decade-long, $6M effort to put a 74-year-old WWII boat back to water

Elites Are Cavalier About the Policies They Support Because They NEVER FEEL THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEM The Disproportionate Impact of Overregulation on Blue-Collar Jobs

Current Events 02-17-2017

Well, Then. Good Thing We Elected A Guy Who Has Rebuilding American Infrastructure As Part of His Platform. Nearly 56,000 bridges called structurally deficient

The Failing New York Times Bogus Times scoops on Trump, Russia are recycled propaganda

I’ve Got My Six That I’m Developing The student Left’s culture of intolerance is creating a new generation of conservatives

Lying Liars The Left’s Once Mighty Echo Chamber Is Losing Power

Pimp Smacked Presidential press conferences will never be the same again.

Fire and Prosecute the Lot of Them Will the former CIA director be hoist by his own petard?

Current Events 02-13-2017

Not Bad For “Primitive” Peoples Not Supposed to Have Metal Tools Very old, charming – er – thing goes on display in Athens

You Really Have to Know Where Your Putter Is Golfer uses putter to fight gator at Magnolia Landing

Malaria Must Be Eradicated We now know why mosquitoes find malaria victims so tasty

The Left and Media Elites, Faithfully Campaigning for Trump 2020 Trump, the Perpetual Underdog

Current Events 02-10-2017

So School Choice, Then DeVos Opponents Think About Homeschooling Instead. Good for Them!; The system was developed by people attempting to get away from government control.

Dem Mismanagement is the Cause For a Great Many Problems Charter Schools Not To Blame For Detroit Public School Woes

Judicial Has Been the Means of Advancing the Liberal Agenda For Far Too Long Trump Must Break Judicial Power

Break It Up! Republicans create bill to fracture the “nutty” 9th Circuit Court

Dems Are the Real Racists Ted Cruz Is Right about the Democrats and Racism

PC Thought Police Are the Real Fascists You’ve Heard People Compare Trump to Hitler. So We Asked a Woman Who Was Born in Nazi Germany…

Current Events 02-08-2017

Government Has No Right To Force Parents To Send Their Kids To Failed Government Schools Was Buffalo mom jailed over homeschooling decision?

Government Will Not Tolerate Any Effort By Citizens To Avoid Entrapment and Prosecution Your Government at Work: Trying to Prosecute Restaurateur for Tweeting Photo of Underage Kids Who Tried to Buy Beer

#FakeNews 16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won; Journalists, media types, reporters, you have two choices: you can fix these problems, or you can watch your profession go down in flames.

Current Events 02-07-2017

Yet Another Enduring Legacy of Our Second Worst President Why Do We Have a Department of Education? Jimmy Carter’s Debt to a Teachers Union.

Hoping Some Nut Will Kill The President While Maintaining Plausible Deniability The Left Whips Up a Climate of Violence — the Prime Target Is Donald Trump

Lincoln would have thrown the lot of them in jail for fomenting insurrection.

The Elites Like Their Peasants Dumb – Easier to Control Stupid People What Ever Happened to Common Sense?

The Supreme Court Are Not Demagogues – Finally A President Who Gets That Pure Bunk: Trump Is Merely the Latest President to Challenge a Judge

Current Events 02-06-2017

Don’t Own People Flight attendant saves passenger from human trafficking

This is what pornography and the Sexual Revolution has wrought. Women and children are things to be bought and sold for sexual pleasure.

This Train Has No Brakes Trump’s Political Blitzkrieg

The Times They Are a Changin’ What Roe v. Wade May Bring

This is the Liberal Death Cult The Spiritual Deadness of the Left

Current Events 02-01-2017


That’s Efficient Newborn shares birthday with both mom and dad

And the Only Correct Response Is to Push Them to the Fringes And Never Allow Then Access to Power Again Democrats are becoming the party of secession

As Opposed to Our ACTUALLY Anti-Semitic Former President Left Still Trying to Paint Trump as Anti-Semitic

In Other Words, No More Fooling Around Trump Means the End of Liberal Small-Ball Governance

Everything’s Better With Monkeys That time a monkey flew to the edge of space and then smashed into a destroyer