Current Events 07-07-2017

There’s Reasons These Work So Well Church, Family, Millennials, and the Success Sequence

Let God be true, and every man a liar.

Nationalism Is By No Means a Bad Thing When That Nation is Great President Trump’s Remarkable Warsaw Speech

Having Lived in a 3rd World Country, I Can Say With Authority – You Don’t Want to Go There The Deconstruction of Western Values

What Marxists Cannot See is That When America is Great, Her Allies Prosper Also I Owe Trump An Apology

The Death Knell of Legacy Media #CNNBlackMail Sweeps the Internet

The Ministry of Truth From Joe the Plumber to HanA**holeSolo – 6 Times the MSM Destroyed Private Citizens

Honestly, This Should Have Happened After They Defended Clinton the Rapist CNN’s Ratings Collapse As Primetime Shows Draw Less Viewers Than Re-Runs Of “Yogi Bear”

Don’t Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good The Ongoing Frustration of Trump’s Conservative Critics

#FakeScience Leading Climate Scientist Says Debating Scientific Theories Would Be ‘Un-American’

Current Events 07-06-2017

The End of Legacy Media CNN Self Immolates: Deleted Tweets, Airport Shunning, Oh – And They Got The Wrong Guy

It’s about time. We have lived under the shadow of the corporate media monopoly for too long.

The Meme Maker’s Only Crime Was Thinking Wrong What CNN’s Threat To Dox A Redditor Tells Us About The State Of Journalism; Inducing some random meme-making troll to grovel and apologize for his wrongthink isn’t journalism.

The idea that the Left, the MSM, liberal Academia are the sole arbiters of truth and reality is being openly challenged. Trump’s election was the opening salvo in a counter-revolution that will have repercussions for decades to come. We have to keep pushing. The elitists won’t give up without a fight.

Thought Police Here’s How Anti-Conservative Academic Discrimination Works

The closing of the American mind.

The White House is For ALL Americans, Not Just the Less Than 1% of the Population Who Want Legalized Perversion Trump Gives The White House A New Look For Independence Day

All Class Donald Trump’s Salary to Help Restore Antietam National Battlefield

Current Events 07-04-2017

Happy Birthday, America!

Like Cats With Laser Pointers Trump’s Tweets Are Using the Media’s Own Alarmism Against Them and Why He Can’t Lose…

Just Desserts Just How Badly Is CNN Collapsing? Look At These Stunning Numbers.

The Truth Hurts Progressive Journalists Are Outraged At The NRA For Pointing Out Leftist Violence

It’s a War We Have to Win A War On Globalism

Current Events 07-03-2017

The Cake is a Lie The Abject Failure of the Left’s Sexual Revolution

The Sexual Revolution is a lie, like so many that came out of the 70s. I never bought it. So I opted out, and was excoriated for it. I persevered, and I am reaping the benefits of a happy, peaceful, satisfying, intimate married relationship with a woman. As God intended.

Sex Was Meant to Be a Gift, Not a Prison Sentence That Stains the Soul Dad Meets the Sexual Revolution; A politically incorrect Father’s Day guide to sex, masculinity and daughters.

“For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication: That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour; Not in the lust of concupiscence, even as the Gentiles which know not God: That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in any matter: because that the Lord is the avenger of all such, as we also have forewarned you and testified. For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness. He therefore that despiseth, despiseth not man, but God, who hath also given unto us his holy Spirit.” 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8

What Did You Expect, Stupid Liberals? Trump the Junkyard Dog: Poke Him and Expect to Be Bitten

The MSM, the Left, Hollywood, et al, behave like spoiled children that expect to be able to act in any selfish way they please. Trump just slapped their hand and told them no. And they reacted like spoiled children.


Double, Triple, Even Quintuple Standards Are the Heart And Soul of the Looney Left New York Times Condemns Trump’s CNN-WWE Tweet — But Sponsored Play Depicting His ‘Assassination’

Trump’s Behavior Only SEEMS Unusual Compared to the Recent Behavior of Spineless RINOs The Most Abused President in History

That About Sums it Up Trump To Media: I’m President, You’re Not

Meanwhile in D.C. Could Trump Really Be Draining the Swamp? The water appears to be receding at key Beltway bureaucracies.

Current Events 07-01-2017

It’s Their Religion, and They Kill Heretics If You’re Conservative, Here’s Why Elite Liberals Hate Your Guts

Expose the Lies Democrats and Republicans Are Not Morally Equivalent

Progressives Aren’t Interested in Co-existence, But Dominance Christian Cakeshop Owner Threatened By Gay-Rights Activists

We Fight Back – Libs Don’t Have Guns Anyway Genius of Trump and the NRA

Here Come the Chickens Trump’s Election Integrity Team Requests Voter Data From Every State

Fun While It Lasted The Life, Death, and Legacy of iPhone Jailbreaking

I Am Enjoying Having a President Who Doesn’t Tolerate Fools Keep Tweeting, Mr. President

They All Need to Be Sued New York Times: Turns Out ‘17 Intelligence Agencies’ Was Fake News

Current Events 06-30-2017

That’s Sarah HUCKABEE Sanders Sarah H. Sanders Takes No Crap From Virtue Signaling WH Press Corps

Lies and Lying Liars Tuning Out the Fake News Media

The Whupped Dog Always Hollers States Resist Handing Over Voter Information To Trump’s Election Commission

1st Amendment Primarily Protects RELIGIOUS Freedom, Not the Perversion of Perverts Masterpiece Cakeshop Is Fighting for the First Amendment, Not Against Gay Marriage

Guarantee He Voted Trump, and This Would Be Why A Blue-Collar, Middle-Class Truck Driver’s Rant On America’s Health Care Mess

You Know, I Don’t Believe I’ve Ever Had a 218 Day Vacation Congress Useless? Maybe Lawmakers Shouldn’t Take 218 Days Off.

America For Americans The End of Embracing America?

BWA HA HA Mad genius of Trump drives schoolmarms of political press crazy

And yet, there’s no shame when they call for his wife to be raped, or his assassination, or mock his 11 year old son. Was it Un-Presidential when Bill Clinton the Rapist molested an intern in the Oval Office? Was it Un-Presidential when LBJ pulled his willy wag out of his pants and waved it at White House visitors? Was it Un-Presidential when JFK had multiple affairs with various women? Was it Un-Presidential when FDR and the FLOTUS both had separate affairs with different people, and then FDR had his wife’s lover killed? These miserable liars and corporate shills are finally getting called on the carpet for their evil behavior, and now the mean girls are complaining because the President is guilty of hitting back for a change!? Gimme’ a break!

Current Events 06-29-2017

Anti-Christian Bigots Tebow Fed to the RiverDogs

Close-Minded Bigots Science Finally Realizes Atheists Are More Close-Minded Than The Religious

If It Was Any Other Religious Monument, It Would Be a Hate Crime Hate Crime! Vile Thug Destroys Ten Commandments Monument

Worst Thing That Can Happen To a City is to be Run By Democrats Democrat Party More Destructive to Economy and Culture Than Modern Chinese Communist Party

Keep the Lawsuits Coming – There Must Be Consequences When Journalists Lie The REAL Reason CNN Retracted Russia Story Comes Out — And It’s Not CNN’s ‘Journalistic Standards’

Whatever Happened to Private Property? Endangered Species Act Doesn’t Save Species; But it does imperil property.

Current Events 06-28-2017

Beware Your Sin Will Find You Out CNN Journalists Resign: Latest Example of Media Recklessness on the Russia Threat

When news becomes a means of profit, when corporations package news as product, it ceases to be journalism and becomes propaganda. The Fake News industry must be made to own this. Our liberty hinges on destroying them, and the Dems, who are merely their policy makers.

Vindication Investigations into election collusion are just a hit job

There MUST Be Consequences When Journalists Lie Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamation

First Amendment – There’s a Reason It Comes FIRST Trinity Lutheran Confirms Religious Americans Aren’t Banished From Public Life

People’s Republic of Kalifornia California’s Economic Suicide

California is a banana republic, and Illinois is Venezuela.

Yay! Maybe Traveling to the Eastern Hemisphere Won’t Have to Take 20 Hours NASA gives OK for design of super-quiet supersonic experimental airplane

Current Events 06-27-2017

Something Has to Give Or It Will Result in Civil War America Is On Its Way To Divorce Court

And The Left Is Taking Us There The Left Has Embraced Hate Speech — but Won’t Admit It

Because Now Biological Parentage Is No Longer the Purpose of BIRTH Certificates SCIENCE! Supreme Court Rules That States MUST Include Same-Sex Couples On Birth Certificates

Two females, two males, cannot be parents. It’s basic human biology.

Nuke the Site From Orbit. It’s The Only Way to be Sure. A terrifying threat from Tropical Storm Cindy: Floating masses of deadly fire ants

Current Events 06-26-2017

Keep ‘Em Coming. It’s Almost Like Having An Accessible Citizen President Again (Like in the Olden Days). The Genius of Trump’s Tweets

Maybe CA Should Have Thought Of That Before Becoming Dependent on Slave Labor Labor Shortage Leaves $13 Million in Crops to Rot in Fields; More Mexican Immigrants are Leaving the U.S. Than Arriving

Drain the Swamp The American Presidency in Paralysis

Progressives Are a Cult of Molech Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Religious Impulse