Current Events 03-26-2012


Racism is Automatically Assuming if a White Guy Shoots a Black Guy, It Must Be Racism (It’s Rodney King All Over Again) What if Trayvon Had Been White, and the Shooter Black?


What’s really sickening is how race hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson, and our current Kenyan “President” are exploiting the young man’s death for political purposes. Democrats are all about creating inequality and keeping groups of people angry at each other so they can pretend to care about their problems and extract their votes during election cycles.


Rodents of Unusual Size? I Don’t Think They Exis… RAAAHHHHH! The Giant Nine-Pound Rats Are Coming


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid: It’s McDonald’s Hot Coffee in the Lap All Over Again 83-Year Old Suing Apple After Walking into Glass Doors at Retail Store


One wonders, if it wasn’t a wealthy company, would lawsuit have ensued?


Because Virtue Isn’t Profitable Sadly, Tim Tebow’s class act may not play in NFL




Current Events 03-23-2012


The Crazy Cold War Starfish and Apollo (1962)


First Stop After the Zombies Take Over When Fighting Pirates, It’s Best to Store Your Guns in Floating Armories


Calling Us Names Doesn’t Change the Facts: a Sitting President May Not Be Constitutionally Qualified, and Used Fraud to Hide It Birthermania!





Current Events 03-20-2012


MotB Will Happen, Not Because Of Any Supernatural Coercion, But Simply Because of Fear and Convenience (The Demonic Element is Just Extra Gravy) Sweden moving towards cashless economy


We Have the Technology… Woman considers hand removal for bionic replacement



Current Events 03-19-2012


Well-Intentioned, But, As Usual, Pointless. Westerners Just Don’t Get Africa, Or Much Of Anything Outside Their Cultural Bubbles. Acholi Street. Stop #Kony2012. Invisible Children’s campaign of infamy


Hawkeye Needs to Learn How to Shoot The Avengers: Hawkeye, World’s Worst Archer?


Wow. A Liberal Lying Outright to Damage a Successful American Company. I’m Shocked. ‘This American Life’ Retracts Show on Foxconn Working Conditions over Fabricated Claims


Duh. He Probably Hired Him. Or At Least the Assassins Who ACTUALLY Took the Shot. Fidel Castro ‘knew Lee Harvey Oswald would assassinate John F Kennedy’


Finally. Lazy Hypocrites. The FAA May Soon Allow Electronic Device Use During Takeoff


I Hate Hollywood Nazis Heil Hollywood: The Los Angeles bunker from which Hitler planned to run Nazi empire after the war


It’s Not That Women Can’t Fight. It’s Just That They Are Badly Outclassed When Put Up Against Men. Denied combat roles, Army women battle men in cage fighting


These stupid liberals and feminists are living in a fantasy world. It’s not fair to the women who would be harmed by their idiotic politics to allow women to be made into pawns for their agendas (much like is happening with trying to allow gays in the military). There are many combat roles in which women excel. Pilots. Snipers. Intelligence gathering and analysis. However, they can never be put into a position where they might have to go toe-to-toe with a male combatant, or be captured (and then rape-tortured to death). It would reduce the combat effectiveness of the men who would go to irrational lengths to protect them. The men who go into the combat theater must be absolutely focused on the task at hand, namely, killing enough of the enemy to make their government decide they don’t wish to fight us anymore. It’s telling that, for all their zeal and skill and just general all-around badassery, these women were still ultimately defeated. It’s not worth the risk just to satisfy a lot of wicked politics.


Obama. Bankrolled By Hippie Terrorists. What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama



Current Events 03-13-2012


1st Rule of Zombieland: Cardio Zombies, Run! Turns Your Exercise Routine into a Game of Survival


Now Let’s Not Forget the National Endowment for the “Arts” Conservatives Introduce Plan to Balance Budget in 5 Years–Eliminate Education, Energy, Housing, Commerce Depts.


It’s the Party of Misogynists (and Racists) The Real War on Women



Current Events 03-08-2012


No Surprise There Faith-based films made more money in 2011 than their left-leaning counterparts, report says


Yet Another Destructive Relic Left Over From WW2 (ahem… Income Tax) Heart Attacks Rise Following Daylight Saving Time


Truth is the Enemy of the Wicked Fluke and Liberals’ Bodyguard of Lies



Current Events 03-07-2012


Racism Is Racism No Matter the Quantity of Melanin Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack a Victim of His School’s Racist Teaching?


It is irrelevant what may have happened to your ancestors. There is no excuse for racism today. Black Liberation Theology is just the black version of the Christian Identity movement (basically the religious wing of the Ku Klux Klan, and no, they’re not Christians). My parents pulled me out of a mostly black school when I was a kid, and for similar reasons. It’s time we stopped giving a free pass to racist blacks in America. If they teach hate, if they act on it, they need to get the same treatment as any other racist fringe group.


Not A Daycare Built That Can Hold Me Toddler escapes from nursery by scaling 7ft spiked fence



Current Events 03-06-2012


Calling Us Names Doesn’t Change the Fact That There Are Serious Problems With B.O.’s Eligibility Sheriff Arpaio’s Posse Surprise and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Exposes Forgery Of Obama’s Selective Service Registration


FOLLOWUP: Time for New Look at 2008 Obama Passport Breach


Not that it matters. In our democratic system, rule of law just doesn’t apply to Democrats.


Truth. Not Just a Clever Name. Article Advocating ‘After-Birth Abortion’ Mugs Liberals with Reality


Slutty Slut Sandra Fluke Could Have Her Birth Control Pills For $9 At Target, If She And Her Ilk Shopped at Target $9: Price for a Month’s Supply of Birth Control Pills at Target 3 Miles from Georgetown Law


Or she could just stop committing fornication, then she wouldn’t need anything.


It’s No Fluke, Sandra (the Slut) Has Ulterior Motives Sandra Fluke, Gender Reassignment, and Health Insurance


Now That’s a Museum I’d Love to Visit Documentary filmmakers try to get government funding for ‘Museum of Government Waste’


DC Is Against More Than Just Marriage These Days. I Think It’s Heterosexuality In General They Can’t Stand. Dear DC Comics: Why Do You Keep Fridging Me?



Current Events 03-02-2012


Texas Has a Navy. YEEEHAW!! Texas’s New Weapon Against Cartels: Armored Gunboats


DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!! Auto-Correct Mishap Shuts Down Two Schools


Grievously Tragic ‘My Friend Dahmer’ looks at serial killer as a troubled high school student


His friends saw the darkness in Dahmer, and did nothing. How many damaged kids are out there right now, pretending to be normal, covering private demons, suffering in silence? We never seem to take action as a society until the dark deeds are done. How many serial killers could have been saved if the warning signs were recognized when they were young? It’s heartbreaking. Dahmer did what he did, but the real villains, or perhaps it would be better to say, the first villains, were the abusive adults in his life who set him on the path that led to madness, cannibalism, and death.


So Long, Andrew. Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart dies in LA