Current Events 10-29-2014

SWEET!! Check Out Marvel’s Next 9 Movies, Including Black Panther and More Avengers

Marvel keeps printing its own money. Coolness.

We Need to End the “War” on Drugs and Commence the (Second) War on Slavery Stop Selling Women: Backpage.Com Getting Away With Sex-Trafficking

To my mind, slavers need to die. All of them. Also not addressed – our hedonistic culture that makes sex trafficking profitable. We need to go after the Johns.

Democracy – Still the Opiate of the Masses The War On Libertarians And Independents

Seriously, let’s stop pretending that our Democratic process is in any way about choice. The choices are already made before it ever reaches the ballot, whereupon we are given the illusion of being allowed to choose our leadership. The fix is in.

Homofascim Must Stop – Religious Folks are Entitled to Their Beliefs Black Pastor on Gay Mayor’s Attack on Christian Pastors: ‘Truly the Next Civil Rights Movement’

It’s a 1st Amendment thing, you see.


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