Current Events 11-05-2014

Goody. A Republican Majority. This Only Represents a Shift in Power, NOT Philosophy. Say Hello to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: The GOP Has Won Control of the Senate

The Republicans are just as into Big Government as the Dems – the only difference is WHAT they choose to spend the money on. Usually foreign wars (benefits the Defense industry) and the “War” on Drugs (benefits Law Enforcement).

Two Years is a Long Time. Executive Order Can Do a Lot of Damage in Two Years. America faces most dangerous two years in 150 years

Two Party Dictatorship As Usual, Tonight’s Winner—and Loser!—Is ‘Partyism’

The two party system provides the illusion of choice. It perpetuates the power of the elite, while keeping the peons in line by letting them occasionally feel involved in the political process. In any election, your choices are always ‘A’ or ‘B’. If you vote for any other choice, you are sapping votes from the competing party and deliver the election to the opposition. Campaign teams know this and exploit it. So there really IS no choice.

The Republican party doesn’t really represent the interests of anybody but the Republican party.

Ebola, Like AIDS, is a Poverty Disease, and the Poverty is Caused By Corruption African Scientist: African Corruption Made Ebola Worse

Africa has vast natural resources, which are largely untapped because most of her countries are technologically backwards and pre-industrial. Those resources are squandered, and, more often than not, are simply sold off to the highest foreign bidder, usually the Chinese, and the money lines the pockets of Africa’s many kleptocrats. These foreign parasites feed on the African continent along with her native corrupt politicians, while its people get nothing. Africa should be among the richest, most developed continents in the world, but its piss poor leadership guarantees that its people will continue to be denied even the most basic advancements, education, and comforts routinely enjoyed in the West.


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