Current Events 01-26-2015

Clearly These Pampered First World Idiots Have Never Lived In A Country Stricken By Malaria Millions Of GMO Insects Could Be Released In Florida Keys

Finally a cure for mosquitoes that doesn’t require pesticides which, although they are effective, are banned (by other first world idiots). All I want to know is, when are they bringing this to Sub-Saharan Africa? I say let Florida stew in its diseases. Serves ‘em right. We have third world countries right now in desperate need of a better way to kill mosquitoes, and with it, debilitating disease killing their children.

I’m For That Anonymous calls for activists to help expose international paedophile networks with ‘Operation DeathEaters’

The world is filled with powerful perverts who believe they are above all Law. The international slave trade is real and unaffected by Emancipation Proclamations and 13th Amendments. It makes my Abolitionist blood boil. We can’t pretend it doesn’t exist and hope it goes away. Start with the powerful and the privileged, nail their hides to the nearest convenient wall, and eliminate the market.


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