Civil War

1) The willful destruction of the black family, particularly in what are, let’s face it, ghettos created by government. 2) The election of a Marxist radical who happens to be black, and who has only made things worse not better. 3) The militarization of the police following 9/11. 

Put it all together, and you get a devil’s brew that will result in civil war if things don’t change. More and more, people are getting the feeling that government doesn’t answer to them anymore. Taxation without representation started this whole deal way back, as you might recall. People are going to form up along tribal lines, and next thing you know, we have ourselves a race war.

As per usual, the government isn’t particularly interested in doing anything to solve these problems. They only care about how they can exploit the situation to their best advantage. I am forced to wonder if this isn’t being blown out of proportion by the President/Commissar in order to justify the nationalization of law enforcement. Then our transformation to a police state will be complete.

For those of you who don’t read or study history, Welcome to the 1970’s!


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