Current Events 07-13-2015

If Nothing Else, He Is Forcing the Others to Go On Record With What They ACTUALLY Believe About Illegal Immigration Buchanan: Trump ‘Riding’ ‘Tremendous’ Immigration Issue Making Other GOPers Look Like ‘Wimps’

I personally hope Ted Cruz or Scott Walker secures the nomination, but it doesn’t really matter, because a President is only one part of the Executive Branch. Don’t forget, much of a President’s power is in their ability to appoint people to various offices. Can you imagine if Ben Carson got to be Surgeon General? Trump could be put in a position to affect immigration reform. Not everybody gets to be President, but the President can cherry-pick the best people to fill these still very influential positions and GET STUFF DONE.

And This Is Why We Have Conspiracy Theories, Because Government Keeps CONSPIRING!! ‘One of the largest human experiments in history’ was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco


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