Current Events 07-29-2015

Despicable Cecil the lion’s killer revealed as American dentist

Ignorant, overprivileged dumbass American. It is wrong to kill an animal that is no threat to you or yours, and which you do not need for food. These countries are poor, and depend on tourist dollars to provide much-needed stimulus to their economies. Cecil was extremely popular because he seemed to enjoy the attention of tourists and liked being photographed. This dentist came to Zimbabwe needlessly, lured the animal off its game preserve, shot it with a crossbow, and then tracked it for 40 hours before finally putting it out of its misery with a gun. They removed the tracking collar, then beheaded and skinned it and left the carcass to rot. He knew what he was doing was wrong. It was a bad kill, and illegally done. He needs to be horsewhipped.


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