Current Events 10-10-2016

Pot Meet Kettle America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump

What Trump said was foolish. Not something I would ever say or participate in saying. I’ve been around plenty of guys who do this kind of thing, and it’s just a lot of alpha male bragging about sexual exploits that probably didn’t happen in reality. What Bill Clinton did was disgusting and vile, and the media and the Democrat party covered for him and then lectured us about how a President’s “private life” doesn’t matter. They have ZERO moral authority here. This is fake outrage and hypocritical moralizing from a nation that doesn’t bat an eye at the butchery of the unborn and the sale of their corpses.

This Is Not a Man – It’s a Movement The little people have had enough – not just here, but in America too

Trump supporters aren’t only voting for Trump – they are voting for what he represents.


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