Current Events 07-06-2017

The End of Legacy Media CNN Self Immolates: Deleted Tweets, Airport Shunning, Oh – And They Got The Wrong Guy

It’s about time. We have lived under the shadow of the corporate media monopoly for too long.

The Meme Maker’s Only Crime Was Thinking Wrong What CNN’s Threat To Dox A Redditor Tells Us About The State Of Journalism; Inducing some random meme-making troll to grovel and apologize for his wrongthink isn’t journalism.

The idea that the Left, the MSM, liberal Academia are the sole arbiters of truth and reality is being openly challenged. Trump’s election was the opening salvo in a counter-revolution that will have repercussions for decades to come. We have to keep pushing. The elitists won’t give up without a fight.

Thought Police Here’s How Anti-Conservative Academic Discrimination Works

The closing of the American mind.

The White House is For ALL Americans, Not Just the Less Than 1% of the Population Who Want Legalized Perversion Trump Gives The White House A New Look For Independence Day

All Class Donald Trump’s Salary to Help Restore Antietam National Battlefield


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