Current Events 05-04-2018

I’ve Said It Before And I Will Keep Saying It – Trump Had To Win Yes, 2016 Was the Flight 93 Election; Would Donald Trump be a better president if he were more like the righteous David French?

The Left had to be stopped. They clearly thought they had the election in the bag, that the stars were properly aligned, and this was the election where they would win the culture war once and for all. They were poised to do all the terrible things that conspiracy nuts have tried to warn us about. Religious freedom? Gone. Middle America? Destroyed. Open borders? You betcha. Our transformation into a Socialist State would have been complete. We weren’t supposed to win. This explains the ever increasing stridency and insanity we are seeing from the Left, and the ongoing coup being waged against the President by the Deep State. The truth is this: this is who these Fascists really are. Their masks have been torn off, and the monsters are revealed for what they were all along.

The Left Won’t Go Down Without a Fight It’s Time For The Right To Realize The Left Is A Much Greater Threat Than Trumpism; Ideas and persuasion alone are as insufficient to stem the tide of illiberalism sweeping across the country as a few liquor raids were to bringing down Al Capone.

These people are dangerous. Never Trumpers are to my mind like Tories during the Revolution. You may not like Donald Trump, but you must support his agenda. We have too much to lose for your, frankly, elitist attitudes and traitorous behavior. Get on the train, or get out of the way and let the adults work.

Be Meek and Mild – See If There’s Any America Left For You to Live In Christians’ Munich Moment in California

We have to fight. Now’s not the time to be sanctimonious and naive.

It’s Time to Call Bigotry Bigotry Bias against conservatives works like any other prejudice

Take the word Christian, or white out of a statement, replace it with “black” or “woman”. If it sounds bigoted, it’s because it is.

Don’t Let Them Gaslight You Upstream From Culture

You are not wrong to find gay “sex” revolting. It IS perversion. You are not wrong to want to protect traditional marriage, as it is the bedrock of Western Civilization. The end game of the Homfascist Left has always been the abolition of Christianity, and Freedom of Speech and Religion. They have no interest in peaceful coexistence. If they can’t convert you to their godless religion, then they will destroy you.

Academia Is An Ideological Iron Curtain – Conservatives Need Not Apply How Politically Biased Are Universities? New Study Finds It’s Far Worse Than Anybody Thought.


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