Current Events 06-12-2020

Always Follow the Money Donations to Black Lives Matter Go to ‘ActBlue’ – The Activist Arm of the Democrat Party

BLM is a Marxist Terrorist Organization Funded Mostly By George Soros The Complex Funding and Ideology of Black Lives Matter

Democrats Are the Real White Supremacists Black Lives Matter is just another part of the left’s BIG LIE

We Are Witnessing the Rise of a New Maoism A Warning, From A Friend On Facebook

French Revolution Part Two: Electric Boogaloo The Jacobins of Our Time; In essence, this is what we’re seeing in the streets today: people who see things in black and white—not just in a racial sense—and who are certain of their own purity, certain that whatever gods may be are smiling on their works.

This Is All Part of a Strategy to Destroy America Devolution to Revolution: An Already Demoralized U.S. is Now Being Destabilized

It Is the Death of Free Thought The Revolution is Eating its Own

Surrender Monkeys Appease the Mob, Destroy the Nation “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” —Winston Churchill

A Great American Will Churchill’s Statue Be Next to Fall?

Lies On Top of Lies Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative

No One Is Willing to Address the Real Problems To Truly Reduce Racial Disparities, We Must Acknowledge Black Fathers Matter; The only institution to which today’s black children are routinely denied is marriage. Their plight won’t improve until they receive equal access.


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