Current Events 07-07-2020

The Democrats tore our country in two and caused a war in which 600,000 Americans died. And they will do it again, if we let them. These people hate our country, and they hate us because we love America and refuse to believe their lies. I don’t think we can co-exist. We cannot remain a nation divided.

How DARE You Sir! Don Lemon Tells Terry Crews That Black Lives Matter Does Not Actually Mean Black Lives Matter…and He’s Right

I happen to think that all black live matter, not just the politically useful ones.

Nobody on the Left actually wants to SOLVE any of the problems in the black community – poverty, high crime, illiteracy, fatherlessness. These are problems they themselves created. A subservient, demoralized, uneducated black community serves their interests very well. And they won’t allow anybody to try to actually do anything, either. Anybody tries to step up and help these communities rise out of poverty, they get called racist and shut down – “white savior”. 

So Black Lives Matter, Inc. is really just a Democrat slush fund used to elect more Democrats, and hand out bricks and Molotovs to “peaceful protestors.” And black people remain poor, uneducated, and herded into Democrat run ghettos full of violent criminals.

Mask Nazis Go Home America Should Shed the Mask of Zero

Killers and Thugs and Terrorists BLM’s Intentions Sound All Too Familiar

Look at Black Lives Matter, Inc. Get a good look. They are Marxist terrorists. When you blandly post that BLM propaganda or hashtag, you are supporting a Marxist terrorist organization that has killed Americans, and will kill many more should they ever get real power in this country.

1860 Liberals Will Come For You Sooner Than You Think


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