Current Events 09-10-2020

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist Terrorist Organization and a Democrat Slush Fund Who Is the BLM Global Network Foundation?

Indoctrinating the Next Generation of Marxist Radicals Critical Race Theory Starting in Kindergarten Will Shred Our Social Fabric—and It’s Already Here

BLM Is Racist No, Trump Does Not Campaign on Racial Division
Rather, he opposes the racism of “anti-racism.”

Once Again, I Am Ahead of the Curve The Woke Mob Declares Hawaiian Shirts a Symbol of ‘White Nationalism’

Yep. Atheists Are Satanists. Religious Liberty Has Nothing To Do With The Satanic Temple’s Campaign To Tear Down Pro-Life Laws
The group’s legal efforts show its contempt for religion by advancing causes intended to shrink First Amendment freedoms that protect everyone.

Good. That’s What Those Fat THOTS Get Biden Supporters Indicted for Robbery and Assault After Mugging a 7-Year-Old of His MAGA Hat

Which Do You Prefer? It’s Not About Trump vs. Biden; It’s about Civilization vs. Anarchy

They Will Try, and They Will Fail Expect Democrat Shenanigans, But Don’t Panic

The most they can do is delay the inevitable and drive even more voters to the Republican camp.

Because That’s Where all the Trump Voters Are, And We Must Be Punished Biden-Harris Would Loot the Midwest


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