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You Are Here

“You can’t normalize fornication. It’s a slippery slope!”“You can’t normalize divorce. It’s a slippery slope!”“You can’t normalize wife swapping. It’s a slippery slope!”“You can’t normalize orgies. It’s a slippery slope!”“You can’t normalize homosexuality. It’s a slippery slope!”“You can’t normalize gay marriage. It’s a slippery slope!”“You can’t normalize transgenderism. It’s a slippery slope!”“You can’t normalize pedophilia. […]

The Fascists Want Us Dead

Because of course they do. We stand diametrically opposed to all their godless, heathen, Communist fantasies. We know that should their delusions become reality, re-education camps, gulags, even genocide are not out of the realm of possibility. There can be no compromise when “our democracy” is everything the Dems want, nothing we want, because everything […]

We Are Not Terrorists

Terrorism is when an enemy of the State uses violence to intimidate the civil population of a nation in an attempt to force a political reaction. So by that definition, and given the violence of 2020 cheered on and condoned by the Left, BLM and ANTIFA are terrorist organizations. And the Left are Communists and […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! “A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous. The LORD knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever. They shall not be ashamed in the evil […]

Media Terrorism

People are capable of all sorts of terrible acts. It makes no difference normally what they look like. Evil proceeds from the heart after all. That said, it is relevant when a career criminal, a black supremacist, who very publicly declares his hatred for white people, commits an act of mass murder against a crowd […]

No Changes Needed

I don’t think Kyle Rittenhouse should have to change his name. He’s not the one who sucks. But, if he opts to do this, here are some options: Chadwick DeadshotDuke MacCreadySirius ShooterMack Johnson and of course, El Diablo…

Self-Defense is Not a Crime

Kyle Rittenhouse was meant to be a human sacrifice. They were going to destroy him utterly, send him to jail where he would almost certainly be murdered, destroy his whole family and bring them all to ruin. The goal was to send a warning to every freedom loving patriot in America – don’t you dare […]

Speech Intended to Create Hate

Unless you are a full bore, [insert group] hating bigot, and your heart is full of hate for some group of people solely because of unchanging, inborn genetic distinctives, or cultural distinctives, then there is no excuse for people calling you racist, or white supremacist, or homophobe, or misogynist, or any of the names that […]

I Support Freedom

Full disclosure. I got the vaccine. Voluntarily. I don’t buy the conspiracy theories at all. I did my diligence, saw it (mRNA tech) was revolutionary. So I got the vaxx. I have had COVID twice and recovered. I did not wish to get it a third time. I had the notion that it would give […]

Not Much to Report

Other than, all the news is fake. As is the President and Vice President. As is our system of government. As is the concept of freedom. Just trying to make some money on the market and trying to ride out the world’s descent into fascism. That’s about it.