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Joe Rogan posted this to his Instagram recently. “FREEDOM It’s the most important thing we have. It’s what makes this place special. It’s rare, and it’s fragile. Protect it at all costs.” This is why I oppose masking, and vaccine mandates, and controlling what businesses can be open or closed, or deciding churches are non-essential, […]

Current Events 08-13-2021

You’re Not Crazy. You’re Going Sane in a Crazy World. “That’s Not Happening and It’s Good That It Is” You can compromise with people who are basically the same as you, but differ in one or more points. You can disagree with people who are agreeable, and suffer no harm. These people on the Left […]

Current Events 08-10-2021

Masks/Lockdowns Are About Control – Always Have Been How Sweden Triumphed over COVID None of this was necessary. Democrats cannot win elections when the economy is good. They cannot win elections when voting is transparent and fair. They cannot win elections unless people are poor and scared. China Virus accomplished all three goals for them […]

Current Events 08-09-2021

The Triple Branch, Checks and Balanced, Constitutional Government You Believed In is a Lie The Fourth Branch of United States Government No More It’s Not Just About The Masks; We have not just lost our minds, but given them up voluntarily. Masking has never been about public health. The endgame was always more government control. And […]

Masks Don’t Work

Masks are good against blood, and mucus, and bacteria, and other things bigger than the pores in the mask. For the same reason, they are useless against viruses. Masking is Communism. It has nothing whatsoever to do with public safety. Everything to do with turning free people into passive, faceless, mindless drones.  I will not […]

The System is Rigged

If you’ve ever wondered “Is the system rigged?”, the answer is yes. The free market is not free. It is not fair. It is not transparent. The SEC knows and is complicit.

Not a Conspiracy Theory

The election was stolen. We have proof. And Georgia was by no means the only place. AZ, NV, PA, VA, MN, WI, anyplace where the Dem machine had control. Uncreased ballots were EVERYWHERE. Preprinted ballots – EVERYWHERE. Massive ballot dumps in the dead of night. This government is illegal.

Revolution 2.0

What happened in January was a bloodless coup. Our representative government was subverted by the ruling class. They were desperate to stop us, the people, from taking our power back from them. So they cheated. And lied. And threatened. And now our government is destroyed.  Is there any part of our system that anybody trusts […]

We’re All Savages Now

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Current Events, Suck

I haven’t been reading news much, or at all really, because it’s always the same. So I don’t write about it much. I stopped caring when Trump, the rightful President, was driven out and replaced with the fraudulent former VP.  Now here’s what you DO need to care about. A massive correction/recession/depression is coming. The […]