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This government is illegitimate. The election was fraudulent. I simply do not care what the retards in Washington are doing, because nothing they are doing will ultimately matter when average people choose to ignore their diktats. When states invoke nullification. My vote doesn’t matter. The system is rigged. All of it. Smoke and mirrors to […]

Current Events 03-16-2021

And? Washington Post Accuses Trump Of A Crime Based On Fabricated Quotes; The Washington Post anonymously printed fabricated quotes, attributed them to a sitting president, and used those quotes as a basis to speculate the president committed a crime. We have known this for years. They lie. They lie constantly. There is nothing in today’s so-called […]

Current Events 03-01-2021

Don’t You Dare Try to Have a Safe, Clean, and Decent Place to Live! The Left’s Latest Battleground Is Your Neighborhood It’s Never Been About Science Enough Is Enough: Time to Finally Follow the Science on Masks Why Not Have it In Florida From Now On? CPAC Is Still Trump’s, But Something Has Changed; It’s still […]

Current Events 02-24-2021

Elites Want ‘The Hunger Games’ to Become Reality Economic Civil War I’m Not Sure How We Do This With No Political Power, But 👌 With Supreme Court’s Non-Decision, Citizens Must Reform Electoral System War Of One Form Or Another Is Coming The Last Stop Before Thermopylae; Many traditional Americans are sleepwalking into a conflict they are […]

Current Events 02-23-2021

Tell That to Mark Twain “The online publication Slate has suspended a well-known podcast host after he debated with colleagues over whether people who are not Black should be able to quote a racial slur…” I don’t see where reduced pigmentation in your skin should have anything to do with your freedom of speech. As long […]

Current Events 02-22-2021

The Republic Is Lost Once Upon a Presidency The Maoists Are Winning A Fifty-Year History of Anti-Patriotism in the United States They have already shown their willingness to ignore the Constitution and their total disrespect for the rule of law. What is stopping them? Soon, they’ll decide we have do be re-educated, maybe even die, […]

Current Events 02-20-2021

10 Years of “Going Green”, That’s Why An Insider Explains Why Texans Lost Their Power Never go full retard. Closing Coal Plants, That’s Why This Basic Math Shows How Wind Energy Failures Contributed To Texas’s Deadly Power Loss; We can learn from what happened in Texas if we have a serious and necessary conversation about renewable […]

Current Events 02-18-2021

We Lost Our Champion Yesterday Grief and Hope in the Loss of Rush Limbaugh I Ask Again, What Have Conservatives Conserved? Nothing. Walk Away from Never Trump