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Current Events 01-14-2021

Our New Communist Overlords Save the Constitution From Big Tech; Congressional threats and inducements make Twitter and Facebook censorship a free-speech violation. The Government cannot censor us directly, so they use their partners in Big Tech to accomplish what they are legally forbidden to do. This is censorship like you see in China. But, no shock […]

Moving to High Ground

Given the move from Leftist oligarchs and Communists to deplatform and silence all dissent to this Communist takeover, I am moving my blog to a new registrar where the probability of longevity is higher. If there is any downtime during this process, that is the reason why. FYI

None Dare Call It Coup

Can anybody seriously call it a conspiracy theory anymore? I know the Ministry of Truth would like to re-define reality to deny the truth. So I will state the pure and unvarnished truth where others dare not. Our government has been overthrown through collusion between weak, cowardly Republican legislators (quislings) and the Communist Left who […]

Current Events 01-13-2021

The Capitol Riot Was Staged Here’s what really happened before the incursion into the Capitol The President had not even finished speaking. The people who forced their way in were already there before anybody from the Save America rally had even walked up there. Which the President told them to do peaceably, for the purpose […]

Current Events 01-12-2021

The Nazis Won – The Weimar Republic is Doomed Fascism Comes to the U.S.; Yes, it’s a woke fascism of the Left, but it’s still fascism. They Are Quislings What is the GOP’s Problem? Wrongthink Must Be Punished Some Kind of Gestapo; Democrats, with the help of many Republicans, appear to be falling back on “some kind […]

My Letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

I need to express my extreme disappointment in you, and in the GOP, which has once again rolled over for the Democrats and allowed this travesty of an election to stand. You chose to side with the enemies of the Constitution against the American people who voted for you to defend us and the rule […]

An Open Letter to Our New Communist Overlords

Over the weekend, the Big Tech monopoly Google/Facebook/Twitter/Amazon began purging conservative voices from their platforms. This culminated in the total deplatforming of Parler, the number one app on the App Store until the purge kicked them off the internet. Let me state emphatically – I support the Capitol protestors. They had every right to protest […]

Current Events 01-08-2021

We Are Betrayed The Worst of Days for Trump & Trumpists We have no political voice. We have no votes. Our representatives have betrayed us. This government does not represent us. We owe it no more loyalty. Traitors January 6, 2021, a Day that Will Live in Political Infamy You took our votes from us. […]

On COVID and Constitutional Crises

I got COVID. We all did. It was unpleasant, extremely so, but we lived. I am currently healing from the damage. My appetite, and sense of smell and taste have returned. My parents are still sick, and my Father-in-Law is still in the hospital, but he is improving. So there’s that. I don’t know how […]