Current Events 11-17-2022

Why Should Anybody Vote Republican When the McDunces Are in Charge? Trump vs. the GOP Establishment; The battle for the soul of the GOP begins. Again.

We cannot win the war against the Left until we take over and transform our own Party.

I’m Ready For War He’s Back, President Donald J Trump Officially Declares His Candidacy to Run for President in 2024

Trump Did Not Cause the Mid-Terms Debacle The Modern Electioneering Process of “Ballot Submission Assistance” is Taking Center Stage

We Were Also Sabotaged By Our Feckless GOPe Leadership A Tale of Two Midterms

We Must All Learn to Love Big Brother THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO FRAUD!

It Was Never About Masks The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)

It was about breaking wills and conditioning people to accept authoritarian control. Even view it as good. And therefore dissent as evil.

The Calculus of Genocide Abortion, Old-Time German Childrearing, And Deadly Class Warfare

Woe to the people the regime deems to be non-essential.

Current Events 11-15-2022

We Vote For Trump Because He Fights Post-Mortem By Thomas Kendall

We have been robbed. Time and again the Republicans have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They are the party of Quislings. The party of compromise, cowardice and surrender. They are the France of political parties. I vote for Trump or I vote for nobody. I will back whatever party he belongs to. I am done with the GOP.

The Only Qualification Any Of Us Cares About – Will They Fight? Not Playing

If You’re Not For Trump, You Can’t Be in Our Movement 

We Need DeSantis to Hold the Line in Florida So They Don’t Cheat There Too DeSantis 2024? Think Again.

This is all a laser pointer on the wall. Trump vs DeSantis. That’s a non-starter. It is, and remains, Trump or nobody.

In No Case Can DeSantis Step Down as Governor Not Even Ron DeSantis Can Stop Donald J. Trump for President; No one is going to stop President Trump when no one could stop candidate Trump.

The GOP Will NOT Play to Win Forecast: GOP Victory But No Red Wave; The GOP will gain only a stunted majority in the House.

Adapt or Die Republican Leaders Have A Choice: Roll Back Early Voting And Mail-In Ballots Or Learn To Take Advantage Of Them

The McDunces Have to Go Republican Leadership Worse than Worthless

As do all form of mail-in ballots. 

Democracy is a Useful Tool An overview: “our democracy” is like a tram

So Long As They Can Keep Buying Votes and Manufacturing Ballots, We Will Never Win Anything Again Democracy WAS on the Ballot; Biden spent hundreds of billions of your money buying votes in the midterms.

It’s All Corrupted. Every Bit. Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated? How the Art World Showed Us It Was Coming

Current Events 11-12-2022

There is No Point in Electing Republicans So Long as the McDunces Are in Charge The Airplane! Election

McConnell and Company Threw the Election Just Enough to Keep Power, But Blame Trump President Trump Fires Back Against Ron DeSantis, Con Inc and Coordinated Narrative Midterm Effort

They won’t do anything to fix the cheating mechanisms that were deployed, once again, in this election cycle.

Wise Up or Get Bent The 1980s Hangover and the GOP

We need an Election DAY. Count the votes on that DAY or they don’t count.

Current Events 10-31-2022

Where Is the Outrage, You Worthless Hypocrites? Onward Christian Cowards

This Is How Free Speech Dies It’s About Power

Alex Jones needs to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. There is more at stake here than some bad actors saying some terrible things. And for all we know, the people harassing the Sandy Hook families were crisis actors also, with this end goal in mind. Impoverish anybody that speaks against the regime.

No Quarter After the Elections

No more niceness. No more compromise. No more “reaching across the aisle.” It’s time to get medieval.

Tomboys ARE NOT Gay, For God’s Sake “Save the Tomboys”: Gays Against Groomers Takes A Stand Against The Lie That Tomboys Are Inherently Transgender “It’s okay to be a masculine girl or a feminine boy.”

That said, I get their point.

Current Events 10-18-2022

Vote In Person on Nov 8! GOPerdammerung: Signs of a Seismic National Shift and a Red Tidal Wave; Americans rejected impotence in 1980. Something comparable is afoot this election year.

Or absentee if you can’t. But do not abstain. We only win if enough of us vote to overwhelm the cheating.

We Only Seem Extreme Compared to Heathens When Christianity Became ‘Extreme’ People are accusing leaders like Giorgia Meloni, Viktor Orbán, and Ron DeSantis of being theocrats.

Current Events 09-29-2022

Anybody Not On Board With Trump is a Traitor and Has No Place in Our Movement He’s Still the One

DeSantis Needs to Hold the Line in Florida Until 2028 – 2024 Is Trump’s Year DeSantis: MAGA Understudy or Saboteur?

Libertarians Are Useful Idiots Will Libertarian Candidates Again Deny GOP the U.S. Senate? The more powerful the Libertarian Party becomes, the more certain it is that they will turn America over to Democrats—rendering the majority sentiments of Americans politically irrelevant.

They are often hateful atheists who are as hostile to Christianity as Democrats. They are not friends of the America First agenda. And they never fail to take money from Leftist donors to help the Dems win close elections.

We Need To Make Suing For Libel Great Again Constitutional government demands a free but responsible media.

There needs to be consequences when an apparatchik lies. 

The Left Is About to Find Out Conservatives Defend Their Mountaintop

And for the LAST TIME, we are not conservatives. That movement is dead. We are patriots.

Current Events 09-28-2022

He Cannot Fail to Run – It Is That Urgent Donald Trump and the Future of Western Civilization

When the Regime Decides to Destroy You, What Can You Do But Revolt? Today’s blacklisted American: Arrested in 2020 for letting her kids play in park, a mom is still being prosecuted by Idaho Republicans

This is tyranny. And from Republicans no less. 

American Stasi How corrupt is the FBI?

Everything Not Left Is Fascist The Reaction to Giorgia Meloni Makes Everything Clear; The howling about Italy’s new “fascist” prime minister removes any doubt as to what the Left is.

They Will Keep Pushing Until They Have Properly Marginalized Us. Then They Will Kill Us. Is the Transgender Fad a Triumph of Marketing?

Current Events 09-27-2022

What Are We Prepared to Do to Save Our Republic? What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today? If historicism is false, then the American system can be lost. Tyranny can recur. But do conservatives see this?

The Left Wants Its Reichstag Fire – We Must Not Give It to Them Don’t Take the Bait

Assume everybody online calling for violence is a Fed.

Now Is Not the Time for Complicity A Bitter Pill for the Silent Majority; Many people are now speaking up who could have used every excuse to remain silent. The difference is they choose courage over fear.

Proud Ultra MAGA The Poisonous Politics of Pejorative

Enough Is Enough There’s a Reason Conservatives are Becoming Less Tame

We Have to Act If Republicans Want to Win, Commit

We cannot be the Do-Nothing Party, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory anymore.

Current Events 09-26-2022

George Floyd Killed Himself. Derek Chauvin Did Nothing Wrong. Democrats Used A Massive Race Hoax To Gain Power

When will they be called out for this? What about all the people defamed, slandered, and called racist simply for happening to be pale skinned? When will people apologize to me for calling me racist, for being pale skinned and for suggesting that all this obsession over race is itself racist?

I ain’t holding my breath.

He Wants Us Marginalized, Impoverished, and Killed Remembering Hate Speech; What we used to know as “hate speech” is now presidentially acceptable speech, and what has followed from it is no surprise.

Red Wave Coming Operation Demoralize Has Failed; The ABC/WaPo poll released today is particularly gruesome for Democrats. Biden’s “red” speech also was a wake up call and motivator. Maybe the only success of the speech was to awaken sleeping Republican voters.

Don’t listen to all the Baghdad Bobs in the media. Dems are doomed. Everybody vote. Don’t be complacent.

What a Chad The True Jackie Robinson; In the MLB’s and media’s coverage of the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s major league debut, there is much that is forgotten.

Jackie Robinson was a chad. And one of my personal heroes. He was too much a Christian, a Conservative, and a man for your basic Marxist/race-baiting/white guilt heathen Leftist to tolerate. Leftists love to tout the man, and ride on his legit Civil Rights coat tails, while hating everything he stood for and studiously ignoring his Christian character. Jackie Robinson was not a race hustler or an adulterer.

This Has Always Been the Goal Sex With Children: The Gender Ideology End Game

Ever since Kinsey and Money, normalizing pedophilia has always been the endgame.

The Dems Have a History of Dehumanizing People Not Really A Heartbeat, Clump Of Cells, Property Not People — It’s The Same Old Lie

And Using Violence to Suppress Dissent Did the FBI Finally Go Too Far?

The Stasi/FBI must be disbanded.

Pure Slander and Defamation The FBI’s Matt Gaetz Operation Sidelined An Effective Republican Voice At A Crucial Time. That Was The Point

He should sue.

Current Events 09-23-2022

They’re Coming For Our Steak The Meat Replacement Hypothesis

Communism Cannot Allow Free Speech Why Orwell matters; His defence of freedom flies in the face of all that is woke and regressive today.

Words matter.

Laws Matter The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America

If the laws are applied unevenly, then justice is dead.

That’s Amazing At 4.4 Miles, Wyoming Team Sets New Rifle Shot World Record