Current Events 06-20-2023

Maybe It’s Time to Treat It As a War The War on Trump Is a War on Millions; Biden’s Justice Department views Trump as a traitor. It views Trump’s supporters the same way.

Our Government Views Us as the Enemy Part I – Targeting Americans; An insider’s view on Crossfire Hurricane and Brennan and company outsourcing their spying and dirty deeds to overseas intelligence services.

No Matter How Huge the Pile of Proof, Nothing Is Ever Done – It’s a Banana Republic The Swamp Strikes Back

The FBI is Grooming Mentally Ill / Vulnerable People for False Flags FBI Groomed Developmentally Challenged 16-Year-Old To Become A Terrorist, Then Arrested Him

In A Word: Deviancy Why Gen Z prefers dogs to babies; Tinder is now selling a childless dream

And the little rat dogs will inherit the Earth. Have babies – not dogs.

That’s a Lot of Bling NASA to voyage to ‘golden asteroid’ worth $10,000 quadrillion this fall; Scientists hope studying the rare asteroid will provide new insights into our own planet. 

Good Riddance Hollywood just realized they committed “woke suicide” and there’s nothing they can do about it…

RUH ROH ABC Host Can Barely Get Words Out as He Reads Post-Trump Indictment Poll

Current Events 06-14-2023

The Republic Has Fallen On Trump And Everything Else, The Regime Has Gaslighted America Into Oblivion

This Is a Pagan Cult, Now the State Mandated Religion of Pagan America The American And Rainbow Flags Stand For Two Incompatible Definitions Of ‘Liberty,’ And Only One Can Rule Us

The Emerging Religion of the Beast Queering Jesus: How It’s Going Mainstream at Progressive Churches and Top Divinity Schools

Because They Are Pedophiles Who Reproduce Through Grooming Why Does The Left Insist LGBT Activism Means Exposure To Kids?

God Bless Those Gamers Gamers Big and Small are Standing up Against Activist Attempts to Indoctrinate Children

Black People Had a Chance to Rise Up, Take Their Place in Society, Be Better – They Chose Black Marxism Instead Black Comedians Told Uncomfortable Truths That Came to Naught

A New Perspective on Warren G Harding (Woodrow Wilson Is Still a Racist Demagogue) Woodrow the Terrible, Warren the Good; The Upside-down Sensibilities of Presidential Historians. Plus, Tatum and “Tiger Rag.”

Current Events 06-07-2023

Those Poor Pagans, Just Minding Their Own Business, When the Evil Christians Rolled in and Destroyed Their Pristine Cultures. Mostly Peaceful Aztec Empire; after a video game trailer featuring an aztec warrior goes viral, posters bravely stand up against human sacrifice — and the knee-jerk defense of a uniquely evil society

We Are No Longer a Nation of Laws Above The Law

We Aren’t Voting Our Way Out of This – Sooner Or Later We’ll Have to Fight The explanation as to why Democrats today are fearless in proposing insane policies

They Want Us Dead Is Genocide Too Powerful a Word?

Current Events 06-06-2023

We Are Entering a New Dark Age Fall Of American Empire And Descent Into A New Dark Ages

HONK HONK Our Descent into Clown World

Our Freedom is on the Line 800 Years of History in One Paragraph

Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated If You Stand In The Way Of Their Agenda, You Will Pay A Price

Why The News Is All Fake 15 Reasons Why Mass Media Employees Act Like Propagandists

Controlled Demolition Why Is Corporate America Destroying Itself?

It Is a Waste of Time Pandering to Entitled Black Voters Vivek tries to convince black Chicagoans they’re the REAL conservatives… it doesn’t go over well…

The Sexual Revolution Has to End Exiting the Sex Wars

Tolerance for Sin is Not Loving I Don’t Want To Boycott ‘The Chosen,’ But The Cast And Crew Are Forcing Me To Walk Away

When a so-called Christian flies a pride flag, or expresses “tolerance”, or claims “love”, for deviant acts the Bible condemns, then I know immediately they are liars. They are the sort of people who will side with the Beast, stand by and allow real Christians and also Jews to be slaughtered. It’s no different, in my mind, than flying a Nazi flag.

“Tolerance” for sin is not loving. It’s wicked compromise that dooms those consumed by sinful habits. Any discussion of homosexual behavior that does not include repentance, with the goal of abandoning the sinful behavior and walking in freedom, is a lie. God never tolerates sin. He always destroys it utterly. Either by salvation by grace through faith, and the transformative work of the Holy Spirit. Or by casting the wicked into the Lake of Fire. Either way, sin cannot continue to exist where God is concerned.

Current Events 06-05-2023

Are They? Or Has the Line Been Drug So Far Left It SEEMS Like They Are Moving Right? Millennials Are Starting to Shift to the Right

27 Billion in Losses and Counting (12 Billion For Target) Threat of ESG-Based Corporate Insanity Begins to Recede When Faced With Reality; Being identified as ESG-compliant may eventually be synonymous with being woke. You can ask Anheuser-Busch how well the woke identification has worked out for them.

Affirm Our “Lifestyle” OR ELSE Alternative Sexualities: Cultural Comity or Cultural Coercion?

Making It Easier on the Rapists How SCOTUS’s Sullivan Ruling Denies Victims The Right To Defend Themselves From The Rich And Powerful

It Has Always Been Associated With Pagan Practices I Regret My Tattoos, They Are a Form of Self-Harm

We Are Seeking to Secure Both the Mother AND Her Baby Yes, Abortion Laws Protect The Life Of The Mother

The More I Learn About This Guy, The Less I Like Him Details Surface of How Ron DeSantis Is Using a Registered Foreign Agent to Assemble His Online Influence Campaign

Well, DUH High Prices Make Textbook ‘Piracy’ Acceptable to Most Students

Current Events 05-26-2023

When the Choice is Good or Evil, There is No Neutral Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side

How many people saw what the Nazis or the Bolsheviks were doing, and spoke up? Not enough. Which is how they conquered their countries. And the first people to the gulags or the death camps were the dissidents. And the neutrals followed.

The Republic Has Fallen The new aristocracy

You WILL Love Big Brother Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In State-Enforced Homosexuality

Dissidents Will Die in Prison Hero Proud Boys attorney exposes chilling new plot by the Regime to convict dissidents…

You Ever Think Maybe the Satanic Panic Wasn’t All Panic? Former Child Actor Posts Chilling Video Claiming He Witnessed “Satanic Rituals” in Hollywood

Useless Eaters Euthanasia Will Not Just Be For The Old Or Terminally Ill

Fight Or Die In the Fight for America, We Hold the High Ground

Current Events 05-23-2023

It Is Not Enough to Self-Censor – They Want Your Thoughts to Be Pure. You WILL Love Big Brother. Illinois “neo-Nazi cop” saga shatters the left’s flimsy “racist bogeyman” illusion…

These People Are Evil. Treat Them as the Enemy They Are. How bad was the gaslighting?

Anti-Natalists. It is Satanic. The Path to National Suicide

Current Events 05-22-2023

Not Recommended, But Very Cool – ULTIMATE CAMPER For about 7 years, I lived with no fixed address. For 5 of those years, I was constantly traveling. Where the hell did I sleep?

It May Be About Time To Water the Tree of Liberty Is Self-Defense Becoming Illegal?

Americans Pay Stupid Money for Eye Care The Great American Eye-Exam Scam; Why is it so difficult to get a new pair of glasses or contacts in this country? It’s easier pretty much everywhere else.

Nice People Will Kill You The Nice People Who Are Destroying America

People have to be judged by their WORKS. What are they DOING? Nice people will kill you. Nice people will join with other nice people to commit genocide. When you become unmoored from any kind of absolute moral ethic, then the ONLY thing keeping you from atrocities is social control. And when society decides to commit atrocities, then genocide is the NICE thing to do. Nice people are dangerous, crowd-following monsters in search of a travesty.

I am concerned with being kind, and with truth. Never with being NICE.

These People WILL KILL YOU Looking Back On The Sadism Of The COVID-19 Shaming Campaign

I used to wonder “How could a civilized nation like Germany go all in with Naziism and the Holocaust?” I don’t wonder anymore.

Destroy the Deep State, Or Be Killed / Imprisoned By It – Those Are Our Only Remaining Options Deep State Quietly Starting to Fear the Worst: the Return of the Trump Wrecking Ball

TRUMP 2024

She’s still got it

Current Events 05-05-2023

The Left Is Equating Being Christian and Being Patriotic With Being a Neo-Nazi. Think About That. The Left’s latest cudgel against religious conservatives.

Weakness + Complacency = Complicity Emerald Robinson reveals a simple “cure” for cowardly Christian pastors…

I Am Firmly Convinced – The Left Intends to Kill Us American Maoism

Churches in America today are making the same compromises that churches in Germany made in the 1930s.

We Are Unmoored Ed Smith and the End of American History; For Ed, a cardinal sin of our era was the politicization of history, or “the reading into the past the prejudices of the present,” as he put it so eloquently.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” – 1984

Rhetorical Question Was the Tucker “Take Down” a Deep-State Hit?

Cowardice is Rewarded – Bravery is Punished The Lesson Of Jordan Neely: Your Courage And Sacrifice Will Be Punished

When all the brave men have been jailed, cowed, or killed, then there will be only cowards remaining, and no one left to stop the march of totalitarianism.