Current Events 10-25-2011

Isn’t This How Skynet Gets Started? Frankensteinian, grave-robbing satellite to form new orbiters from dead equipment


How Many Times Does It Have To Be Said: Gov’t Doesn’t Create Jobs Biden: ‘Nobody Can Look You in the Eye and Tell You … Stimulus Did Not Create Jobs;’ Yes, at $412,500 Per Job


That Is Outrageously Cool Weapon of Ice Destruction: A Snowball Launching Crossbow

Current Events 10-22-2011

It Will Be Awesome To Get To Vote For the First Black President While Simultaneously Voting For A True Conservative (Unlike Our Current Half-African Marxist Who Only Got Elected Because He Happens to Look Black While No One Voting For Him Bothered Checking His Credentials Because Apparently Refusing to Vote For a Guy Solely Because of His Melanin Content Makes You Racist) Can I Get an Amen?


This Isn’t Going to End Well The Iraq War Ain’t Over, No Matter What Obama Says

Current Events 10-14-2011



It’s Official. The Party’s Over. Obama loses Hulk Hogan’s support


And Yet The Picture On The Box Shows Peanuts. Here’s Your Sign. Ice cream recalled in Illinois, 9 other states


Because Nothing Says Freedom of Religion Like a Lawsuit Robbing Everybody Else of Theirs Rhode Island Atheist Student, School Clash Over Prayer Mural Lawsuit


Here Come the Mechs A New Twist on Artificial Muscles


Here Comes Randall Flag Genome of the Black Death Revealed


ALL RIGHT!!!! iPad’s Big Screen Makes Brilliant Scribblenauts Shine


Surfer Jumps the Shark Surfer Stood on Back of Great White Shark and Lived

Current Events 10-07-2011

Do One Thing And Do It Well, I Guess… Obama Has Now Increased Debt More than All Presidents from George Washington Through George H.W. Bush Combined


Just Silly. Freedom of Speech Only Applies to Libs. ESPN, Hank Williams Jr. part ways


Looks Like Roads in Uganda My Vauxhole!

Current Events 10-06-2011

End of An Era Steve Jobs: a personal remembrance


Freedom of Religion: Not Just a Clever Name More than 2,000 Evangelical, Orthodox Chaplains Join Catholics in Opposing Pentagon Directive on Same-Sex Marriage


Impressive. Most Impressive. Mind-Controlled Machine That ‘Feels’ May Usher in ‘Jedi’ Prosthetics


Mmmmm…. Yeti… Tastes Like Chicken. Russian and US Scientists Gather to Hunt Down Yeti


It’s Cold Outside, No Kind of Atmosphere, I’m All Alone, More Or Less The Plan to Bring an Asteroid to Earth

Current Events 09-28-2011

Fundamentalism Is the Antithesis of Religious Liberty Execution Looms for Iranian Pastor Who Refuses to Renounce His Christian Faith


How Has This Racist, Anti-Minority, Baby Butcher Factory Continued This Long? Dems hammer GOP’s Planned Parenthood funding probe


You Know, I’ve Always Thought MOST Cats Were Two-Faced Two-Faced Cat From Worcester Sets World Record


It’s Our GOING OUT OF DICTATORSHIP SALE!!! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! Report: 20,000 missiles have disappeared in Libya


We Lift Our Cheesy Triangles of Goodness In Salute Doritos creator dies in Dallas at 97


I Sure Hope So. Black Monday Won’t Be the Same Without Newegg. Can Newegg survive the post-PC future?


Don’t They Already Do This Every Year at Sturgis? Mad Max Fans Hit the Desert for Apocalyptic Weekend


Current Events 09-26-2011

What’s Really Eerie is the Realization That I Am The Last Generation That Experientially Knows What the Phrases “Dialing a Phone”, “Winding a Watch”, “Taping a Show”, “Rewind, Fast Forward” Actually Mean. Cartooning vs. Technology: How Steve Jobs Ruined Comics


This Has Nothing To Do With Not Offending Other Religions – It’s Just Hatred For Christianity, Because the Changes Are UTTERLY MEANINGLESS Since The Calendar Is Still Tied to the Birth of Christ In Any Case. BBC turns its back on year of Our Lord: 2,000 years of Christianity jettisoned for politically correct ‘Common Era’


Awesome. Now If They Could Just Develop a Vaccine for Malaria. Scientists Disarm AIDS Virus’ Attack on Immune System


Discrimination in Any Form is Evil, Regardless of Who The Victim Happens to Be. And Yes, ‘Minorities’ Can Be Racist, Too. Controversy erupts over Campus Republicans bake sale plans

Current Events 09-25-2011

Barbaric, But Not Surprising From An Already Barbaric Country With Mandatory Abortion The Soup That Is Killing the Ocean

Parasites Study: patent trolls have cost innovators half a trillion dollars

Did We Not Say That Once ‘Gay’ Marriage Was Forced Upon the Voting Public, That Stuff Like This Would Follow? Kody Brown, His ‘Sister Wives,’ and the Return of Polygamy

Current Events 08-16-2011

And the War on Meat, and the War on Sugar, and the War on Fat, and all the Other Stupid Vegan Nonsense Let’s Put a Stop to the War on Salt

Hero Among Heroes World War II veteran who survived Bataan Death March, built legacy of hope dies in Ill. at 105

Nothing Beats Spock How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors

Meep, Meep! Mayor dumps gift-wrapped 20-tonne boulder on ex-wife’s lawn