Project Post-Apocalypse

One of my husbandly duties is watching shows my wife likes (she watches buttloads of stuff I like). So, for nearly our entire married life, I have been watching Project Runway. Usually on Sunday nights after church (I long ago stopped watching live TV). Being the male that I am, I find myself constructing scenarios consisting of which contestants would survive after the zombies take over/post nuclear war. Without a doubt all the weepy, spineless, weak, sniveling contestants would be immediately torn apart and devoured. Probably a lot of the women, also. Heidi Klum of course would wind up dressed like Tina Turner in Mad Max, running Barter Town out of lower Manhattan. Tim Gunn would be her stylish, but ruthless lieutenant. So naturally, every time she says it, I hear “This week we find out which one of you will be in, and which one of you will be summarily executed.” Those in the bottom each week of course have to enter Thunderdome – “Two designers enter! One designer leaves!” Timm Gunn wears a leather jacket, carries a bat wrapped in barbed wire, and warns the surviving designers that they’d better “Make it Work, Or Else!” I think deep down that’s the version of Project Runway most husbands would like to see. 😀


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