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Current Events 06-06-2023

We Are Entering a New Dark Age Fall Of American Empire And Descent Into A New Dark Ages HONK HONK Our Descent into Clown World Our Freedom is on the Line 800 Years of History in One Paragraph Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated If You Stand In The Way Of Their Agenda, You Will Pay […]

Current Events 06-05-2023

Are They? Or Has the Line Been Drug So Far Left It SEEMS Like They Are Moving Right? Millennials Are Starting to Shift to the Right 27 Billion in Losses and Counting (12 Billion For Target) Threat of ESG-Based Corporate Insanity Begins to Recede When Faced With Reality; Being identified as ESG-compliant may eventually be […]

Current Events 05-26-2023

When the Choice is Good or Evil, There is No Neutral Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side How many people saw what the Nazis or the Bolsheviks were doing, and spoke up? Not enough. Which is how they conquered their countries. And the first people to the gulags […]

Current Events 05-23-2023

It Is Not Enough to Self-Censor – They Want Your Thoughts to Be Pure. You WILL Love Big Brother. Illinois “neo-Nazi cop” saga shatters the left’s flimsy “racist bogeyman” illusion… These People Are Evil. Treat Them as the Enemy They Are. How bad was the gaslighting? Anti-Natalists. It is Satanic. The Path to National Suicide

Current Events 05-22-2023

Not Recommended, But Very Cool – ULTIMATE CAMPER For about 7 years, I lived with no fixed address. For 5 of those years, I was constantly traveling. Where the hell did I sleep? It May Be About Time To Water the Tree of Liberty Is Self-Defense Becoming Illegal? Americans Pay Stupid Money for Eye Care […]

Current Events 05-11-2023

It’s Starting to Feel Like 2016 Again EXCLUSIVE – Rumored Leaked Video from CNN Townhall Event Green Room, Before Trump Took Stage Of COURSE He Can Win Trump Can Win The Intentional Dumbing Down of CRITICAL Professional Professions No Biggie, Just the End of Civilization

Current Events 05-05-2023

The Left Is Equating Being Christian and Being Patriotic With Being a Neo-Nazi. Think About That. The Left’s latest cudgel against religious conservatives. Weakness + Complacency = Complicity Emerald Robinson reveals a simple “cure” for cowardly Christian pastors… I Am Firmly Convinced – The Left Intends to Kill Us American Maoism Churches in America today […]

Current Events 05-03-2023

I Only Want a White or Asian Doctor (Although Asians Are Considered White, Right Harvard?) Physicians? Y’all better heal your ownselves Take Over a State, Make it Ours, End All the Groomer Crap, And the Heathens Will Leave Federalism for Families DeSantis, the Presidential Candidate, is Bought and Paid For Who paid for Ron DeSantis’ […]

Current Events 05-02-2023

This Tragedy Wasn’t Caused By Guns – It Was Caused By Open Borders Texas Mass Murder Presents Inconvenient Truths They Want This Here Ireland about to execute free speech as in “kill it off permanently” This is what faggotry leads to. Religious persecution, speech codes, and inevitably, genocide. Shoe’s On the Other Foot, Eh? White […]

Current Events 04-10-2023

The Center Fiddling America Away; We fixate only on the irrelevant that we think we can address while ignoring the existential we know we no longer can solve. Cannot A Sober Look at the State of Our Beloved Country Hold Then and Now; This is Easter, a holiday commemorating a miracle. That is good, because […]