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Current Events 09-18-2023

Bought and Paid For A DC Cornerstone Issue That Must Be Understood – This Isn’t What You Learned on Schoolhouse Rock Anything the COMMUNIST Regime Doesn’t Like What does “far-right” even mean anymore? This Is Why He Must Never Be Allowed to Resign 5 Wrong Predictions Ruining Democrats’ Plan For 2024 You Can’t Vote For […]

Current Events 09-13-2023

The Future Is Not Atheist – It Is Pagan We Are Repaganizing Paganism in a nutshell: 1) Nature worship (environmentalism)2) Ritual sacrifice (abortion)3) Rejection of rationalism (transgenderism)4) Persecution of Christians (hate crimes galore) Old philosophy, same as the new philosophy. Pagans Hate Christians Maine Church Vandalized With ‘Queer Love’ and ‘Abortion is a Human Right’ […]

Current Events 08-24-2023

Of Course Trump Triumphant Again; Tucker’s interview garnered more than 100 million views within hours of being posted 205 million views and counting. Gross Incompetence What Caused the Maui Fires? At Some Point You Have to Wonder The Everyday People Who Burned to Death in Maui Did they intentionally kill these people? Didn’t release the […]

Current Events 08-23-2023

All Marxist Movements Begin as Youth Movements America’s Red Guards In Order for the Regime to Rule, the Middle Class Must Die Killing the middle class; How now-ee, burnt Maui? Imagine That. We Exchanged One Overpriced Monopoly For Another. Tech’s broken promises: Streaming is now just as expensive and confusing as cable. Ubers cost as […]

Current Events 08-19-2023

Anti-Christian Bigotry Must Be Punished Wanted: A Single Republican Who Will Actually Fight For Religious Freedom MAGA Has a Platform National Conservatism: A Statement of Principles MAGA Has a Brand This is Donald Trump’s Most Brilliant Inside Move to Benefit the MAGA Movement Medical Tyranny What If There Had Been No Covid Coup? There Won’t […]

Current Events 08-17-2023

TLDR; We Arrest Everybody Here’s What The Democrats Should Expect If a Republican Wins Back The White House; As Billy Joel might say, we didn’t start the fire And gallows for all traitors. This Government No Longer Has Consent How Jack Smith Is Twisting Our Election Process No Brakes Trump just smashed through a new […]

A House Divided

The illegal regime in Washington is involved in a seditious conspiracy against the deposed President of the United States, Donald J Trump. If they jail him. If they kill him. If they prevent him from running. If they cheat to keep him from winning in a landslide in 2024. If they do this, there will […]

Are We Really Going to Let Them Put Trump in Jail?

I think we have reached the tipping point as a country. How much are we going to tolerate from this illegal regime? How many more rights have to be trampled? How many more laws have to be broken? How much more abuse must we endure? Our political parties are compromised. We have no representation in […]

Current Events 08-09-2023

Just a Conspiracy, Eh? So, Not a Conspiracy Theory? – Almost 100 Arrested in Global Pedophile and Child Sex Trafficking Ring YES Is America an open-air insane asylum? A review of the evidence It’s Time to Burn Down the Longhouse What Is The Longhouse? What is Needed is True Biblical Masculinity In Tate We Trust […]

Current Events 08-05-2023

There Is NO WAY Biden Got 81 Million Votes Still Doubting the 2020 Election We’re Uganda Now Banana Republic: Biden’s America Just Joined Seven Other “Sh*thole” Nations by Arresting an Opposition Leader White America Needs to Reconquer the Cities The Urban Reconquista Then We Allowed a Color Revolution For No Reason? What if the George […]