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Current Events 01-27-2023

They Want to Keep Us Slaves Here’s Why the Big Club and People Managing Ron DeSantis Hate Donald Trump You Will Eat Ze Bugs Your Living Standards Have Declined Dramatically City of Molech ‘Pagan idol to abortion’: Critics lambast NYC’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue as ‘satanic’ How Are Young Men Supposed to Marry Such People? […]

Current Events 01-26-2023

The Democrats Are Cheating How Democrats Stole Pennsylvania in 2020; An exclusive excerpt from Christina Bobb’s new book: Stealing Your Vote For the purpose of exploiting our Democratic systems until they have absolute fascist control, then banishing all that remains of Constitutional limits on federal power. I Think We’re Past the Point of Non-Violent Solutions In […]

Current Events 01-25-2023

Tbe Makers of Things Are Not So Easily Replaced The Shape of Metal; Thoughts on the world of manufacturing The retard-ification of America continues apace. We Have to Do It. Or Lose it All. What American Conservatives Should Learn from Israel’s Wild Culture Battle; It is a fight for freedom. There. And here. We Needed to Get […]

Current Events 01-21-2023

The GOPe Roadmap Giddy up – If I Can See It, So Can President Trump – Thus, the 2024 Trump Campaign Kick-off in South Carolina It Doesn’t Matter Who We Run if They Won’t Fix Election Fraud What Elections Won’t Fix It Cannot Be DeSantis in 2024 DeSantis 2024 Is a Trap; If voter fraud is […]

Current Events 01-20-2023

We are not in charge of our own government. They have been rigging elections, and choosing our leaders for us all my life. And now the powers that be have decided Biden has to go. I say never let him go. Make the Democrats OWN it. They wanted him. They got him. Soon, Wearing the […]

Current Events 01-13-2023

Damn White People and Their <Shuffles Deck> Roads Roads Are Racist Roads allow freedom of travel for anybody with a car. Public transportation and efforts to destroy the car industry is all about bottling people up in cities, which Democrats control. They Are Not Pro-Environment – They are ANTI-HUMAN Thanks To Radical Environmentalists, Not Even […]

Current Events 01-05-2023

Happy New Year! I guess… The Communists Stole Our Country, and the Normies Remain Asleep The Coup We Never Knew We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew. After a Long Train of Abuses… How Is The Uniparty Destroying America? Let […]