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Biden Is Not President – We Are Under a Dictatorship

So. The deep state has succeeded in convicting Trump on phony, dare-I-say, TRUMPED up charges. This is not a republic. It’s not even a democracy. It’s a dictatorship.  I am still voting Trump. And if I am forced, I will fight to defend my freedom against tyrants. This will not stand. We will not rest […]

Current Events 05-22-2024

It’s All About the Sodomites Civil Rights Stay Gay We Made a Grave Error as a Nation Being “Tolerant” of Deviants – Taboos Exist For a Reason Germany’s Decriminalization Of Child Porn Reminds Us Why We Need Societal Taboos The Censorship Industrial Complex Is Much Bigger Than We Realized Note to Readers: That Eerie Silence; […]

Sorry For the Hiatus

Every once in awhile, I get sick and tired of all the bovine excrement. I get weary of all the lies. So I check out and ignore all of it. But inevitably, I come back because of my deep belief that you have to stay informed so you know which way the attacks on your […]

Current Events 03-28-2024

We Need to Send the Groypers Back to the Left Where They Belong The Jewish Problem; When I warned you that the “alt-right” was but a mirror image of the identitarian left, I wasn’t kidding How’s That Workin’ For Ya? The greatest Trumpenfreude of all; They kicked President Trump off Twitter. That’s about to make […]

Current Events 03-26-2024

Remember When We Went to War With England Over a 2% Tax on Tea? You Didn’t Think This Squatter Situation Just Appeared Out of Nowhere, Did You? I’m old fashioned enough to think trespassers should be shot. They Are Abolishing the Bill of Rights If Free Speech Doesn’t Survive Ruling Class Demagoguery, Neither Will Democracy […]

Current Events 03-20-2024

Biden and the Left are Evil Pedo Satanists Biden’s Bloodbath It is no longer possible to co-exist with these people. They are evil. They will not stop until we make them stop. Are You a Classical Liberal? You Are No Longer Welcome on the Left. How the Left Was Left Would you like free speech? […]

Current Events 03-13-2024

Four Years Since the Republic Died – We Are Living in Its Corpse Four Years Ago This Week, Freedom Was Torched America is a Police State The State of Our Nation No One’s Talking About: Tyranny Is Rising as Freedom Falls I love my country. Love its history, the countryside itself, most of its people, […]

Current Events 03-01-2024

GEOTUS Editorial, Via the DailyMail Joe Biden created this illegal migrant invasion – and only I can stop it Black Women Should Not Be Allowed In ANY Positions of Power EVER DMV America: The Regime’s Fani Willis Problem, and Ours We Need the Will to Act, Or Die American Paralysis and Decline Societies do not […]

Current Events 02-27-2024

Big Corn is Killing America The Empire of Corn; Any attempt to break free from the tyranny of American corn is dealt with severely: just ask Mexico Do You Or Someone You Love Suffer From TDS? There Is Help. How To Diagnose Trump Derangement Syndrome; Dr. Bezmenov’s DSM-V diagnostic of the TDS mind virus pandemic […]