Current Events 01-26-2023

The Democrats Are Cheating How Democrats Stole Pennsylvania in 2020; An exclusive excerpt from Christina Bobb’s new book: Stealing Your Vote

For the purpose of exploiting our Democratic systems until they have absolute fascist control, then banishing all that remains of Constitutional limits on federal power.

I Think We’re Past the Point of Non-Violent Solutions In Arizona, bombshell new evidence of Maricopa County election wrongdoing

What can the law accomplish when it is never enforced, everyone plainly sees the cheating, and nothing is ever done?

We Have Very Few Options Left To Us Before Armed Revolution is Called For Do You Trust the Integrity of Our Elections? If Not, Here Are the Steps We Must Take

If we don’t find the will to act, then a great deal of blood will need to be shed before we reach the end of it.

How Can Continue to Tolerate This Without Being Culpable? Evil Walks Among Us: Child Trafficking Has Become Big Business in America

All groomers, all those who participate in the selfish perversions of selfish adults, are parties to these crimes. Indirectly. There are no victimless crimes. The whole Sexual Revolution has only worked to harm children, women, and families. So the wicked “freedoms” of the godless can be pursued. And child trafficking is the result.

Girls Can Be Rough and Tumble and Still Be Girls The Trans War on Tomboys

Current Events 01-25-2023

Tbe Makers of Things Are Not So Easily Replaced The Shape of Metal; Thoughts on the world of manufacturing

The retard-ification of America continues apace.

We Have to Do It. Or Lose it All. What American Conservatives Should Learn from Israel’s Wild Culture Battle; It is a fight for freedom. There. And here.

We Needed to Get Our Act Together TWO YEARS Ago Republicans, It’s Time To Get Our Act Together On Early And Mail-In Voting

There Can Be Only One Sword Mistaken For Replica Is Actually An Ancient 3,000-Year-Old Weapon

Current Events 01-21-2023

The GOPe Roadmap Giddy up – If I Can See It, So Can President Trump – Thus, the 2024 Trump Campaign Kick-off in South Carolina

It Doesn’t Matter Who We Run if They Won’t Fix Election Fraud What Elections Won’t Fix

It Cannot Be DeSantis in 2024 DeSantis 2024 Is a Trap; If voter fraud is not addressed, it doesn’t matter who the candidate is, because democracy in America won’t exist.

DeSantis is being backed by the same big money corporate interests that backed Jeb. And Marco Rubio. He’s the anointed candidate. Handpicked to lose by close margins to the Democrat. After they broom Joe Biden. He needs to stay governor for all 8 years. We have to keep Florida secured so it doesn’t get the Arizona treatment.

Current Events 01-20-2023

We are not in charge of our own government. They have been rigging elections, and choosing our leaders for us all my life.

And now the powers that be have decided Biden has to go. I say never let him go. Make the Democrats OWN it. They wanted him. They got him.

Soon, Wearing the Ribbon Will Be Mandatory On Pain of Death Who Doesn’t Wear The Ribbon?!

Did you get that? They don’t think freedom of conscience has any bearing whatsoever.

We Need A Full Course Reversal – Nothing Less Will Work  A Massive Effort at Moral Rebuilding Is Necessary; Our cardinal institutions are sickly, incompetent, or perverse and in need of total reform. Yet what we must do, we must do. So let us begin to do it.

And churches have to lead the charge. Not through merely conserving something, or holing up with some kind of fortress mentality, but a full blown assault on the established order. Because it is an established order based on the research of Alfred Kinsey and John Money, both of them pedophiles. The Sexual Revolution was a lie. We are reaping the terrible fruit of that lie.

Real Manhood is Not Merely Physical Strength, or Some Kind of Faggoty Spartan Ideal If Conservatives Want To Defend Manliness, They Better Know What It Means

It is moral courage. Virtue. Honor. Defending the weak and the helpless. Standing for truth at personal cost. Refusing to bow down to false gods and idols. Never calling an evil thing good, no matter how much they bully you. Getting married. Having kids. Staying married and faithful to one woman. Passing your virtue, and your religious faith on to your children. Quiet strength and dignity. These are the qualities of a true man.

We Are at War. It’s As Simple As That. Mexico Is Not Really an American Friend; One sure sign of historic national decline is the collective inability of a government and its people to defend their own borders and national sovereignty. 

Nobody has a right to live in America except people born here to American citizens, and people who legally emigrated, passed a class, renounced all other loyalties, and took an oath of loyalty to the United States. All others are invaders and need to be expelled forthwith. And if Mexico continues to aid and abet this illegal invasion, then we are in a state of war and they should be treated as the enemies they are.

Current Events 01-13-2023

Damn White People and Their <Shuffles Deck> Roads Roads Are Racist

Roads allow freedom of travel for anybody with a car. Public transportation and efforts to destroy the car industry is all about bottling people up in cities, which Democrats control.

They Are Not Pro-Environment – They are ANTI-HUMAN Thanks To Radical Environmentalists, Not Even A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Can Fix California’s Drought

All of California’s trouble are due to Marxist mismanagement and hatred for humans in general and Americans in particular.

The Normies Have to Wake Up America’s Animal Farm

Nothing about our government is lawful or Constitutional.

They Murdered a Peaceful Protestor Killing Ashli; Despite all the evidence, Biden Justice Department declines to prosecute the officer who shot Babbitt on Jan. 6, 2021.

Don’t you dare protest our illegal actions, or our goon squad will kill you. That’s the message.

Current Events 01-05-2023

Happy New Year! I guess…

The Communists Stole Our Country, and the Normies Remain Asleep The Coup We Never Knew We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew.

After a Long Train of Abuses… How Is The Uniparty Destroying America? Let Me Count The Ways

City of Ghouls New York Legalizes Human Composting

Current Events 12-29-2022

Damn White People And Their <Shuffles Deck> Apple Watches Apple faces class-action lawsuit alleging ‘racial bias’ in watch’s blood oximeter; The lawsuit alleges that ‘clinical significance of racial bias of pulse oximetry’ was confirmed during the coronavirus pandemic

Unaccountable, No Appeals, Pure Totalitarian Do you really have nothing to hide? [The TSA officer] told me to write down all of the communication and social media apps that I use, along with my corresponding usernames. I balked.

Those Dang Moors Moorish Americans take over a rural gun range, sparking a strange showdown

It’s All Marketing Naming the Names We Name Ourselves; The underlying purpose of these generational names is to divide. Perhaps some rebranding is in order.

Merry Christmas (Almost)

Current Events 12-23-2022

This Is Why I Call Then Homofascists Mother Finds Herself Under Military Scrutiny for Objecting to Sexuality Poster at School

They aren’t going to allow dissent. You will bow the knee, kiss the ring, allow the grooming and sexualization of your children, or they will destroy you. The Rainbow Guard has no tolerance.

He’s Our Last Chance It’s ‘Trump Will Never Be President’ All Over Again

DeSantis is being groomed (not in the homofascist way). He is backed by big money, like Ken Griffin. I cannot back such a man. He is this season’s Jeb Bush. He’s the guy the Judas Goat wing of the party WANTS to carry their standard. I don’t doubt he has been a successful governor. He needs to REMAIN governor for now. Hold the line in Florida. He can then run in 2028. I will happily vote for him then. But not in 2024. Trump or nothing.