Current Events 08-09-2022

They Have Just Clinched 2024 For Trump Deep State Burns Its Bridges to Get Trump—and Now It’s Fighting for Its Life

The FBI Must Be Disbanded The Democratic Party’s New KKK – The FBI

Not downsized, not reformed, disbanded.

We Have to Survive Until January Don’t Believe the Media Senate Psych-Out – We’ll Win Big

Who Commits the Worst Evil? Ordinary People. How do You Celebrate Next to a Death Camp?

People don’t want to see the evil. They would rather live in their delusion that all is fine.

Who Could Possibly Have Seen This Coming? Gay Couple Charged With Using Adopted Children to Produce Child Pornography; The children are now safe, officials said.

Your Move Traitors

Tonight the FBI/Stasi raided Mar-a-Lago, the home of President Donald Trump. That’s right. President. That buffoon in the White House was not lawfully elected.

The DOJ has demonstrated that they are the enforcement agency of the Democrat party. They will target the political enemies of the Left, while providing cover for actual criminals.

America stands ready. America stands with President Trump. All you traitors are on notice – you harm our President in any way, then that’s the shot that starts the war. And we will come for all of you.

We will not live in a nation ruled by tyrants, by an illegal regime installed by a shadow state cabal. We will not accept the governance of an unconstitutional government that has abandoned all due process, and all pretense of respect for the rule of law.

Your move traitors.

Christians Had Better Man Up

It’s not wrong for Christians to be patriots.
It’s not wrong for Christians to love their country.
And if their country is America, it’s not wrong to love America.

This is not evidence of a lack of devotion to Jesus Christ.

Given the unique relationship we have to our government vis a vis the Constitution, it is not only our privilege to question our government, it is our duty. We are guilty of “knowing to good and not doing it” in this instance, if we do otherwise.

The same commands to “respect the higher powers” quoted out of context from Scripture to justify the stupid argument that Christians can’t be involved in politics, fails to consider that as citizens of a Constitutional Republic WE are the authority. So, by standing up for our natural rights, holding government accountable, we are in fact obeying those commands. We are not living in a monarchy, no matter what Nancy Pelosi thinks about it.

I am beyond weary of ignorant millennials and Progressive Faux Christians trying to argue that we can’t involve ourselves in politics, but then they’ll turn right around and support BLM, or any number of Leftist political causes and ideologies.

This is yet another Marxist ploy to try to guilt Christians into not using their power as citizens of this nation to affect real change, stand for truth, and take a hard stand against wickedness.

Christians in America

– helped create the First Amendment.
– ended slavery.
– fought a Civil War to make it stick.
– got women the vote.
– marched for Civil Rights.
– ended child labor and other exploitive practices.

We did all this by being patriots, good citizens, and by being very much political.

The weakness and feminization of the modern church sickens me. We aren’t occupying until Christ returns. We have already surrendered.

I for one will not bow the knee to the golden idols of the Left, surrender my power as an American citizen, nor censor myself in speaking clearly against the evils of my day, all to spare the tender feelings of snowflakes and brainwashed Leftist cult members.

Current Events 07-28-2022

3rd World Countries Treat Their Women Terribly Actually, Our Culture is Better

You don’t want America to become 3rd world, ladies.

This Is Their Last Gasp To Save Themselves They Can’t Let Him Back In

It won’t work.

We Are Witnessing the End of the Democrat Era No, America Isn’t Over; But a political era — that of the New Deal Democrats — is coming to its inglorious end.

If They Hurt Our Republican Lawmakers, Then We Go to War How Long Until Democrats Storm the Capitol? The party’s climate rhetoric is increasingly radical, dangerously insurrectionist

Neo-Pagans, Moloch Worshippers Cannibal Communists Crave Kids

Current Events 07-27-2022

It’s Time to Disband the Stasi/FBI The FBI Keeps Interfering In Presidential Elections. Time To Disband It

Trump Is the Man For This Hour I was wrong about Trump

Don’t Let Them Herd You Into Cities The Dehumanizing Tyranny of Densification; The prevailing vision of environmentalism today caters to a global oligarchy.

Let’s Make Citizenship Great Again The Demise of American Citizenship

The Media Is The Enemy – Treat Them As Such Republicans Are Finally Learning Not To Obsess Over The Corrupt Corporate Media. Good

To Be Fair

We never called them ugly and overweight. We said they are ugly and FAT. 

Current Events 07-26-2022

The Great Experiment Is Dying Off, Like the Hippies Who Espoused It Thanks to Biden, the Modern Liberal Project is Dead

You Know Who Changes the Meanings of Common Terms to Support An Ideology? Cults. The Left’s Response To Failure Is To Redefine It As Success

Abortion is Racist. And Also Murder. In Bizarre Screed, FiveThirtyEight Falsely Labels Pro-Lifers Racist, Ignores Racism Of Abortion Industry

White American Christians Abolished Slavery and Made it Stick Uniquely Bad—But Not Uniquely American

Every nation on Earth practiced slavery. Until Christians destroyed the practice once and for all. The Muslims in Africa and the Middle East are STILL taking slaves.

Trump Is a Hammer. The Left is the Nail. Any Hammer Will Do. Completely misunderstanding Trump’s influence in the Republican Party

So long as we get to hammer that nail.

We Cannot Allow RINOs Anywhere Near Trump 2024 Trump’s ‘Think Tank’ Prepares to Betray Him ; The America First Policy Institute’s broader agenda appears to be to hijack the political attractiveness of Trumpism but replace Trump with their own anointed RINO.

I am sick and tired of the Quisling GOP throwing our efforts at self-government and restoring the Constitutional Republic under the bus. Every. Single. Time.

Many Degrees Aren’t Worth the Ridciulously Expensive Faux Parchment They Are Printed On The Last Leg Universities Stand On Is Collapsing; The world of education is not what it used to be.

On American Nationalism and Nazis

What is a Nazi?

Nazis were members of the National Socialist German Workers Party, founded by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Politically, they were fascists, which was a form of Communism that originated in Italy. The German Fascists felt Italian fascism didn’t go far enough, so they added in scientific racism and eugenics. They blended strong German ethno-nationalism (the definition of ‘German’ was narrowed to mean you couldn’t have any Jewish, or non-German ancestry) with pre-Christian paganism.

What did the Nazis believe?

– They believed in state control of business.

– They called for violence against political enemies.

– They mandated civilian disarmament.

– They encouraged hatred for groups of people based on ethnicity.

– They encouraged discrimination against that group.

– They required preferential treatment for ethnicities favored by the Party.

– They required disfavored members of the population to wear an article of clothing against their will.

– They considered children to be property of the State.

– They mandated the indoctrination of children with Party politics.

– They demanded abortion for undesirable people, including people with Down’s Syndrome.

– They viewed Christianity as the enemy.

– They controlled speech, and media, and punished people for using speech deemed hateful to Party ideology.

Can we think of any modern political ideology that has similar beliefs?

The modern Left stands for all of these. Today.

So never let the Left call you Nazi. They clearly do not know what Nazis stood for, and have only the vaguest idea of history. All they know is what they have been indoctrinated to know. They are radicals and zealots. Point for point, the Modern Left more closely resembles the Nazi party than any of the people they accuse of being the same. They are the actual fascists.

Not us.

American nationalism is not wrong. Nor is it white supremacy. Nor is it being a Nazi. Nationalism simply means you wish to preserve your nation.

Nations have borders. Nations have a common language and history. Nations are formed based on common ancestry. The United States is unique. We have civic nationalism. Our bond is based on common political ideology, codified in the Constitution. So American nationalism is merely an attempt to preserve our unique American civic nationalism.

Therefore, the only people who would consider it evil to be an American nationalist are the people who hate the Constitution, and hope to destroy the American system of laws and traditions.

Why would the Left want this?

Because that system of law and tradition is based on clearly defined freedoms and limited government. They want the State to be god. They want us subject to a fascist system which they control. Because they ARE fascists.

So American nationalism has to go.

Additionally, when they call you Nazi, it is because in their limited definition of good and evil, being a Nazi is the only evil thing. They don’t know what Nazis were. They don’t know what they stood for. They have no self-awareness. They only know they were bad. So when they call you a Nazi, it only means they consider you to be evil. They are trying to “other” you. This is dehumanizing language.

Once you have been placed in the Nazi category, you are no longer a human being. You have no rights they are required to respect. You are no longer accorded any civility based on common decency. Violence is acceptable against you because you are the distillation of pure evil. They can silence you. They can deplatform you. They can fire you from your job. They will deploy mobs to destroy your business. They will hound you from society.

It is exactly like when a Nazi would denounce somebody as a Jew.

Current Events 07-25-2022

We Are in a War Whether We Choose to Acknowledge the Bullets or Not Who Wants that Castle Down? Who profits from the disintegration of the American family? Who profits from its invasion by mass entertainment, mass media, and mass schooling, three prongs of one pitchfork?

It Is No Conspiracy Theory – They Really ARE After Your Children Revolution and the Minds of Children

If We Are Complicit, We Are Evil Too How Evil Advances: The Tyranny of Good Intentions

Leftists are not good people with bad ideas. They are evil people. They are enemy combatants who see us as a foe to be vanquished and enslaved. We cannot let our basic sense of compassion, justice, and fair play blind us to this reality. These people are dangerous. They will kill us if they can. We cannot compromise. We should not feel sorry for them. And if they choose violence, we have to be prepared to defend ourselves.

No One Has a ‘Right’ to Contraception – Buy Your Own Condoms, Libtards No One is Coming For Contraception, But They’re Definitely Coming For Conscience Rights

These People Are Not Kidding – They Really Mean It New York Times writes that cannibalism ‘has a time and a place,’ and that time is now, thanks to climate change

This Is Why I Call Them Pagans  A Taste for Cannibalism? A spate of recent stomach-churning books, TV shows and films suggests we’ve never looked so delicious — to one another.

This article is what the one above it is referencing.

Traitors. They Are All Traitors. Especially the GOP. Willing Accomplices in The Greatest Crime of Our Lifetimes

All Is Not Lost The Tide Is Turning; Daunting as the task of restoring political order to America might be, there are many reasons to believe good things are right around the corner. 

But we’re going to have to fight. The enemy isn’t going to passively surrender. They leave that to the GOP.

Youth Culture is Ageist Age Discrimination: The Dark Side of Diversity

Young people are morons. Easy to deceive. Easy to bully. But the old don’t take crap from anybody. So they have to go.

Current Events 07-22-2022

This Is How Bastilles Get Stormed And Guillotines Constructed The Hypocrisy of Elites; Egalitarianism for thee, Elitism for me

They Are Going to Try To Make A Biden Win Seem Plausible Biden Is Seriously Ill; The Democrats can’t hope to win in 2024. They can only hope that getting rid of Joe Biden will make a win seem plausible. 

But then, we can’t let it get that far. If they somehow steal another election, there will be war.

Too Late For Buyer’s Remorse – You’re Stuck With the Turd You Elected The Left Should Be Happy with Biden; Since when has changing an inept messenger ever changed a disastrous message?

Ummmm… That’s The Whole Job of Government: Protecting Freedoms Limited government action may be needed to protect free speech, law professor argues

They Don’t Want Democracy – They Want Tyranny BRANDED As Democracy In The Wake Of Roe’s Demise, Democrats Are Doing All They Can To Thwart Democracy

It’s why they refer to it as OUR Democracy. Their Democracy is not what the Constitution describes.

More Please Oberlin learns a $31 million lesson for falsely accusing a local family business of racism

We need to make it easier to sue for defamation.

Hmmmm…. Can We Get MORE Lavender Panics, Please? Anti-Gay Telescope Tyranny! As we know, the sum total of human scientific endeavor must be judged by the question: Is it good for the gays?

Pure Evil. There Aren’t Words. Cool Cannibals; Companies that obtain fetal tissue from clinics and sell it to laboratories exist in a gray zone, legally.

This is why they shall always be referred to as babykillers and child murderers by me. Monstrous, evil, butchering savages.

It Was All a Lie Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing

Only Criminal Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter: Black Supremacists

Let’s list all the black lives that DON”T matter to Black Lives Matter, the domestic terrorist organization:

Black babies, aborted in sky high numbers compared to other demographics.

Black children trapped in failed schools by Democrat pollicies.

Black people who are exposed to daily black-on-black crime.

Black families, under attack for fifty plus years by Democrats.

Black men, trained to be angry and violent, largely due to fatherlessness.

Black Republicans/Trump Supporters, made into pariahs.

Black business owners, whose businesses are destroyed every time these criminals riot.