Yet Another Convenient Tragic Mass Shooting

By now you’ve heard, since it is inescapable, of the shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 children and three adults were murdered by Salvador Ramos, who is also dead, shot by police responding to the crime.

This is only the beginning of sorrows in this election season.

People get shot every day. This is not an indicator we should ban guns as criminals would then be stabbing each other to death. And you’d have nothing to protect yourself with but sharp sticks and strong language. Gun violence happens because we do little or nothing to address mental illness, AND our culture is determined to create deranged, mentally ill humans. Add to the mix broken homes, the abuse of children, poverty, and the overprescribing of psychotropic drugs to minors, and you’re guaranteed school shootings.

So the question these heathen Pedocrats and their Quisling enabler Republicans refuse to ask is this: what about our culture is generating so many mentally ill people? They will exploit the deaths of children for photo ops, and talking points, and the call to deprive American citizens of their second amendment rights, as they always do. Meanwhile, they will leave the real problem unsolved, and continue to turn our already dysfunctional schools into armed prison camps for the godless thugs their indoctrination has created.

We know, since this is an election year, that the mass shootings are going to ramp up. Whether these shooters are being manufactured somehow by Alphabet agencies or are merely being spotlighted more frequently by our Communist state media remains to be seen. But they will increase in intensity as we approach the mid-terms so the emotions of Americans can be roiled, the politicians can pretend to be useful, and we can be distracted from how completely the Pedocrats and Quislings have screwed us.

At some point, a violent, deranged, drugged out thug of an African-American will likely die in an altercation with police, who happen to be white, and then the usual violent gangs of ANTIFA/BLM terrorists will flood our city streets to intimidate and murder Americans, while our useless politicians watch. And the call to “do something” will go out, which will mean ever increasing crackdowns on law abiding citizens, the Constitution and the rule of law by our despotic regime. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Our sitting former VP and resident White House dementia patient has called the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump racists and domestic terrorists. The rhetoric being directed against us by the Left is increasingly violent, extreme and unhinged. Congress has passed a law in response to the prior mass shooting by Payton Gendron that gives them more police power to suppress and surveil Americans, and to prevent any further political dissent. They are going to focus on any shootings they can find that involve pale, or mostly pale, perpetrators, as this feeds the narrative they are laboring to create of “dangerous white supremacists” running amuck in “Trump’s America”. If you’re white and you voted Trump, prepare to be painted as white supremacists and Nazis by these heathens, and jailed if you protest your government’s unConstitutional actions.

They will find some pretext to make the cheating they did in 2020 permanent, to keep moving the goalposts so no Republican can win, and when our voter turnout is such that this is impossible, they are going to resort to violence to retain power. They intend to abolish elections, or at least blunt their effectiveness so the average American never gets a choice, as we are required to either vote for a Pedocrat or a Quisling, chosen for us by party machines in advance and installed with fraud.

As for this shooting, if taxpayer funded government schools cannot keep the children entrusted to their charge safe, and refuse to take the threat of violence from their most troubled, mentally ill students seriously enough to separate them from the general population, then maybe these criminally negligent schools should be closed. Parents can educate their children at home where they will be safe, and where they are not being indoctrinated with Marxist, transhumanist, groomer, racist, critical theory ideologies. Why are we supporting these government indoctrination prison camps with our tax dollars when they cannot even protect their students?

I for one am incensed by the media circus and the preening self-important politicians who rush to the mic to rebuke innocent Americans for crimes we have not committed or thought of committing every time one of these shootings happens. They do nothing to solve the underlying problems while promising to violate the Bill of Rights and increase government police powers. They have no regard for human life and least of all for the parents now grieving dead children. It is sickening. Enough is enough.

If one of you babykiller Democrat politicians runs to the mic and says that Republicans have blood on their hands one more time, you’re going to have blood on your face, you godless heathens.

What about the rivers, oceans of blood you monstrous babykillers have shed in the name of “choice”? What about the cities burned, the billions of dollars in property damage done to the poorest communities, and the 42 people murdered during the George Floyd riots you Democrats encouraged? And how many more are going to die in the the Civil War you people seem determined to provoke? Americans have had it.

My heart goes out to the families of those murdered children and employees. I am sorry this has happened to you and wish you didn’t have to be subjected to the invasion of privacy and exploitation you are suffering now in addition to your overwhelming grief. You are being used as pawns by these despicable awful people, and all you want to do is bury your children in peace. I am broken hearted for your loss.

My heart also goes out to the nameless victims of homicide that are never reported because it doesn’t serve the narrative of our politicians and Communist state media. These people get killed because they are trapped in a poverty stricken, crime infested Democrat run city. Nothing is done to fix the problem because punishing crime, especially black on black crime, is considered racist in this godless clown world country in which we are forced to live. 

And that is all I have to say about that.

Current Events 05-24-2022

Conservatism is Dead  “Conservatism” is no Longer Enough

If you haven’t figured it out yet, then let me state it for you plainly: conservatism is dead. Nothing has been conserved. Everything unique, praiseworthy, virtuous, and worthy of conserving has been lost. There is nothing left TO conserve. We are not therefore conservatives. We are counter-revolutionaries. We are well past the point of polite discussion. The only choice left to us is fight to restore the nation, or accept our present state of tyranny. 

They Want to Kill Us Democrats have figured out the only way to win the next election; The only way Democrats will win the next election is to convince voters that Republicans are dangerous

Democrats know they cannot beat us without cheating. Their ideas are dead-ends. Their every effort to “transform America” has only worked to transform more people into being poor. They have failed on a level before only seen during the Carter years. And they know they are doomed in November. So they are calling for our arrest, or death.

These people are not Americans. They may be citizens, but they are not Americans. We owe them no loyalty, no fealty, and they must be given no tolerance, because tolerance only serves to give them more space in which to attack and destroy. 

Our Enemies Are Punishing Us For Existing and For Not Being Part of Their Cult They Want You to Suffer

We must be punished for voting Trump, and for daring to believe we should have control over how we are governed.

Enough is Enough Elon ‘Mad as Hell’ Musk Just Blew Up 2022

Of Course She Did Hillary Clinton Did It; Her 2016 campaign manager says she approved a plan to plant a false Russia claim with a reporter.

Lock her up.

Our Election System is Destroyed The Cancer of Election Fraud

We can’t have a free country without free elections. This is by design. They don’t want us free. They don’t want us choosing our government. They treat the whole system with contempt. And when it doesn’t serve their tyrannical impulses, they react with violence and censorship. These people are not Americans. They are a nation of Maoists occupying our nation, possessing citizenship by virtue of birth, but hating and seeking to destroy everything their native land stands for. They don’t want America to endure – they want it gone and themselves the oligarchs ruling over its ruins.

We Are Being Banished From the Public Sphere – We Are Not Welcome in Our Own Country The Left Has Effectively Banned Christian Kids From Public Pools, Libraries, And Summer Camps

This is also by design. We are not to the point of having to wear gold Stars of David yet, but its heading that direction.

The Muslims Are Useful Tools – They Already Hate Christians and Jews The Campus Wars Against the Jews; The academic campaign against Israel is Nazi-like. It is led by Arab Muslims, often backed by self-hating Jewish leftist stooges.

And when they have served their purpose, they’ll be eliminated too.

Well, Well, Well. Wonder How That Could Have Happened? Outbreak Of Monkeypox Linked To Massive Festival For The ‘Gay Fetish Community’

It’s almost like the gay lifestyle is inherently unhealthy, makes them more vulnerable to disease.


All this talk of monkeypox puts me in mind of this classic sketch from The State:

Current Events 05-21-2022

Understatement The Swamp Must Be Drained

The Alphabet Agencies and the federal bureaucracies have rendered the Constitution moot. We do not live in a free country. We are slaves who exist to keep the federal government funded, but we have no meaningful representation in that government. Our leaders are incompetent, corrupt, and wholly focussed on their own power and personal wealth. If anybody complains, they will use their vast, unaccountable power to destroy them. 

The RINOs Have to Go Tales From the Swamp: How a Republican Senator’s Son Partnered With a Liberal Dark Money Group To Sink Voter ID Expansion

Our Election Integrity is Ruined Election Fraud in 2022?

Free Societies Are Built Around Trust The Problem of Trust

All trust is gone. If we can’t receive representation in government, if that government seems determined to impoverish all of us, and when that government is illegal, then we the people have no further loyalty. All that remains is to throw off the yoke of tyranny.

The NIH Was Funding the Wuhan Lab – We Were in On It We May Never Know If Covid Leaked From A Lab Unless The United States Stops Helping China Cover Up The Truth

This was a coordinated effort to scuttle the American economy, greatly expanding the power and wealth of the ruling class, while strengthening our enemies at the expense of America’s power and influence in the world. It is nothing less than treason.

You Better Not Have a Problem, Or the Mob Will Come For You Against American Mobocracy; Lincoln’s Lyceum Address proves prescient about the dangers of enflaming citizens’ passions for political ends.

In Communist countries, mobs are used to suppress political dissent and keep the regime in power. We experienced a color revolution in 2020. Our republic is a sham.

Current Events 05-20-2022

Here Come the Federal Hate Speech Codes House Passes ‘White Supremacism’ Domestic Terrorism Bill After Buffalo Shooting; The bill only mentions white supremacy and neo-Nazis because obviously, those are the only people who terrorize others.

I mean why not? We’ve pretty much abolished the 1st amendment.

FYI: If you’re white, you’re already a racist, and if you protest literally ANYTHING this illegal regime is doing, you’re darn tootin’ they’ll declare you a white supremacist and a terrorist.

Meanwhile black supremacists remain free to murder white folks (and also lots and lots of black folks too) whenever and however many they please without repercussions.

God Is On His Throne Does ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ Apply to Elections? We certainly won’t all agree on the next step to restore our nation to consent and rule by “We the People,” but it’s worth beginning the conversation.

God is on His throne. I hear that a lot when evil things are being done. As though God, being on His throne, is doing something about it, or is aware of it, so we don’t need to bother about it.

God IS on His throne, but Man is on His Earth. And so long as Man is on His Earth, we have a responsibility as the keepers of truth to stand for what’s right. To NOT tolerate evil but fight evil. Because to know to do good and not do it is sin.

If we are indeed the followers of Christ, we must act.

We’ve Been Here Before Who is a Person?

Democrats sure seem to struggle with the concept of what a person might be, like they have done with black people, indigenous peoples, and women. Criminy. They can’t even figure out what a woman is, let alone a baby. Stupid heathens.

Current Events 05-19-2022

Like His Voters Half Of Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake According To Audit

Increasing Federal Police Power to Crack Down on All Political Dissent House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill After Buffalo Shooting

Anybody critical of the regime, or willing to stand against its illegal actions, is going to be declared a terrorist, especially, as 85% of the population is, if they happen to be white.

You’re a Terrorist and You Don’t Know It The New Racial Hatred

Black supremacists are real, and everywhere. Violent, destructive, and bigoted against whites. And no terrible thing they do will ever be criticized or punished. But if you fight back, if you defend yourself against black-on-white violence, YOU will be declared a terrorist and destroyed. 

Replacement theory is a real thing. They actually are trying to replace white people, who often vote Republican and have cultural distinctives that lend themselves to law and order, with 3rd world peasants that they assume will replace us and our cultural distinctives which they hate. It’s why they have imported so many North African Muslims. Every illegal immigrant they let in here replaces one Republican vote, waters down the job pool with cheap labor, and drives white communities and black communities both further and further into poverty.

All this is going to do is create more racists. 

They must know this. And they are doing it on purpose to provoke war so they will finally have the excuse they need to suspend all civil liberties, and murder all political dissidents.

We Need Fewer, Not More Muslims Why It’s So Hard to Pity Muslims

Don’t let your sense of fair play lull you to sleep. If Muslims ever get a plurality, they will swiftly conquer our nation, kill all opposition, and suppress all other religious faiths. It’s what they have always done.

Disney’s Gonna Disney Disney Debuts New LGBTQ Pride Children’s Collection

Disney is donezo. They are a pack of groomers and heathens that hate us and hate America.

Whatever You Do, Do Not Dare Criticize the Obvious and Open Grooming Texas Church Evicted After Pastor Criticized LGBTQ Mural In City Council Meeting

We never should have allowed ourselves to be bullied into tolerating homosexuality. It’s wickedness. It’s sin. It is rebellion against God and against nature. They can’t have kids of their own unless they buy them from normal people. The only way they can grow their numbers is through indoctrinating the young. So it has always been.

Look Who Took the Redpill Elon Musk: Democrat Hate Drives Me To Vote Republican

It Is An Illegal Regime, Initiated With Fraud, Built Upon a Mountain of Lies Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah; “Twisted truth and half the news” could be the Biden administration’s motto.

Masks Still Don’t Work. Fake Studies And Manipulated Data Have Not Changed This. Why That Big Randomized Trial On Face Coverings Didn’t Find What Corporate News Claimed It Did

Current Events 05-18-2022

You’re Not an Extremist – The Dems Have Shifted So Far Left We All Appear “Far Right” Elon Musk Announces He’s Switching To Vote Republican

She’s Not “Plus Sized” – She’s Fat Jordan Peterson Quits Twitter After Calling Plus-Size Model ‘Not Beautiful’

BLM is a Terrorist Organization That Shook Down Billions From Corporations Tax Documents Further Expose Black Lives Matter Organization As Racist Multimillion-Dollar Grifter Project

And to all the people who called me racist, back when I was still on Facebook, for pointing this out – shame on you.

Surprise – He Ain’t Right (Mentally or Politically) Here’s What the Buffalo Shooter’s Alleged Manifesto Actually Says

The War on Women Is Real, and It Comes From the Left Up by Your Boobstraps; What the formula shortage exposes about America’s view of womanhood.

Do you want strong, healthy kids? Breastfeed. Don’t want to have to inundate their tiny bodies with vaccines that only make them sick, aren’t effective until they are a little older? Breastfeed. Want to be silently judged by the legion of barren, childless, unmarried women whose bodies are ravaged by illicit hookups and birth control? Breastfeed. 

Our society hates women as much as it hates men. It hates anybody that’s normal, healthy, happy, and doing what God designed them to do.

Truth Social

FYI folks! Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, has been active on IOS since February. As of today, the web app is now live. So get on over to and sign up while you can still get the username you want. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube are groomer platforms that allow pedophiles, assorted other perverts, terrorists, heathens and anti-Semitic bigots to roam free, but bans Christians, conservatives, Trump Supporters and anybody else who won’t spout the party line. Those platforms are dead to me.

I highly recommend you make use of Truth Social. It’s a great platform.

If you intend to follow my awesome and insightful truths as I post them, even more reason to SIGN UP TODAY.

Current Events 05-16-2022

The Cake is a Lie Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda

Ukraine is a CIA state. They were overthrown by a CIA backed color revolution in 2014. Their government and military is riddled with neo-nazis. Russia, no good guy either, is justifiably interested in keeping a CIA backed state, riddled with neo-nazis, from joining NATO and becoming a nuclear threat right on their doorstep. Also, Ukraine is a nexus of the American deep state’s money laundering operations. Gun running, narcotics, human trafficking, intelligence sharing, you name it.

They are using Ukraine to craft a new “global white supremacist threat”, as a pretext for cracking down on the political right in America. Since we are mostly white, hate illegal immigration, reject Critical Race Theory and Marxism, and are critical of the current illegal regime, we are all white supremacists by their definition. They will use the “global white supremacist threat” as an excuse to ban our few free speech platforms from the internet, suppress all political dissent, and justify endless terror campagns/riots in American cities. We are under attack. They want us to accept their rule over us, agree with our enemies that we are awful racist people, and allow the continued destruction of our country.

It cannot stand.

Payton Gendron: The Latest Glow Op

Payton Gendron is yet another mentally disturbed young man, groomed online, radicalized by federal agents, and then turned loose to commit a convenient “hate crime” just in time for the mid-terms. They are going to paint us all as white supremacists and terrorists, just like Clinton did to America’s various militia groups in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. Prepare for another summer of love.

There is a link to the unedited footage of Peyton’s helmet cam in the comment section of the video. It is horrific. Just steps out of his car, starts murdering people. I don’t think any of those people, even if they were armed, could have drawn a gun in time to save themselves.

I have downloaded a copy in case it gets memory holed, but I will not be uploading it to my usual cloud storage.

They are trying to create a narrative of “white supremacists targeting black people”, but when black people murder white people in similar numbers, it is never called a hate crime, never reported.

In fact, the same day, a black supremacist in Milwaukee killed 20 people coming out of a football game.


So all we’re going to hear about from now to the mid-terms is how we have to do something about all the “white supremacists”, ban guns, and crack down on free speech, while BLACK supremacists remain free to keep killing white people, brag about it online, and nothing is ever said about it.

Prepare Yourselves For Another Summer of Love There Will Be Blood

America is A Husk – You Are a Conquered People The Leftwing Insurrection

When the Left succeeded in stealing the 2020 election, and when the Republican Party rolled over for it, using the lame excuse of the so-called January 6 “Insurrection”, we were doomed. Our nation is done. Unless we somehow wrest power from the people running our country, we will continue to live the impoverished subjugated lives they have designed for us.

The Left Fears Losing Power. They Will Respond With More Terrorism Directed Against Americans. Imagine the Unimaginable

Are You a Babykiller, Defending Yourself With the Usual Tired Old Arguments? You Sound Just Like a Southern Democrat Slave Owner. Slavery and Abortion Have More and More in Common; We learned to live without slavery. So it will have to be with abortion.

We Must Refuse This Demonic Cult They’re Not Insane, They Have a Plan; Is it just deranged thespians and virtue-signaling politicians who have been driven mad? Not quite.

Current Events 05-11-2022

The Media Apparatchiks Serve the Regime – They Are All Liars Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Debunking AP’s ‘2000 Mules’ Hit Piece

We Are Living In the Aftermath of a Palace Coup The consequences of the stolen 2020 election are increasingly catastrophic

At some point, we are going to have to start arresting and executing people. If the Left can do all that they have done and face no consequences at all, then we are truly a Banana Republic with meaningless laws.

This Is On Purpose Why is biggest baby formula plant in US STILL shut down after three months? Abbott says plant is safe and was not responsible for bacteria that killed two kids – but FDA refuses to reopen it as parents across US struggle to feed their babies

The regime is punishing the middle and working class, because we elected Donald Trump.

We Need to Make Manhood Great Again The Beginning of Courage

The Dems Are Doomed And They Know It The Final Nail in the Coffin for Democrat Redistricting Hopes Is Hammered Home