God Bless the Right

Yesterday saw one of the greatest evils of my generation, 1973’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision, overturned in a 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court. It means that the States, not a Court, get to choose their own abortion laws. My state has already banned the practice of murdering babies because their mothers would not assume responsibility for a child their actions helped create. This is a momentous day. A day most of us never thought we’d see in our lifetimes. 

I am still processing my thoughts on this, but I will attempt to put some of it into words.

I am the product of an unplanned pregnancy. I am alive because my mother chose not to abort me. I was adopted by a godly man and woman, and raised to honorable adulthood. So my perspective on abortion is from the side of the unborn child. I am, I confess, quite prejudiced towards the needs of the unborn. I think that a society which cannot safeguard the rights and welfare of its most innocent and helpless members, is a society unworthy of the designation “civilized.” 

When Trump began his campaign for President in 2015, I became aware that an opportunity could present itself for him to appoint 2, maybe 3 justices to the Supreme Court. This would mean that if he succeeded in shifting the balance of power on the federal bench away from liberal (Communist) judges to strict Originalist judges, then we could potentially see the end of Roe. I was also aware of the case moving its way up from Mississippi, so the possibility was real. When I cast my vote, it was with this singular goal in mind. Everything else the man accomplished, and the list is long, was a bonus. Ending the illegal federal mandate of abortion was the goal. 

And he has done it. 

So for all the people who rebuked me for voting for a “man like Trump” – I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE ALL WRONG!!

If it was up to all you values voters, we’d have been saddled with Jeb Bush as our candidate who would have promptly lost to Hillary Clinton, and the federal bench would be rubber stamping every pro-pedophile policy her administration could come up with.

Never let them forget – the monstrous practice of abortion has claimed the lives of 63 million unborn Americans. All so a lot of perverts could avoid the responsibility of raising the offspring that GOD DESIGNED SEX to create. This, in spite of numerous methods available to avoid conception. These inhuman monsters wanted to keep the so-called “right” to murder infants all the way up to moments before birth, for any reason at all. Most commonly because the woman “wasn’t ready to be a mother.” We have slaughtered babies wholesale as long as I have been alive. And the majority of those were black. Margaret Sanger in her wildest racist dreams never could have envisioned what we have wrought since 1973 as a nation.

I am astounded that God has brought such a day to pass. I thought for sure we were on the brink of His divine judgement. The oceans of innocent blood we have collectively shed since 1973 cry out for justice. And the wrath of God will not sleep forever. Perhaps this means God intends to allow revival and repentance. I certainly hope so. In any case, we can rejoice at God’s mercy, and continue to work to build a better country, one where the tiniest individuals of our nation are rightly protected. I have no desire to live in a country that will not.

God bless the right.

Current Events 06-17-2022

We All Know This Can Only End One Way The Citizenry’s Willingness to Surrender their Freedoms Risks a Potential Dissolution or Civil War

Totalitarian Left The Authorities are Revolting; The old double-edged saw, “The peasants are revolting,” has been turned on its head. 

Current Events 06-15-2022

Anybody Who Sides With Former VP Biden Against America Has to Go McConnell, His 10 GOP Pushovers, And Any Others Who Attack The Second Amendment Can’t Be In Leadership

Vote For Death, You Get Death Biden’s Deathly Presidency

Did you vote Democrat in the last Election? Then all this death is on you. You voted for the grooming of kids. You voted for civilian disarmament. You voted for violent mobs threatening Supreme Court justices. You voted for the destruction of pensions and retirement funds. You voted for poverty and ruin for millions. You voted for the murder of babies up to the moment of delivery.


Clear enough?

We Are The Party of Women There Is One Pro-Women Camp In American Politics, And It’s The Right

Because we believe they exist as a biological fact, first of all.

There Is Nothing to Be Proud About in the Alphabet Cult Pride and Flags; Patriots and the LGBTQIA+ movement display their values very differently this month.

Why not have pride in things that matter?

Current Events 06-14-2022

They Are Going to Screw Us On Their Way Out the Door Four Out of 10 GOP Senators Backing Democrats’ Gun Control Measures Are Retiring

This Is How They Suppress Free Speech The Left Is Already Proving How Dangerous Red Flag Laws Are

Do anything we don’t like, say anything we don’t want said, protest any unConstitutional moves by the totalitarian Left, and we seize your guns without due process. Jail you without due process also.

The RINOs Know They Are Finished – This Is Their Final Attempt to Stab America in the Back Before They Go There Are Many Potential Problems With The Bipartisan Gun Deal

Everything That is Happening Is Directed At Us The J6 Committee’s Real Target Is You

Our fuel prices. Our food prices. Our gun rights. Our speech. Everything the regime is doing is meant to punish and remind us that “You better not complain or make trouble, or else.”

Accept the Grooming, Or We Will Take Food From Poor Kids The Left Has Chosen To Prioritize Sex Over Solidarity, With Tragic Consequences

Sodomites Spreading Simian Virus. Again. UK Health Agency Reports Over 99% Of Monkeypox Patients Are Gay Men

Donald Trump’s Full Statement to the J6 Show Trial STATEMENT BY PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP

Current Events 06-09-2022

Don’t Fly the Flag of An Enemy Power False Flag; The profusion of Pride standards demonstrates both the triumph of the movement and its disunion.

Nazi Flag
Communist China Flag
Confederate Flag
UN Flag
Pride Flag

Neo-Pagan Death Cult The Abortion Sacrifice

Babykillers. Molech worshippers. Monstrous nature worshipping perverts and freaks. I can go on.

Well We Can’t Have Private Citizens Escaping Government Surveillance, Now Can We? ‘Make VPN Detection Tools Mandatory to Fight Geo-Piracy’

You can’t have my guns, and you can’t have my VPN.

Enough is Enough It’s Time for the Supreme Court to Put Restrictive Gun Laws to Bed

Current Events 06-07-2022

So They Not Only Stole the 2020 Election With Fake Ballots, They Stole Future Elections With a Fake Census There Was a Huge ‘Mistake’ in the 2020 Census… Guess Which Party It Favored?

We Only Have One Choice Now Scared About Gun Violence? Vote Republican, Get A Gun, And Prepare For Self-Defense

The Left has no desire to win political power through persuasion and the ballot box. They are going to seize power by any means necessary. We must not let them.

The Left WANTS Mass Shootings The Most Terrifying Reality about School Shootings

They Want Our Guns Why Uvalde Doesn’t Justify Gun Control

We are at the crossroads. Do you really want to be the one who has to tell your grandchildren (if you live that long) of the last days of the American republic? How we descended into chaos and madness and sent our fellow citizens to the gulags? And you did nothing to stop it?

We Need Better Men Ecce Homos

There is no faggotry in traditional masculinity, as faggotry is the absolute rejection, perversion, and corruption of God’s design for men. Homosexuality therefore is the anti-male.

In a world suffering the effects of weak or absent masculinity, the only way out of our predicament is not to layer on more faggotry. We must view this so-called “Pride” movement for what it is – a demonic ideology, invented by pedophiles, and designed to enslave and destroy.

We must go back.

We must become ungroomable.


We hear a lot about gun violence. Selective outrage over gun violence that is politically useful to the degenerate Left. But never all the gun violence. Never the real root of the problem.

So let’s go there shall we?

Let’s speak the unspeakable truth.

The vast majority of gun violence in America is being done by black males 18-25. How many mass shootings are done by black criminals and never reported? How many of those are directed at targets because the shooter wanted to kill white people? I’m betting a lot. Democrat controlled cities have mass shootings every single week of the year.

If nobody is going to “do something” about out of control black-on-black, and black-on-white violence, then nothing will change.

Who has blood on their hands?

Well, let’s set aside for the moment the oceans of blood shed by the babykiller Left and focus on the number one cause of mass shootings:


Leftists have done everything in their power to destroy men, to eliminate fathers, and to dissolve the nuclear family. All to make way for their ever increasing levels of perversion, for which reality must again be altered to redefine normal.

Fatherless young males account for nearly all the violent crimes in America. 

Leftists have caused this culture of death. They perpetrated it. We are the victims of their groomer predations. They caused the problems we are suffering with, so they could splinter our country, weaken it, fill it with violence and degradation, then disarm us and seize permanent control when the civil populace cries out for order and security.

Politicians love to talk about children. “We must protect our children.” they like to say. Marxists adore using children as props for their regimes, after all. And then do things, like in Ukraine for example, that causes people to eat their children due to starvation (look up the Holodomor).

Ask every one of these gun-grabbing degenerates who dare utter the phrase “We must protect our children.” this question:

Do you believe in protecting children in the womb?


And of course, there is always the inevitable calls for compromise from our very own Quislings in the Republican Party. I call you traitors. Cowards. Trading our freedoms for a sound bite and a pat on the head from your Leftist paymasters.

You can’t compromise with the enemy. You can’t give your guns to people who want you dead and gone.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Ukranians, or the Kulaks, or the Jews, or the Tutsi, or the Lakota, or the Armenians.

During the Summer of Love in 2020 when BLM and ANTIFA were burning down America and murdering and looting all over the place, I asked similar questions.

Which black lives matter?

Is it only the politically useful lives?

Or what about black babies lives? What about the lives of black children forced to grow up in poverty by Democrat policies? Or the black children who never have a father in the home, for the same reasons? What about black children killed by uncontrolled black gang violence? 

Democrats talk about the children, always about the children. It is only talk.

Their actions, their policies and their personal choices tell the truth:

Democrats hate children. They hate women. They hate mothers. They hate fathers, and families and men. They hate America.

They hate you. They only want to enslave and control you. And I truly believe, they will kill us if they can, quick or slow.

The only thing stopping these degenerates is our guns and the law abiding people who own them.

Current Events 06-06-2022

The Deep State is Real Busted: Biden’s “Minster of Truth” Nina Jankowicz Participated in Secret NATO-Funded Cabal to Subvert Western Democracies Using Disinformation as Cover

The Goal is Totalitarianism Covid was liberalism’s endgame; Liberal individualism has an innate tendency towards authoritarianism

It’s a Big Club, And You Ain’t In It The Sovietization of American Life; Behind all our disasters there looms an ideology, a creed that ignores cause and effect in the real world—without a shred of concern for the damage done to those outside the nomenklatura.

George Carlin was prescient.

Homofascism Is a Real Thing, and Everywhere The New Gay Left, And How ‘Pride’ Became An Angry, Vicious Movement

The Degenerate Flag is a symbol that belongs in the same category as the flags of Nazi Germany, Communist China, the defeated Confederacy, and the United Nations. It stands for oppression, and an emerging fascism that tolerates no dissent.

Are You a Licensed Clinical Psychologist? It’s Time to Drop the Word ‘Homophobia’

If somebody calls you a homophobe, for having even a smidgen of concern over the blatant grooming of children by sexual predators, then ask them “Are you a licensed clinical psychologist?”

How could you possibly make a diagnosis of “phobia”, if you aren’t a licensed clinical psychologist? And of course, they can’t.

Homophobia is a myth.

Think of all the words the Left deploys to end debate:


These are the tactics of Communists. You may have a gut reaction to something evil: homosexual behavior, Marxist policies, bigotry directed at whites, censorship, high black on black crime, Election fraud. These words are deployed to shame you, put you on the defensive, make you the bad guy.

You aren’t the bad guy. Your initial reaction was correct. Stand tall. Apologize for nothing.

The “Pride” Movement Was Begun By Pedophiles, FOR Pedophiles ‘This is satanic’: Shocking videos from ‘Drag the Kids to Pride’ event at Texas gay bar show children handing money to drag queen dancers

God Bless the Right Yes, Real Men Still Exist: Watch Them Stand Up for Children Being Dragged Into Dallas Grooming Event

Feminism, No-Fault Divorce, and the Fatherlessness It Has Produced The Real Reason Why Mass Shooters Kill

This, and weak men.

They Intend to Disarm Us Red Flag Gun Laws Set The Stage For Selective Disarmament Of Conservatives

Follow the logic:

Dissension from the Left is mental illness.
All gun owners dissent from the Left.
Therefore all gun owners are mentally ill.

This is how they will disarm America’s overwhelmingly Conservative gun owners. By declaring us mentally ill, then seizing our guns without due process. They will then maintain rigid control over speech, through the threat of seizing our guns if we get too “uppity” for them.

Red flag laws will absolutely be used to disarm Conservatives. Leftists already think of us as mentally ill. If you have a moral objection to homosexuality for example, you are “homophobic” (a psychological term). They either see us as criminals (insurrectionist, terrorist) or moral deviants (racist, sexist, white nationalist). Which is rich, given their love of crime, criminals, and pedophiles.

It is no stretch to see how the Left will do an end-run around the 2nd Amendment based on “mental health”, until they have disarmed us, then overturn the Constitution entirely once we lack the means to resist.

It has already happened.

They already suspended the First Amendment based on “public health”. So what’s stopping them if nobody will do anything to oppose it?

You can’t rely on the Supreme Court. Even if they somehow manage to defend the 2nd Amendment, the Dems have already declared their intention to pack the Supreme Court until they get the ruling they want.

Can you see the dilemma?

We have the guns now. The time to STOP THIS is while we STILL have the guns. Because once we let these degenerates disarm us, there will be no stopping them.

I will never disarm in the face of government tyranny. Self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms are inalienable. I don’t need the government’s permission, like I don’t need their permission to speak. Or gather. Or worship. These rights came from God. I had them when I successfully escaped the womb and survived to be born. Inalienable rights are our birthright as human beings.

This illegal regime will never get my guns.

What Is a Woman?

Matt Walsh has done a documentary trying to get anybody in academia to go on the record defining a “woman” as anything based on objective reality or biological fact. They all refused.

It’s Degenerate Month

The goal of so-called “Pride” Month is the corruption of minors, and the creation of a culture where children are allowed no innocence, because they are deemed to be sexual creatures from birth. It is a system of belief created by pedophiles and for pedophiles.

Dr. John Money, Father Of Gender Theory, Was A Pedophilia Apologist

Alfred Kinsey’s 1948 Book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” launched the Sexual Revolution. Did you know Alfred Kinsey was a pedophile apologist? That he used pedophiles to conduct his research via the sexual abuse of children? That he found nothing wrong with this? His research was falsified, as it was conducted in prisons, using rapists and pedophiles. The Sexual Revolution was based on the research of a child rapist.

It’s all a lie. They told Americans “This is happening, and you’re a prude if you don’t do it” so pretty soon, it WAS happening everywhere. They perverted our culture, and set us on a road that will end up with the normalization of pedophilia. That was the goal all along.

Watch this for some historical information, if you can stomach it.

Secret History – Kinsey’s Paedophiles (1998) BBC4