Current Events 11-25-2023

The Left Are Bigots The Clarifying Effect of October 7

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We Are Going to Have to Defend Ourselves Has the Left Finally Blown It?

Sooner or later, people are going to get shot. Not because we WANT to – because we HAVE to. Them or us. You can’t reason with lunatics.

The Irish Have a Right to Exist A Few Observations about the Situation in Ireland; In case you didn’t know, this is not how we’re supposed to respond…

You will accept invasion. You will embrace their inferior cultures. You will allow them to displace and destroy your own. You will not complain.

They’ve Declared War on All Of Us The United States Air Force just declared WAR on MAGA and Congress wants answers…

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent

Current Events 11-21-2023

It is Probably Too Late To Reverse Course Everything Is—Still—Fine

If America falls, it will be because people on the so-called conservative side pushed.

Weimerica America on the Edge of the Cliff

There is No Truth – That’s the Problem When the Truth Hurts, Lie; The New American Credo

Christians Have a Right to a Nation That Advocates and Defends Their Values Christian Nationalism or Godless Nationalism

Anybody who says different has surrendered to the Enemy.

Suppress Free Speech at All Costs The Regime strikes back against Elon

Women Need to Reclaim Femininity From Toxic Feminism Reclaiming Femininity to Save America

Too Many Sodomites How Fashion Destroyed America: Designer Pierre Cardin Dedicated His Life to Blurring Gender, Destroying God, Tradition, and Beauty

Is there anybody at the top NOT part of the Satanic pedo cult?

Current Events 11-16-2023

Democrats are the Party of Jew-Hating Bigots Democrats Decry the Violent Monster They Created, Rep. Mike Collins Hilariously Sets the Record Straight

All these pro-Hamas, Leftists are no better than a bunch of sheet-wearing, Southern Democrat crackers. At the end of the day, they’re all a bunch of bigots. Jews had better wise up and wise up quick. The same people that want to kill Christians want to kill Jews too. Because Jesus.

Islam is Incompatible With Western Civilization Reminder: Hamas Seeks The Death Of All Jews Everywhere

Islam is not compatible with Western Civilization. It has no place in America. It has no place in the world. Deus Vult

I serve the Jewish God. This goy worships the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ. Mohammedans are a death cult that are antithetical to everything America stands for.

Academia is Run By Marxist Bigots FOR Marxist Bigots Tenured barbarians; On academic anti-Semitism.

Leftists are a death cult dedicated to the proposition that the only good baby is a dead baby. They hate white people. They hate Christians. They hate men. They hate the family. They hate patriots. They hate America. They are not misguided fools – THEY ARE THE ENEMY. They should be regarded as such. Never relax around a Leftist. They are brainwashed heathens. Persuade whom you can, but be advised, most are unpersuadable, and are one NPC upgrade from genocide towards us.

It's You

Israel Did Not Bring This On Themselves Anymore That WE Caused 9/11 Blowing Up Blowback Theory

The most you can argue is there was a shocking failure of intelligence. That is all.

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent Trial by Ordeal: The Chauvin Verdict and the Dark, Embarrassing Truth of the American Jury System

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Getting Mugged Alone; Don’t expect help in an atomized, low-trust society

You Want Vigilantism? This Is How You Get Vigilantism. The Catastrophic Death of Fairness

Current Events 11-15-2023

Pedos and Cannibals and Cannibal Pedos The Rise of Ethical Cannibalism

Morality matters. When once unmoored from any moral foundations, anything is possible. The endgame is bloody, violent perversion.

Israel Will Not Survive a Prolonged War in Gaza Israel Could Really Lose This One; A deep dive into the Tactics and Geostrategics of the Gaza Invasion

It will become their very own Vietnam.

For a People Being Genocided, They Sure Manage to Have a Lot of Babies There’s Genocide And Then There’s ‘Palestinian Genocide’

White Replacement is Real, and Self-Inflicted The Demographics of Polarization; Perhaps diversity should be a strength to be celebrated, but in practice it has become polarizing

The Ministry of Truth Meet NewsGuard: The Government-Backed Censorship Tool Billed As An Arbiter Of Truth

Libertarianism is a Dead-End Street Libertarianism Had Its Moment But Is Ill-Equipped For The Task Of Saving America

Turns out stable civilizations MUST legislate morality.

“Live and Let Live” Only Empowers Your Enemies To Deny YOU Life ‘I’ve Been a Left-Winger All My Life. Now I Realize How Naïve I Was.’

Current Events 11-14-2023

You Cannot Argue – Only Conquer Radical Roots of the DEATH Cult

They want us dead. The people who will defend the wanton slaughter of Jews will bring the same slaughter to Christians here. These people are not misguided, or mistaken, or misunderstood – they are the enemy. They hate us. They will kill us if they can.

We are way past persuasion. That might work for some people, but the vast majority are religious zealots. Brainwashed legions who will do what their masters tell them to do. You can’t reason with such people. The only response is implacable resolve, and the willingness to meet violence with violence if needed.

We Have Allowed Treason to Go Unchallenged For Too Long No Serious Country Would Allow Terrorist Sympathizers To Run Its Government

Sure. We Need More Stupid People in Positions of Power. DC considers tossing social work exam over concerns it fails too many people of color

Maybe “people of color” should study harder, do better.

Party of Losers The Democrats May Or May Not Win The Next Election – But The Republicans Show Every Indication They Will Lose It

That Location Will Suffer From High Employee Turnover Among Security Guards, Failure to Keep a Job Longer Than Five Nights Chuck E. Cheese says it’s getting rid of animatronic bands except for 1 location

They Should Use a Gold Star Infant Son of J6 Defendant Placed on Quiet Skies Suspected Terrorist Watchlist

Current Events 11-13-2023

The Left Is Pursuing a Race War The Damage of the ‘White Privilege’ Smear; It’s past time for Americans to reject all racial stereotyping

The Endgame is Ethnic Cleansing The Anti-White Racism Governing The Democrat Party Inevitably Spawns Violence

You cannot compromise with such people. One conquer them. 

We Have to Change Minds Before We Can Change Laws It’s Time For Pro-Lifers To Scrap Their Losing Electoral Strategy And Adopt The Lincoln Method

Current Events 11-10-2023

They Hate Jews For One Very Simple Reason: JESUS CHRIST Hamas Terrorist Attack Drove the Left’s Growing Antisemitism Into the Open; It has no place in our great nation

True, it has no place. But then, neither does anti-white racism, or hate for Christianity.

The Enemy is Us How The ‘Brutal Minds’ Staffing Our Universities Brainwash The Next Generation

Fight or Die Barbarism Is Winning

The Tranniefesto Was Written By an Anti-White Bigot Who Identifies as Transgender Deep State is coming after Steven Crowder for releasing “trans manifesto,” but he’s fearlessly doubling down…

She merely DID what the Left has been TALKING about for years.

We Need More Like Him To Understand Mike Johnson, Look to Small-Town Louisiana; ‘Mike is a different cut’: 1,200 miles from Washington, friends and neighbors shed light on what drives the new Speaker of the House.

Same Old

I get busy for a month, stop paying (as much) attention to the news, and little has changed.

They are still indicting President Trump. Ron DeSantis refuses to bow out because he hopes lawfare will remove Trump from the running. The GOP remains corrupt and inept. The Democrats still hate America and its lawful citizens. UniParty still funding foreign wars. American economy still in free fall. That about sum it up?

Current Events 10-04-2023

Getting Married First, Having Kids, Staying Married Is the Best Thing You Could Ever Do For Your Children Wife Privilege

Get Married Young, Have Your Babies Young A Fertility Reckoning

White Liberals Are the Most Bigoted People in America The “soft bigotry” looks to be getting much harder

Fascists Want State Control of Business Stop the crucifixion of Mike Lindell; ‘Woke’ corporatists seek to bankrupt any business that does not conform to the left

One Election Away From Absolute Despotism The Specter of Permanent Democrat Rule

Do Nothing GOP Kevin McCarthy Tells Republican Caucus He Will Not Seek Speakership Again – Here’s My Thoughts

Why Matters Why We Must Always Ask Why