Today’s Inconvenient Truth

The so-called “Gay Rights” movement was never about equality. To begin with, there was no inequality. Nobody was being denied their Constitutional rights. Instead, the mentally ill wanted Special Rights. Specifically, overturning millennia of biology, science, Judeo-Christian philosophy, and the rule of law to redefine perversion as normal, and then force all those with legitimate conscientious objections to comply with the new state mandated definition of “normal”.

Male and Female homosexuality, or gender identity disorder, was once considered paraphilia. It, and a long list of other irrational, unwanted sexual disorders, was once considered mental illness. But the APA was pressured to adopt, with few prior studies, a new redefinition of homosexuality as normal, and the long fall down the slippery slope began. We are nearing the end stages where soon, they will force us to accept transgender as normative with the jackboot of government authority, then polyamory, then pedophilia.

There is no limit to the perversions of man once all objective moral truths have been obliterated and everybody becomes a victim. These same people view Christians and normal married folks with children with unreasoning vitriol. They will eliminate free speech and freedom of religion, and legislate away the second amendment so we cannot take up arms to stop it. They won’t allow us to simply co-exist – we have to be eliminated. It will happen unless we stop it here.

Unlike fake, made-up special rights, the Constitution clearly and unequivocally enshrines freedom of speech, religion, association, and the press, and the right to petition the Government. These are natural rights, not granted but only recognized by government. We don’t have to accept their infringement, because infringing upon them is an unlawful act. It shouldn’t take any court cases anywhere to allow Christians or people of conscience to not be forced to bow the knee to the gay mafia.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth