Two Americas

There are two Americas. There is the real America as founded, based on the Constitution, the rule of Law, and the patriotism of its citizens. This is the America where most of us live, work, raise our families, go to school, go to church, and have our existence. The other America is the fake America that exists only in the fevered imaginations of the American Left. It is an article of Faith to the new religion of Marxist-Fascist Progressivism. This America isn’t a reality (yet), but the religious zealots on the Left want to make it so. They will do so by rolling over our laws, our morality, our rights and our bodies if need be. So, when you hear a Leftist say that “we are destroying America”, they are talking about the fantasy dystopian America of their monstrous desires. The one where they and their District One oligarchs rule, and where we the peasants work on their behalf. Any time any of us dares raise our voice in defense of the true America, these elitist perverts declare “we are destroying America” with our words and beliefs. Far from it. We are standing up for the real one.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth