You Have Been Warned

I know some folks are angry over George Floyd’s death. So am I, but if you’re rioting, if you’re burning and looting businesses which will never come back, if you are attacking police, you are in the wrong. As much in the wrong as the officer who killed George. If you are promoting and repeating the lies being put out by Black Lives Matter and other Leftist/Anarchist groups, you are part of the problem. If you are trying to co-opt Christian theology with critical race theory and the lie of “white privilege” you are part of the problem. You are deceived, and you are deceiving others.

There is no systemic police racism. Police are not targeting blacks to be killed. If there is increased police presence in black neighborhoods, it is due to the high crime in those areas. Whatever your anecdotal evidence may be, the statistics do not support the seditious lie that has been promoted by Marxists, taken up by Progressive Christians (who are not Christian), and used to slander a lot of innocent Americans simply for being white – that is actual racism.

The truth, which nobody wants to state out loud, is that the biggest threat to black people in this country are other black people. Black neighborhoods are committing much higher levels of crime than the rest of the country. So they have to be policed more. If you won’t see that, or you persist in believing that whites are out to get you, or that everybody is racist, then you are a fool. And a bigot.

I will not tolerate lies. If you won’t listen to the facts, if you won’t use reason, and if I see anymore bigoted, Marxist talking points, I am not going to be gentle with you. You are passive aggressively calling me and people like me racists, and impugning a lot of Godly people who truly love their neighbor and want what’s best for them and their communities. The only racist around here is you. You have been warned.

P.S. If you are interested in facts, Heather MacDonald has compiled several crime statistics. The links are in this article she wrote for the Wall Street Journal. You can follow the links, read the crime statistics for yourself. It’s not my opinion. It’s not her opinion. It’s truth – there is no systemic police racism.


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