Food For Thought

I think we are reaching the point where voting won’t much matter. Yeah, we should vote for Trump, and he will probably win in a landslide (like Reagan did in 1984). But what difference does it make if the Democrat states or cities secede from the Union? What difference does it make when the Supreme Court can legislate from the bench, or when our means of communication lies firmly in the hands of Leftist technocrats? What difference does it make when an outgoing administration (Obama) and his accomplices in the intelligence community can engage in an ongoing coup and suffer no repercussions whatsoever? What difference does it make when government no longer answers to us in any meaningful way? When the rule of law becomes meaningless? When mobs can burn cities, or seize city blocks and secede without consequence or reprisal? When our enemies persist in using dehumanizing language to describe us, and wish openly for us to die? At some point, very soon, we are going to have to raise our own militias and prepare for the inevitable conflict these fools want to force on us. I will not go to the gulags peaceably, nor accept the rule of tyrants. Neither should you.

Food for thought…


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