Keeping Racism Alive

I was pondering why it is that some racist epithets are still uttered, and others are not, and why people treat some words like they’re radioactive. The word, in case you’re wondering, is nigger. It’s an ugly word. One that should have faded from the public vernacular long ago. But here it is, alive and well in 2020. Then I thought, why don’t you hear any other racist terminology? Seems like when I was a kid, you heard them all the time. Very simply, people stopped using them.

The great George Carlin had some thoughts on this: It’s worth a watch.

Words are not capable of evil in and of themselves. They don’t become evil until a human puts intent behind them and makes them evil. Particularly when words produce evil actions. I find the double standard of African-American folks using nigger on a daily basis to be bizarre, considering how hateful that word is. It’s like some kind of crazy Stockholm syndrome, adopting the language of their Democrat oppressors from back in the day. It has kept racism alive, long past its expiration. And now, with hate crimes and speech codes, we are minting a new generation of bigots, by creating more division and resentment between peoples. We shouldn’t let Leftists control our speech or our thoughts.

I think as Christians, we should control our own speech, for no other reason than we wish to please God. “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” Colossisans 4:6

But never speech codes or government mandates. The people who want to control our speech are the same people who love to call everybody else Nazi, racist, homophobe, bigot and white supremacist. They are the true bigots here. And because they believe that words are capable of evil in and of themselves, they view speech they don’t like as assault, and so feel justified in physically attacking us in response. They believe speech is violence. It’s a recipe for Stalinist purges and genocide.


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