America Won Bigly in 2016

I gambled in 2016. I gambled the fate of my country on an outsider brash billionaire from Queens. I had no idea whether Trump would be any better than any other politician. I figured, if he does even half of what he wants to do, the repercussions will be huge. My gamble paid off, bigly. Trump has done almost everything exactly like he said he would. I have never been more happy to be right about something. Because I was not at all sure he was even going to win. The prospect of a Hillary Presidency was too horrible to contemplate. So I campaigned the best I could for Trump everywhere I could, prayed hard, voted, and hoped for the best. He has exceeded all my expectations. I cannot wait to pull the lever for Trump again. I pray to God that the best efforts of the Dems to cheat in this election will fail, and we will have 4 more years of America First!


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