None Dare Call It Coup

Can anybody seriously call it a conspiracy theory anymore? I know the Ministry of Truth would like to re-define reality to deny the truth.

So I will state the pure and unvarnished truth where others dare not.

Our government has been overthrown through collusion between weak, cowardly Republican legislators (quislings) and the Communist Left who use the laughably ironic designation Democratic. The perpetrators of this coup utilized massive vote fraud in at least 6 states to overturn the landslide Trump victory on November 3. They have intimidated the Supreme Court to prevent that lawful check on their power. Congress then colluded to certify fraudulent election results on January 6, 2021. Republican state legislatures in those 6 states have utterly failed to stand against this criminal action. We are now living in an occupied country, where the true and unapologetic enemies of the Constitution and the Rule of Law have overturned the lawful vote of the majority of the American citizenry in order to place their fraudulent puppet candidates into office against our will.

We are living in a fascist dictatorship, wherein Leftist oligarchs in Big Tech and 
Corporate America now control our government, along with the Bureaucratic State. They are using their unelected power to dictate to Americans where they will go, where they will travel, what they can say, and if they don’t kiss the ring, where they can work and go to school.

They have declared to the at least 75 million Americans who re-elected Donald Trump that they are no longer welcome in their own country. They are utilizing various means to silence, harass, persecute, fire, and given time, probably kill us.

The barbarians are at the gates. The Republic has fallen.

We will not be left alone. We will not be given quarter. We will not be allowed to resist.  And if we try, they will use state and federal agencies to suppress and murder us. That much has been made abundantly clear.

This government is illegal. It has exceeded the lawful bounds established by the United States Constitution, in utter defiance of that document. Our government leaders have participated in treasonous and seditious actions in defiance of the express will and authority of the American people. 

As such, we are in a state of war. War was declared when Capitol police chose to execute Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed Air Force veteran. Her only crime was coming into the Capitol Building, the People’s House, without permission. The penalty was death. Nothing she did, said, or thought merited execution.

As of right now, it is a Cold War, but I predict that will not last. When states begin to secede, if elected officials can muster the will to stand for the Constitution and the American voter, they will be met with even greater violence from the political elite in Washington who have decided that laws, elections, and the rights of American citizens do not matter. They will move to suppress, to massacre, and to put down all revolutionary actions by citizens to defend themselves and secure their freedoms against tyranny.

And then we will be off to the races.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth