Christians Had Better Man Up

It’s not wrong for Christians to be patriots.
It’s not wrong for Christians to love their country.
And if their country is America, it’s not wrong to love America.

This is not evidence of a lack of devotion to Jesus Christ.

Given the unique relationship we have to our government vis a vis the Constitution, it is not only our privilege to question our government, it is our duty. We are guilty of “knowing to good and not doing it” in this instance, if we do otherwise.

The same commands to “respect the higher powers” quoted out of context from Scripture to justify the stupid argument that Christians can’t be involved in politics, fails to consider that as citizens of a Constitutional Republic WE are the authority. So, by standing up for our natural rights, holding government accountable, we are in fact obeying those commands. We are not living in a monarchy, no matter what Nancy Pelosi thinks about it.

I am beyond weary of ignorant millennials and Progressive Faux Christians trying to argue that we can’t involve ourselves in politics, but then they’ll turn right around and support BLM, or any number of Leftist political causes and ideologies.

This is yet another Marxist ploy to try to guilt Christians into not using their power as citizens of this nation to affect real change, stand for truth, and take a hard stand against wickedness.

Christians in America

– helped create the First Amendment.
– ended slavery.
– fought a Civil War to make it stick.
– got women the vote.
– marched for Civil Rights.
– ended child labor and other exploitive practices.

We did all this by being patriots, good citizens, and by being very much political.

The weakness and feminization of the modern church sickens me. We aren’t occupying until Christ returns. We have already surrendered.

I for one will not bow the knee to the golden idols of the Left, surrender my power as an American citizen, nor censor myself in speaking clearly against the evils of my day, all to spare the tender feelings of snowflakes and brainwashed Leftist cult members.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth