Happy New Year!

And enjoy the final year of the American republic.

I remember, not long before Rush Limbaugh died, during his radio broadcast he talked about how much Democrats hate democracy, and how they will abolish it if they can. I think we are to that point. I think this year, one or more of the terrorist cells that have been allowed to slip across the southern border are going to attack. I think it will be blamed on “white supremacy” somehow. I think there will be a massive crackdown on America First patriots. I think there will be a state of emergency, and elections suspended “temporarily”, which is to say “we are banning elections permanently”. I think we could see secession and armed revolution. And, they will likely attempt to kill Donald Trump. It’s going to be an ugly year. 

We have reached the final point of reckoning in this country. This is the year where Americans have to wake up from their self-induced stupor and decide once and for all “what kind of country do I want my grandchildren to live in?” Will it be a free country, based on the Constitution and the rule of law? Or will it be a despotic, Marxist country ruled by Maoists in which every citizen is programmed, ruled, and controlled?

There are some truly evil people at work. They are also truly DELUDED people. Kind of like Lucifer, thinking he could whip God in a fight. Their end game seems to be some kind of dystopia where they live like New Gods in some cloistered paradise while we peasants exist to work the land and provide them with things, and someone to feel superior over.

I am not being an extremist in saying these things. Nor am I advocating for violence. I hope to God violence will not be needed. The only problem is, if you aren’t ready to meet violence with violence, then the Communists will sweep you up in the first crackdown when they are attempting to eliminate all dissent. So you have to be ready. That’s all. Enjoy the New Year!


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth