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Current Events 12-02-2011


Well, Obviously, We Have… A Gorilla, Dumping Sand in Lincoln Park Person in gorilla suit dumps sand in Little Caesars and runs away … numerous times


You Do Not Talk About Fight Club, and You Do Not Mess With Coke A Frosty Reception for Coca-Cola's White Christmas Cans


TSA, Making the World Safe For Democracy Teen stopped at airport for design on purse


Corruption Only Matters When Republicans Do It Chicago Corruption Trials and the Sounds of Silence


The Damnable Non-Doctrine of Legalism How Creepy Conservative Christian Modesty Doctrines Harm Young Women


It should be noted, this woman grew up under the cultic teachings of William Branham. He was a complete whackjob, who, among other things, taught that women are the root of all sin because Eve seduced Adam. Fornication was the original sin, and therefore women are second-class citizens. I know this because I have to deal with these nutbars on the mission field here in Uganda.


That said, it is also applicable among Independent Baptists, whose strange, man-following teachings are often extra-biblical, and more cultural than Scriptural. Not all Independent Baptists are like this, not even most are (I'm not, and I'm an Independent Baptist), but it is strongly advocated by certain pressure groups within our so-called "Independent" collective, mostly within the orbit of certain Type A personalities with large congregations and hence large platforms for the dissemination of their opinions.


Unfortunately, "conservative" tends to mean "developed in the 70s or the 50s, which is where we ought to live". I agree that much about today's pop culture is not Godly, but we shouldn't be caustic and reactionary, and we certainly should not find ourselves pushing the traditions of men on our women and passing it off as Bible. It's chauvinistic, it's unscriptural, and it does not glorify God. All legalism ever does is create more sin, and bring free Christians into bondage once again to the law. It has to stop.



Current Events 12-01-2011

Sorry for the long news delay. Last month was NANOWRIMO. It sort of sucked up all my time.


When Can We Get This In Africa, And Where Is This Man’s Nobel Prize? Genetic genocide: Genetically altered mosquito warriors could wipe out humanity’s biggest killer


Building Death Rays DIY Tesla Coils Will Shoot 260-Foot Lightning Bolt


Brazen Big Brother Surveillance Carrier IQ Rootkit Reportedly Logs Everything On Millions Of Phones


Jailbreakers and Hackers: The Defenders of Liberty The Personal Computer Is Dead


Have None Of These People Ever READ ‘The Stand’!? Scientists Brace for Media Storm Around Controversial Flu Studies


Heh. That’s a Switch. Vintage Weight Gain Ads


Sort of Like Music Pirates. Mythical Creatures That Justify All Manner of Evil Business Practices. The ‘Bandwidth Hog’ is a Myth


Sure Justification For the Resumption of Tarring and Feathering Thief Swipes Donated Gifts From Antioch Church


Current Events 11-16-2011

Oh Good. So Glad We Have That Covered. Now If We Could Only Insure America Against Obama Attack. NT insures Obama against croc attack


Testify Rep. West to Media: ‘Stop Being Afraid of This President’ Who ‘Is Destroying This Country’


What Should We Tour First, The Government Concentration Camps or the Mass Graves? Reclusive North Korea opens its door a crack for tourists


I Suspect Mr. Wickham Was Jane Austen Murdered?


In Order For Rampant, Anti-Christian Humanism To Live, Awesome Groups Like the Girl Scouts Have to Die With Girl Scouts astray, a wholesome alternative


Death Rays. Made in China. Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert?