Events. Of a current nature.

Current Events 03-28-2024

We Need to Send the Groypers Back to the Left Where They Belong The Jewish Problem; When I warned you that the “alt-right” was but a mirror image of the identitarian left, I wasn’t kidding

How’s That Workin’ For Ya? The greatest Trumpenfreude of all; They kicked President Trump off Twitter. That’s about to make him $3,600,000,000.

The Left Is All About the Choice Provided Women Choose The Way They’re TOLD to Choose Media Love ‘Reproductive Choice’ Until Women Choose To Stop Taking The Pill

New Racism Same as the Old Racism The New Racism is Poisoning America

This kind of thing is going to provoke a race war. Think the Balkans.

Not With “Didn’t Earn It” In Charge, We Won’t Here’s the million-dollar question nobody is asking about the Baltimore bridge collapse…

The Future Isn’t Atheist – It’s Pagan America’s Stunning Embrace Of Paganism Signals The End Of This Country As We Know It

Unless we stop it. DEUS VULT

Current Events 03-26-2024

Remember When We Went to War With England Over a 2% Tax on Tea? You Didn’t Think This Squatter Situation Just Appeared Out of Nowhere, Did You?

I’m old fashioned enough to think trespassers should be shot.

They Are Abolishing the Bill of Rights If Free Speech Doesn’t Survive Ruling Class Demagoguery, Neither Will Democracy

DO IT Trump wants to round up over a million undocumented migrants from California. Here’s how he might do it

You Can’t Believe Any “Reporting” Coming Out of Gaza Ismail Al Ghoul – a case study in the failure of western media

They Won’t Stop Until We MAKE Them Stop Why our institutions keep going woke and going broke

“Didn’t Earn It” Is a Maoist Death Cult Will DEI End America—or America end DEI? Our future hinges on how quickly we discard DEI orthodoxy.

Defund “Didn’t Earn It” We Saved Over 21Million Dollars Using This One Stupid Trick; I don’t always write Clickbait, but when I do… It looks like this in the title.

They Need a SWIFT Kick in the Ass SWIFT Planning Launch of Central Bank Digital Currency Trading Platform in 12 Months

Here’s A Thought: Get Married, Have Your Babies While You’re Young What If We Addressed The Root Of Infertility Rather Than Pushing The Questionable IVF Quick Fix?

Also, don’t use hormonal birth control.

Current Events 03-20-2024

Biden and the Left are Evil Pedo Satanists Biden’s Bloodbath

It is no longer possible to co-exist with these people. They are evil. They will not stop until we make them stop.

Are You a Classical Liberal? You Are No Longer Welcome on the Left. How the Left Was Left

Would you like free speech? Freedom of religion? No war? Come over to the right. We’re awesome.

Scott Adams Was Right There’s A Deadly Race War Raging In America

Blacks have been radicalized and weaponized against average white people. It will inevitably reach a point where we are going to have to fight to protect our families. Once it starts, the bloodletting isn’t going to stop until one side or the other is destroyed. I doubt very much it will be us. We cannot let these evil pedo Satanists on the Left turn our country into Haiti.

The Left HATES Women Kitchen Confidential; The family hearth, tended by women, is central to society, which is why it’s so dangerous.

Current Events 03-13-2024

Four Years Since the Republic Died – We Are Living in Its Corpse Four Years Ago This Week, Freedom Was Torched

America is a Police State The State of Our Nation No One’s Talking About: Tyranny Is Rising as Freedom Falls

I love my country. Love its history, the countryside itself, most of its people, its ideals, its national character (at least, the one I remember), but I hate the ruling class. I hate them with all my heart. They are killing America for reasons known only to themselves, and the upshot of it is that it hurts Americans. And they don’t care. Even celebrate it because they hate white people, and the middle class, and the working poor. I want jail for these people. I want executions. We are being ruled against our will, and that is not a representative Democracy at all. That’s an oligarchy. 

Tucker Knows What’s What An Important 4 Minutes Within Tucker Carlson Interview

It’s Either Rule of Law or Mob Rule The Regime v. America

The rule of law is the thinnest, barest line of human decency that holds our basic savage instincts in check. It’s what keeps us from going full Haiti and executing politicians in the streets. And these retards are doing everything they can to remove all social checks and balances so that the only recourse decent people are left with is violence. We have to elect Trump, or else war. That’s not a threat or a wish. It’s an observation of the stark, bloody reality that will follow if they steal another election.

They Are About to “Find Out” It’s Not Wise to Corner a Bear

Average Americans are being pushed to the brink where they are going to have to make survival based choices. Survival based choices (i.e. a stranger has broken into my house, what do I do?) never result in peaceful outcomes. This isn’t a game. It’s life and death. But so many Americans are blind to what’s happening, while the ruling class behave as they always do – “This will never affect me.” Well we need to MAKE it affect them. In any case, this wicked system of governance cannot continue. It’s not merely illegal – IT IS EVIL. You don’t debate with evil – you STOP it.

They Are Cooking the Books Here Are Some Mugshots of ‘White’ Prisoners

It’s a Death Cult Mengeles Everywhere

It’s time to go all Phineas on them, I think.

Current Events 03-01-2024

GEOTUS Editorial, Via the DailyMail Joe Biden created this illegal migrant invasion – and only I can stop it

Black Women Should Not Be Allowed In ANY Positions of Power EVER DMV America: The Regime’s Fani Willis Problem, and Ours

We Need the Will to Act, Or Die American Paralysis and Decline Societies do not always collapse from a lack of wealth, invasion, or natural catastrophes. But they are so paralyzed by their fear that the road to salvation becomes too painful to even contemplate.

Do Not Ever Bow and Kiss the Ring Integrity Blockers

NYC is Destroying Itself With The Trump Verdict, Is New York City Bringing Down Its Financial House?

Current Events 02-27-2024

Big Corn is Killing America The Empire of Corn; Any attempt to break free from the tyranny of American corn is dealt with severely: just ask Mexico

Do You Or Someone You Love Suffer From TDS? There Is Help. How To Diagnose Trump Derangement Syndrome; Dr. Bezmenov’s DSM-V diagnostic of the TDS mind virus pandemic

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum The Level of Crazy in Our Society Has Reached Heights Never Seen Before

IVF Is  Being Abused to Subvert Nature Thank Alabama for the Coming Superbabies; Why affective polarization makes reproductive freedom safer

If you bought into the feminist lie and delayed childbirth until you are past your childbearing years, then too bad so sad. You don’t get to have babies. That’s the price you paid and now you have to live with the natural consequences of your decisions. I have no sympathy for elites who think they can buy their way out of the biological realities of human reproduction. These same people, who many also claim to be pro-life, have no problems with creating multiple lives in a test tube and then discarding them in the pursuit of a “viable embryo.”

This doesn’t even begin to touch the abomination of homosexuality, which wants to use biotech or surrogacy (human slavery) to overcome biological realities, such as “two males / females cannot have offspring.”

IVF is a tool, meant to aid parents with legit fertility problems, not a safety net to allow women past their prime to reverse the aging process and have babies in their mid to late 30s. And so the thing that should be non-standard, and emergencies only, becomes standard. And babies get killed. The legislature in Alabama needs to regulate Big Fertility. And until they do, the Alabama Supreme Court decision stands.

Current Events 02-19-2024

NYC is About to Find Out “F**k Around & Find Out”: Truckers Warn Loads To NYC Will Be Rejected Starting Monday

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should Scientists Resurrecting The Woolly Mammoth Are Crazy, Not ‘Cool’

Always Has Been It’s Class Warfare All the Way Down; dressed up as politics

Race warfare, gender warfare, and ideological division of all kinds are smokescreens constructed to keep proles from perceiving the REAL villains and constructing guillotines in response.

The Rent Is Too Damn High The U.S. Housing Market: Rent-Serfs and Artificial Scarcity

The Criminals Are Running the Prison No Return to Law & Order; Ideologically and demographically impossible

There is Nothing Worse Than CINOs They Got Us, Right Where They Want Us

The CIA Are the Enemies of the People How the CIA Destabilizes the World

Current Events 02-15-2024

78% of Democrats Are Traitors Who Want to Abolish Elections Rasmussen Poll: 78% of Dems Back States Removing Trump From Ballot

Civil War Is Possible, Even Likely Our Gathering Storm

We Are the Baddies What Everyone Is Missing About the Putin/Carlson Talk

Oceania Has Always Been at War With East Asia Tucker interview with Putin – Real Fact Check

If Congress Won’t Congress, Then We are Looking at Rule Without Representation What Is Congress For?

Current Events 02-14-2024

Everything is a PsyOp Land of Spooks and Shills and Sheeple; Trust is hard to find

Everybody Needs Some Old Men In Their Life The Power of Old Men; Teaching in an age-old fashion

Communists HATE old people. Why? Because they lived through the past, and thus remember it. You can’t rewrite the past if there’s a lot of old folks around to contradict you. So the olds have to go.

All Efforts to Erase the Past Are Malevolent Can Florida Halt the Woke Revolution?

Christians Have Been Made the Enemy Let’s Talk About The Gender-Poisoned Mass Shooter Trend The Media Are Trying To Hide

We had better man up and start taking the threat serious.

Okay Now, That’s Just Cool F-Zero courses from a dead Nintendo satellite service restored using VHS and AI; There’s still a $5,000 prize for the original Japanese Satellaview broadcasts.

Current Events 02-05-2024

History Should Be About Truth, Facts, and Evidence, Not Propaganda Canceled for Questioning the Story on ‘Comfort Women’; Two professors argue based on documentary evidence that the Japanese did not forcibly conscript Korean women to be prostitutes.

It’s not that the Japanese military didn’t commit atrocities. It’s just when honest historical work is done, you find the facts don’t always fit the narrative. And when you broach the subject professionally, you get cancelled. So, as is typically the case, academia has stopped being about the search for truth, and more about lockstep support for propaganda. That’s what I have a problem with.

It’s Almost Like Ivy League Colleges Only Exist to Produce More Satanic Pedophile Elites The Grand Canyon-Sized Chasm Between Elites and Ordinary Americans; Ivy Leaguers versus everyone else

We’re Going to Need More Gallows The Return of 1848

Because Of Course He Is Germany’s former top neo-Nazi hunter now being monitored as extremist

It’s Time For All the Kens to Exit Barbieland A Mainstream Consensus on the State of Men

We Need Some Old-Fashioned Trust Busting The Dirty Business of Clean Blood; We have given the power of life or death over more than half a million people to two dialysis monopolies, DaVita and Fresenius. A non-compete ban could change that.

For profit medicine necessarily corrupts the whole purpose of medicine, which is patient care. Socialized medicine only shifts the profit motive to unelected bureaucracies who now have life and death power over people, and can wield that against them if they don’t like how they vote.

Swifties Are Braindead Zombies Being Weaponized by the Deep State How The Biden Regime Is Using The Taylor Swift Op To Foment A Cultural Color Revolution To Undermine The 2024 Election

In a Word: YES Will 2024 Be the Most Dangerous Election of Our Lifetime?

The UniParty is fighting for its life.

You Can’t Trust the WHO (As if That Wasn’t Already Obvious) The Sexual Predators of the WHO