Current Events 10-30-2011

More Imaginary “Persecution” for a Made-Up “Lifestyle” Gay Africans flee persecution


Ugandans are overall a deeply religious people. As such, they don’t want crooked Western nations (like America) exporting their vile pro-homosexual religion to their country. Homosexuality is a serious psychological ailment that has been reclassified as “normal”. Now that such people, who still make up less than 2% of the population, have somehow managed to gain a plurality in the electorate and media that far outweighs their numbers, their true agenda is revealed: forcible conversion. You are not allowed to criticize, or even openly disagree with the “gay lifestyle” in most Western nations. If you do, you are treated like some kind of slave-beating, sheet-wearing bigot, when in reality, you are simply expressing a moral preference, a preference by-the-way, that is protected by the 1st amendment, not that your rank and file liberal really cares about such things. Yet when homosexuals try to advance their fundamentalist agendas there, Ugandans are depicted as the bad guys for having a problem with it. It would be like all the sexual predators in the States complaining about “being persecuted” because they have to be on registers, and can’t live openly without fear of reprisals. It is supremely arrogant of the Western world to think it has the right to pressure African nations to be more like them. They have seen what legalized perversion has done in the West, and they’re NOT HAVING ANY.


Of course, the root of all these “problems” is Evangelical religious groups in the US. When religions won’t voluntarily cave to social pressures and recant however, homosexual groups will readily stomp them under the jack-booted heels of facist intolerance. It’s happened before, but I won’t say where in order to avoid the cliche’. America and Europe need to mind their own business and be happy with the moral train wrecks they have already created in their own countries, not export their licentiousness to other countries who want to preserve their cultures and national identities.


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