Current Events 12-07-2011


Behold the Mighty Potato! How the Potato Changed the World


Yeah. That’s Hilarious. (Sick) White House–Laughingly–Declines to Comment on Senate Vote to Repeal Military’s Ban on Sodomy and Bestiality


Meanwhile, Facist Obamerica Intends to Export Their Evil to the 3rd World, Whether They Want It Or Not Obama Seeks Protection for Homosexuals Abroad


Obama’s Legacy (Apart From Nearly Single-Handedly Destroying the American Economy) Israel on the Islamist Surge in Egypt: Told You So


What We Really Need Is Saving From Warming-Tards School turns heating off to ‘save planet’


Please. Do Not Try What You Are About To See Us Do At Home. We’re What You Call… Experts. How The Mythbusters Accidentally Punched a Six-Inch Cannonball Hole in a Minivan


GASP! Sexual Promiscuity is Dangerously Unhealthy!? Get Right Out of Town! The CDC Doesn’t Want You Donating Your Slutty Organs


GASP! Organized Crime is Taking Over the Garbage Business in Jersey!? Get Right Out of Town! Organized criminals infiltrating N.J. garbage, recycling industry due to failing regulatory system


I Really Hate to Do This, But, Do You Suppose He Has a Splitting Headache? (badoom, boom, ching) He’s nailed it! Stuntman Li Xin balances on his head… on top of a SPIKE


Wow. Never Thought I’d Agree With Alec About Anything. Alec Baldwin’s Tweets against American Airlines


Do you have any idea how many planes have crashed and how many people have died from iPads, iPhones, and other electronic devices left on during flights? Exactly Zero.




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