Current Events 08-28-2012


Coulda’ Told Ya That. Dude. Cannabis smoking ‘permanently lowers IQ’


That’s. Amazing. This Awesome 50,000-Piece Lego Rivendell Was Made by a Kid


Well It’s About Time The Tesla Museum Is On: Internet Raises Funds To Buy Property And Then Some


What He’s Doing Isn’t Brave or Bold. With rape remark, Todd Akin dashes Missouri Republicans’ hopes


It’s Pure Selfish Ambition, and It Will Cost Us the Senate, Possibly the White House. Why Todd Akin hurts Mitt Romney


The REAL Extremist Who’s the Extremist?


Voting Conscience Obama versus Jesus: Black Christians Must Decide


If you’re black, and you vote for Obama, that’s your call, but understand: you have no business calling yourself Christian if you do. In addition to being our most racist President since perhaps Jefferson Davis, he is for abortion at every stage of pregnancy, including the barbaric partial-birth abortion, and murdering babies that survive the other procedures. He believes we should all pay for infanticide with our taxes, and wants to force employers to pay for birth control, even if their personal convictions are against it. He’s for “gay marriage”, and “gay rights”, and the full on advance of the radical “homosexual” agenda. He hates America, and desires nothing less than a Communist State where government is god. How can you vote for a man that hates Christianity so completely and opposes your belief system in every way?


This is besides the fact that voting for someone purely because of skin color is racist. 



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