Current Events 09-03-2012


When Governments Regulate Pancake Syrup, Only Criminals Will Have Pancake Syrup Pancake puzzler: Maple syrup heist baffles Quebec


Looks Like Barry Bonds’ Record Is In Jeopardy Boffins create super-muscular ‘Hulk’ mice: Humans next


Have a Coke and an ARRRGGHHHHH!!!! Boy gets 38 stitches after can of soft drink explodes in his face


god Is Dead Rev. Moon, Times founder, dies at 92


Shut Up, Nye! Bill Nye the Pseudoscience Guy


Seriously, in what way, exactly, does religious belief in the philosophical cosmology of evolution make you a better scientist? I honestly can’t see how it matters, unless you’re a university professor trying to get grants and tenure.


The Big Lie Must Be Overcome The Black Vote in 2012


Why “African-Americans”? Why do you keep voting for these pro-slavery, Klan-loving racists? Racist Quotes By Famous Democrats


FACT: Chuck Norris Can Kick Media Bias Into Low Earth Orbit Chuck Norris’ Dire Warning For America


Really “Christians”? 30 million of you DIDN’T vote in 2008? What’s wrong with you?



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