Current Events 09-12-2012


No. Not Ever. Can sex between brothers and sisters ever be normal?


It’s a process. First, we have been trained and bullied to accept the “homosexual lifestyle”, then “bisexual”, then “trans-gendered”. None of these are normal. All of them stem from serious psychological trauma. Now, the uglier aspects of this “movement” are being trotted out of the closet, and we will be forced to comply. Soon, it will be LGBTIPBN (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgendered-Incest-Pedophelia-Bestiality-Necrophilia), and normal will have to once again be re-defined to suit the latest push for more perversion in society.


That’s Because It’s Not News. It’s Propaganda. Millinneals: News Is Garbage


I haven’t watched news for years. I always pull news from a variety of sources. This makes it far more difficult for the shapers of “news” to control the flow of information.



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