Current Events 11-06-2012


Obama Has Clinched the Dictator Vote, So He Has That Going For Him Dictators back Barack; Overseas authoritarians prefer a U.S. president willing to bow to their will


Ugandans are baffled that there are Americans who won’t vote for Obama. Then they’re horrified to learn he is pro-homosexual (still illegal there), supports gay marriage, and is pro-abortion, and pro-terrorist (Somali terrorists launched a suicide bomb attack in Kampala a few years back). Plus, because he has flushed the American economy down the toilet, it is impacting Ugandan’s fuel prices and inflation (a strong American economy helps everyone). Yet, given the chance, they would overwhelmingly vote for him because he’s part-African. Americans of African descent also vote tribally, and that’s how we got in this mess in the first place. Nobody cares about the content of character it would seem. 


Welcome to 3rd World America U.S. Has ‘Sloppiest Elections Systems of Any Industrialized Democracy’ 


It’s Because the Media Lies The Election Will Not Be Close



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