Current Events 08-19-2014

Racism is Always Wrong, No Matter Who Does It Black Racism is Politically Correct


Michael Brown got shot because he had robbed a convenience store earlier, and when a cop tried to stop him on the street to verify the suspicion he was in possession of stolen goods (he was), he bumsrushed the policeman and attacked him and attempted to take his gun. It wasn’t racism – it was self-defense. Racism is assuming that every time a black thug gets shot by police, it must be racially motivated. Then, what began as a peaceful protest was co-opted by out-of-town looters and thieves looking to cash in on the chaos. On top of all that, you have a militarized police response overstepping it’s power. I’m seeing a lot of blame to go around, and little accountability. Everyone needs to calm down. Stop making a martyr out of a punk. 


King Obama, Ruling From His D.C. Palace Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions


And With It, Global Warming Hundred-year period of increased solar activity coming to end


And Here Comes the Fascism Baker on Not Providing Wedding Cake to Lesbians: ‘I Have to Stand True’ to God



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