Current Events 11-25-2014

Angry Mob Threatens Violence if They Don’t Get the Ruling They Want No indictment for Ferguson officer

The purpose of the grand jury is to verify the facts. The facts do not support the racist propaganda being bandied about by race hustlers and mob agitators in Ferguson. The evidence is undeniable – the officer was telling the truth.

What Was He On? Ferguson Witnesss Told Investigators That Michael Brown Charged Cop “Like a Football Player. Head Down”

Where is the rage for the likely black drug dealer that sold Michael Brown the drugs that turned him into a violent nutjob that night? What about his peers, who led him down the wrong path? How about his mother, who either knew what he was into and did nothing, or was just ignorant? How about his absent father, who wasn’t there for his son, so the kid was raised by his peers? What about the so-called “black community”, which remains strangely tolerant of black-on-black violence, drugs, fornication, and unwed mothers? No. It’s easier to blame “whitey” than to take responsibility for your own problems.

Indeed. Giuliani: White Cops ‘Wouldn’t Be There’ If Blacks Weren’t ‘Killing Each Other’

We have police to maintain the peace. Why are we angry when they are found guilty of doing the thing we hired them to do? Why does nobody consider it racist to assume guilt because the officer happened to be white?

Get Out Your Aluminum Foil Hats Regin: The super-spyware the security industry has been silent about; NSA fingered as likely source of complex malware family


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