Current Events 12-02-2014

The Real Racists Are the Racists Burning Businesses in Ferguson and Inciting Hate Crimes Against “Whites” Why Charles Barkley supports the Ferguson grand jury decision

If you don’t live in or near Ferguson, and you’re some ignorant “white” SJW living in some cozy “white”-dominant suburban area, please just shut your mouth about it. You don’t know anything about “racial tensions” until you’ve lived in St. Louis, or some similar “black”-dominant urban area. The hatred isn’t coming from the “whites” – it goes entirely the other direction.

It’s Time For the “Black” Community to Own the Failure of the “Black” Community Kevin Jackson: ‘Idiotic Liberals’ to Black Kids: ‘It’s OK You Don’t Have a Daddy, Go Rob a Store!’

In other words, stop committing fornication, stop getting teen girls knocked up, stop taking welfare, get an education, learn to speak and write well, get a job, and for crying out loud, stop calling each other nigger! Whatever happened to “Black” Pride?

Abortion Has Always Been About Limiting the Reproduction of Undesirable Minorities NYC: 78% of Abortions Were Black and Hispanic Babies

It is nothing less than racist, self-directed genocide.

Libertarian Market Capitalism. Love It. Uber Libertarians

Well That’s The End of Western Civilization 🙂 You can now buy Girl Scout cookies online


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