Current Events 12-19-2014

They’ve Got A Robot Shark. Don’t panic, US Navy has only deployed a ROBOT SHARK (but where are the lasers?)

The Wicked Exploit Anonymity to Commit Atrocities Online The Troll Hunters

They deserve exposure, and prosecution.

Sigh Yes, Virginia, there is a ‘War on Christmas’: Atheists unveil anti-Christmas TV specials

I personally think both sides of this are overreacting. The truth is, Christmas is a myth. It is not a primarily religious holiday, but more a pseudo-Christian, European traditional holiday (sort of like Independence Day or Thanksgiving in America). It is not known for sure exactly when Jesus was born, but the best evidence favors the Spring, during the lambing season in Israel, which is appropriate considering He is the “Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.”

Christmas borrows from a variety of cultural traditions, some of them originally pagan. Insisting that some people are trying to “take Christ out of Christmas” or that there is a “War on Christmas” is silly, because there’s little of Christ in Christmas anyway. I have preserved some of the best elements of traditional Christmas for my family, and have made it about remembering the birth of Christ. I use it as an illustration of how God gave us the gift of His only begotten Son. It has become necessary to make the holiday MORE Christian, you see. However, it is not mandated in Scripture, and the early Christians did not commemorate the birth of Christ at all. Don’t make Christmas more than it is. As for the Atheists, come on guys – when will you learn that mocking other people’s religions is no way to promote your own?

Ahhhh… Ranger Candy Ibuprofen adds 12 years to life! Cheap painkillers can slow ageing and fight disease

Despicable Rubio Slams Cuba Deal, Obama ‘Worst Negotiator’ Since Carter

Picking Moderate RINOs to Run Is All About Helping Democrats Get Elected Cruz: Don’t Listen To Consultant ‘Cabal’ And Pick Another Romney In 2016

And So a New Generation of Gamers Will Learn to Hate That Dang Dog Duck Hunt’s Virtual Console debut, and why the original hates your new TV


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